10 Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy M14 on March 8, 2023, positioning it as a mid-range device. This smartphone features a 6.6-inch big IPS LCD panel with a smooth refresh rate of 90 hertz and a display resolution of 1080 x 2408 pixels. It comes in three memory options: 64GB 4GB RAM, 128GB 4GB RAM, and 128GB 6GB RAM. On the back, the phone sports a triple camera setup with a main sensor of 50 MP, along with a single selfie camera on the front. A substantial 6000 mAh battery with 25-watt fast charging support powers the device. The Samsung Galaxy M14 is available in Navy Blue, Light Blue, and Silver colors. Samsung has equipped this phone with its in-house Exynos 1330 chipset. The fingerprint sensor, mounted on the side, offers quick response and convenience. While most of the screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy M14 are available in offline markets, there is a diverse range of options available online. Here are the 10 best screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy M14, available on Amazon. Scroll down for more info.

 10. SALMERB Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

These tempered screen protectors are highly compatible with the Samsung Galaxy M14 and come recommended for their tailored-fit design. Made of Japan’s hardest glass, these protectors are explosion-proof, providing maximum protection against scratches, bumps, and scrapes. They offer superior quality compared to ordinary tempered glasses.

Available here. 

9. KJYFOANI Tempered Glass Screen Protectors 

Highly touch-accurate and compatible with 3D touch, these screen protectors offer screen protection from scratches and impact absorption. Fully covering the phone’s screen and being case-friendly due to the open-edge design, they come highly recommended for their good quality and protection against damage, water, and oil residue.

Available here

8. Mr. Shield Protective Films for Samsung Galaxy M14  

Tailored fit to the Samsung Galaxy M14’s screen, these screen protectors come highly recommended for their strength and maximum protection. Offering smooth and high-touch response, they feature a superb Qiephobic coating. Utilizing silicon adhesives, they ensure maximum clarity and easy installation and removal, providing an excellent touch accuracy.

Available here. 

7. Natbok Protective Film for Samsung Galaxy M14  

Compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy M14, these screen protectors have curved edges, making case installation easy. Made of premium quality tempered glass, they are thick enough to protect the phone’s screen from damage. Offering resistance to scratches and scrapes, they maintain touch accuracy, are easy to install and remove, and provide maximum touch response.

Available here.  

6. Asuwish Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14  

Made by Asuwish for the Samsung Galaxy M14, these screen protectors come highly recommended for their smoothness, touch response, and strength. With maximum clarity, easy installation, and removal, these screen protectors provide reliable protection against scratches and offer a proper fit, including rounded edges for case installation.

Available here. 

5. WDYMYLFTW Screen Protectors Compatible With Samsung Galaxy M14  

Specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy M14, these screen protectors offer a premium feel and look. Made of highly soft silicon material, they are flexible and protect the phone from scratches, bumps, dirt, and daily wetness. They maintain touch response and accuracy due to their thin and flexible nature.

Available here. 

4. Aroepurt Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

These good quality screen protectors offer protection against scratches and damage, providing maximum protection to the screen. With good touch response and accuracy, they fully cover the phone’s screen, absorbing wet fingerprints to keep it clean.

Available here.  

3. FZZSZS Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

With high definition and high toughness, these screen protectors offer tight absorption, effectively protecting the phone screen. Made of tempered glass, they are highly responsive to touch, maintain screen clarity, and feature friendly rounded edges for case compatibility.

Available here. 

2. Generic Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

Featuring round edges for maximum comfort, these hard screen protectors provide protection against damage, including scratches, bumps, scrapes, dust, and daily wetness. Covering the screen properly, they maintain touch response and accuracy.

Available here. 

1. AtfoliX Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14 

These ultra-clear and hard-coated screen protectors are tailor-fit for the Samsung Galaxy M14. They offer crystal-clear protection against scratches and other damage, utilizing multi-layered synthetic material for maximum screen protection.

Available here. 

This concludes the list of the 10 best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy M14. Stay put for more.

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