10 Best Sharpening Stone Systems For Your Kitchen

10 Best Sharpening Stones  (6)

Sharpening stones are a good way to prepare your kitchen knives for proper use. There are many sharpening stone systems available in the market, and one can not simply try them all, so to ease your selection woes, we have made a list of 10 best sharpening stones that you can buy right now based on their performance, durability, and cost.

10. Whetstone – Two-sided Sharpening Stone(49$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (8)

This stone is #1000 grit side for sharpening and #6000 grit side for honing. An easy to use to use tool that is perfect for both beginners and advanced chefs.

Available Here

9. Double-Sided Knife Sharpening Stone by Utopia Kitchen(10.99$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (10)

Almost the same as the previous one, only difference being that it is available at a much lower cost. It is made from high-quality corundum that ensures a perfect finish for your tools.

Available Here

8. Taidea T6260W(25.89$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (2)

The sharpening stone comes with a silica gel non-slipping base that allows you complete control during use. The tool has the dimensions of 7″ x 2.4″ x 1.1″ and is manufactured in China.

Available Here

7. IMAGE® Set 6pc Sharpening Stones for Kitchen Knife (12.99$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (9)

The package includes various stones that range in particle sizes from 180# to 2000#. Therefore, this product gives you versatility unlike any other. Each stone measure’s 5.8″ * 0.78″ * 0.2″ in dimension.

Available Here

6. Suehiro Japanese Sharpening Stone(16.37$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (7)

Double sided water stone that can be used on an array of various tools, not just knives. An ideal companion for people who like to go fishing or camping & want their instruments to be sharpened to utmost perfection. The product is mainly durable and is manufactured in Japan.

Available Here

5. Kai Japanese Professional Knife Sharpening Stone(18$)

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Japanese do make excellent tools, and this is yet another one of their fine imports. The stone sharpener is between 200# to 1000# grits and thanks to their compact size, they can be kept anywhere.

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4. Bora 501057 Fine/Coarse Combination Sharpening Stone(5.21$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (3)

The only product on our list that comes with one-year warranty. You can choose between two sides that have either 240 or 150 grit surfaces. The block measures 6″ x 2″ x 1″ inches and at 5.21$, is indeed cost effective.

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3. Whetstone Cutlery Two-Sided Stone(12.95$)

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With this item, you will have the option of 400 grit or 1000 grit sides. Coated with a special material, the manufacturer claims that it forms a slurry with water that polishes the blade.

Available Here

2. Smith’s SK2 2-Stone Sharpening Kit(13.95$)

10 Best Sharpening Stones (6)

For just under 14$, you get a stone mount, two different sharpening stones, and bottle of premium Honing solutions. This kit is perhaps one of the best purchases when it comes to price and performance and is fit for beginners and experts alike.

Available Here

1. King Two Sided Sharpening Stone with Base(30.99$)

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The most popular Sharpening stone in the market today with more than 400 customer reviews and 4.5/5 star rating. The two-sided stone has a combination grit of 1000 and 6000. As per personal experience and customer reviews, this is the most durable product on our list, and considering the other features, it is also our No.1

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