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10 Best Smart Watches

Smart watches have not yet quite made it big like tablets a few years ago. Having said that, people are slowly warming up to these little gadgets as an accessory to their smartphone. There are currently multiple retailers with their smart watch in their product line, and we have covered 10 of the best.

10. Pebble Steel(120$)

This smartwatch features a steel frame and has a 1.26 inches screen.  The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and though you get good value of money we believe the display is below par.

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9. Alcatel One Touch(149.99$)

Powered by the STM 429 processor this entry level watch has the potential to do a lot more especially if the manufacturer can move it to Android. The proprietary software is not as good as the ones from Apple or Google and though it offers all the fitness data it still lacks a punch.

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8. Asus ZenWatch 2(149$)

Though there isn’t much difference between the newer & older model, we still think that ZenWatch2 had enough upgrades such as a better wifi and improved phone connectivity to replace its predecessor on our list.

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7. Pebble Time(199$)

Pebble time was a much-anticipated release after the success of the earlier model. The watch has been rated very highly by some of the other magazines and though we find reasons in its favor we can say that some of the other watches available in the market today have surpassed it.

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6. LG Urbane(250$)

The relatively recent price slash made this watch much more appealing to consumers. All things said it makes for a good fitness watch once paired with Google fit and has a built-in heart rate monitor as well but lacks GPS.

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5. Sony Smart Watch 3(100$)

One of the best value for money buys in the market today. It has a transflective LCD, accelerometer & GPS. It has wonderful software but only cons 1) it weighs more than other and 2) Has a less battery life as compared to others.

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4. Huawei Watch(299.99$)

Huawei was a little late in the smart watch market but has quickly made up for the lost time. AMO-LED display is impressive & it makes for a great fitness companion with an accelerometer & a heart rate monitor.

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3. Motorola Moto 360(299$)

One of the first smart watches that actually feels and looks like a watch. It features a resolution of 246 ppi on a 42mm screen. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and has a 24hour battery life.

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2. Apple Watch(699.99$)

As the case with most Apple products, it is overpriced but almost perfect in functionality.  The recent proliferation of apps and the addition of the highly convenient Apple Pay makes it more than just the second screen for your iPhone.

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1. Samsung Gear S2(249.99$)

Running on Tizen, this smart watch is a little short on apps. But it has enough substance to rank the best. The sleek and beautiful design makes it very pleasing to the eye. Though the most unique feature is the rotating Brezel, which is a better control mechanism than Apple’s Digital Crown or Android Wear’s plethora of swipes. Note taking, voice activation, maps & a heart rate monitor are features that we have become accustomed to in a smart watch.

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