10 Best Sharpie Pen Set

10 Best Sharpie sets (4)

Sharpie pens/markers sets are one of the most popular in the market today. The firm offers a broad range of tip sizes included in their various sets to match your needs. Here we have covered some of the best!

10. Sharpie Pen Fine Point Pen, 12 Black Pens (12.78$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (7)

The simpler, the better. This rudimentary black pen set is one of Sharpie’s classic and can be useful anywhere whether it’s home, school or office.

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9. Sharpie Permanent Markers, Fine Point, Black, 12-Pack(5.99$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (11)

From pens to markers Sharpie has it all covered, just like no. 10 this is also an all black set but all of them are markers. Markers can come in handy if you are making flipcharts or info graphs manually.

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8. Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 12-Pack, Assorted Colors(6.66$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (9)

This marker set contains assorted colors that allow you to brighten up your art or text. Quick-drying ink is waterproof, and AP certified nontoxic.

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7. Sanford Sharpie Fine Point Pen Stylo, Assorted Colors, 12-Pack(16.52$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (1)

This 12 Pack Delivers the same bold, smooth, high-quality writing experience with the performance of a pen that doesn’t bleed through paper. Whether you are using it for calligraphy or drawings, these pens provide precise control and ease of use.

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6. Sharpie Limited Edition 30 Count Permanent Markers(41.97$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (4)

This limited edition set contains 6 Ultra Fine, 18 Fine and 6 Re-released Fine markers giving you the versatility to draw & create almost anything. This set can make a fine Christmas gift for kids.

Available here.

5. SAN40150SH – Sharpie Calligraphic Marker Pen Set(8.98$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (2)

This five pen set was designed especially for calligraphers. Stick type markers are easy to use, and water-based ink is quick dry &  suited to all type of papers.

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4. Sharpie Stained Permanent Fabric Marker, Assorted, 8-Pack (SAN1779005)(12.14$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (5)

A set for fabric designers, bold & vibrant colors do not fade away when washed under water. All of the markers have brush type tip.

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3. Sharpie Chisel Assorted 8 Pack(5.88$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (10)

Chisel point tip allows for both fine and broad line widths. Quick drying ink used in these pens is both waterproof and smear proof.

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2. Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Permanent Marker, Pack of 6(6.99$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (6)

Metallic effect pens can be used to add a little glitter to your art. The set includes six pens, two each of gold, silver and bronze. Made with specially formulated, opaque, permanent ink, this marker makes a permanent impression on light and dark surfaces.

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1. Sharpie Ultra-Fine-Point Permanent Markers, 24-Pack Colored Markers(13.30$)

10 Best Sharpie sets (8)

The complete sharpie marker set. These markers of 0.2mm tip give you that precise control on your drawings,  markers are permanent on most surfaces and are made from non-toxic ink.

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