10 Best Screw Pliers For Hobbyists And Professionals

10 Best Screw Pliers  (3)

Technicians regularly use screw Pliers in their daily line of work. These durable set of pliers are required to provide the right amount of torque & grip to tighten small hard to reach screws. Screw Pliers can be used for other applications such as stripping and cutting as well, which makes them hard to distinguish from regular pliers. So if you are planning to buy a screw Plier for your home or work, check out this list of 10 best screw pliers.

10. Brand New Engineers screw Zaurus Removal Pliers RX PZ-59(122$)

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The pliers of 200mm groove hardness and can easily manage screws with a maximum outer diameter of 15mm. The plier has a comfortable TPU grip, but the price tag is a bit steep.

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9. Stalwart 75-HT015 15 Piece Tool Kit(11.70$)

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Though this is an entire tool kit with a hammer & a 6″ adjustable wrench along with the screw pliers, the product is a great buy at just 11.70$. The pliers are 6.25″ long and have red handles.

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8. Hand Friendly Screw Extraction Pliers(29.99$)

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Screw extraction pliers have a double leaf spring design for comfort and are plastic coated for a slip-free grip. With your purchase, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty.

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7. GearWrench 3793(37.19$)

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The plier has a capacity of 2-1/2″ outside diameter of screws and is black oxide coated to prevent rusting. Clamping mechanism locks automatically, making it ideal for beginners to use.

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6. Greenlee 0151-09FD Linesman Pliers With Puller(19.99$)

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The 20$ 9″ plier can smoothly cut hardened wire, tighten bolts & screws. Double layered vinyl handles are strategically contoured so that they provide proper grip when applying a heavy force.

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5. Klein Tools D209-4C(26.35$)

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Klien tools are one of the best suppliers of hardware tools, and their screw pliers are also exceptional when it comes to performance. These 4-inch pliers have a spring loaded action and like most high ended models, this plier is covered in a layer of oxide to protect from erosion.

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4. TOP TOOLS Running Pliers (9.99$)

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Curved jaws apply the desired torque while reducing hand fatigue for the worker. The plier also has an adjustable set screw that allows you to control the amount of pressure applied. The pliers are 6″ long and come with black vinyl handles.

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3. EZ RED KWP2 Kiwi Set, 2-Piece(18.40$)

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The set contains 6″ short nose and 8″ long nose pliers. The pliers have an internal spring that quickly open ups the jaws, and since the hand alignment is at an angle, it provides a clear line of sight.

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2. Engineer PZ-58 Screw Pliers GT(20.98$)

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Made from high carbon steel, the pliers are exceptionally durable. The tool can be used for Round, Truss, and Pan Head Screws, whereas its Environment-Friendly Elastomer (TPR) Grip makes it easy to use.

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1. VamPLIERS – Screw Extraction Pliers(26.96$)

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Post popular screw pliers in the market today as they have over 250 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. The pliers are designed to handle hardware between 0.12″ to 0.37″ (3 to 9.5mm) in diameter and come in a smooth varnished finish.

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