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10 Best Solderless Jumper Wires For Breadboard – 2019

Solderless jumper wires are essential in quickly prototyping an electrical circuit as they give you the ability to make connections on a breadboard without having to etch a circuit on a PCB. Since there are so many distributors and manufacturers making these jumper wires, it can be a little difficult to pick the best ones, so that’s where we come in as we have analyzed all the products for you and enlisted the best solderless jumper wires for you to see below.

Micheal Josh wires (6.99$)

Male to male connector headers are each 30cm in length and for 7$, you get a total of 40 pieces. These simple jumper cables are great for DIY projects.

Available Here

3 x 40P 20cm Dupont Wire Jumper Cable (15.67$)

The manufacturer provides both; Male to Male and Female to Female connector cables for ease of use. These cables are only 20cm long each but have extra thick plastic insulation coating.

Available Here

SODIAL(R) 40 Pcs Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable (3.54$)

One of the most flexible bunch of cables on our list. These copper cables have thin insulation and hence are ideal for small connections through the breadboard for DIY projects.

Available Here

Omall (TM) 40pin 300mm Wires (7.99$)

These wires have a male head at one end while the female head at the other, making them versatile for a broad range of use. The male end of these wires can easily be connected to popular boards such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Available Here

TOOGOO(R) 20cm Long F/F Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable (2.25$)

Available in both “F to F”  and “M to M” configurations, the jumper wires are much thicker than their predecessors. As a result, these wires are capable of carrying more current and power through them.

Available Here

Happy Will 200 Pcs Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires (9.99$)

You will get more than 100 pieces for under 10$ and have a male to male connector configuration. Multicolor wires will not only make it possible to complete your project but also add a bit off aesthetics to it. The manufacturer provides them with a stylus as a gift.

Available Here

uxcell® 20cm Long F/F Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable (5.49$)

Uxcell is one of the best suppliers of accessories for DIY projects, and these jumper wires are just one in their long list of products. Apart from a breadboard, you can also use them to connect multiple PCBs.

Available Here

WELOYA Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires (6.99$)

For almost 7$, you get up to 130- pieces of various Male-male to header jumper wires that will have four different sizes. You get 88 pieces of  120mm wires, 16 pieces of 150 mm, eight pieces of 200mm and 8 pieces 250mm wires.

Available Here

TOOGOO(R) Female to Female Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Cable Wire (2.50$)

“TooGoo” has one of the best collection for electronic accessories and with their reputation, we put their product very high on the list. For 2.50$, you get 409 pieces of female to female jumper wires. The wires are mostly flexible which makes them a favorite with hobbyists.

Available Here

Z&T ® Solderless Flexible Breadboard Jumper Wires M/M Package (7.89$)

The most popular solderless jumper wires in the market today as they have over 300 positive reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. Pure, high-quality copper wires have the thickest coating of insulating PVC material without compromising on flexibility.

Available Here

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