10 Best Screen Protectors For Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G

Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G was released in June 2020 which is a mid-range smartphone with a premium design. The Reno4 Pro is a classy looking smartphone with a frosted back which makes it different from the rest of the smartphones in the same price range. It features a 6.55-inches AMOLED display, 8 and 12GB of RAM, a massive 4000mAh battery and powered by Snapdragon 765G octa-core processor. The phone features a triple rear camera set with 48MP wide lens, 13MP telephoto and 12MP ultrawide lens and a single 32MP front camera. The Reno4 Pro offers the best features like lightweight design, curved edge AMOLED display and great battery life in a reasonable price. Here are the 10 best screen protectors for Oppo Reno4 Pro to keep your screen safe and shatter-free. 

10. YZKJ Wallet Case with Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Starting off the list, we have the KZKJ case with screen protector for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. Made with high-quality durable retro synthetic leather and inner TPU case, the case provides a soft touch and adequate protection to your phone from dust, scratches, bumps and accidental falls. This screen protector provides long-lasting protection against scratches and gouges. The flexible screen protector is highly transparent and provides high viewing quality.

Available here.

9. FZZ Case with Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Next on the list we have the case with screen protector by YZKJ the Oppo Reno4 Pro. This combination of printed case shell and tempered glass screen protector provides the maximum protection to your phone from scratches, bumps and accidental drops. The screen protector is made of high-quality tempered glass which ensures high-definition transparency and natural visual clarity with high sensitivity, making it easy to use. The silicone case is soft and light with hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to reduce stains and fingerprints. The back design adds a personalized touch to your phone.

Available here.

8. Homi2019 Mirror Case with Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Next is the mirror case for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. The case has a built-in stand for easy hands-free viewing whenever you want, where ever you want. The phone case also protects the phone from dust, dirt, scratches and fingerprint smudges. The clear mirror flip has the function of viewing the time, date and weather on the cover just like your phone’s screen. It comes in many attractive colors to enhance your style. It also features a protector which is made from high-quality 9H tempered glass for maximum scratch protection from everyday use.

Available here.   

7. J&H Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Next, we have the screen protector from J&H for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. Designed with only 0.26mm thickness, the protector provides enhanced shock protection. The 9H hardness of the glass screen protects your phone’s screen from breaking and scratching with 95% light penetration ratio for clear-viewing. The protector is easy to install with no risk of bubbles.

Available here.

6. HualuBro Wallet Case for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Next on the list is the wallet case for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. If you’re one of those conventional people that want to keep their wallets and phone at the same place, this is the cover for you. The case is handcrafted with high quality durable retro synthetic PU leather and TPU silicone gel to hold your phone in place for maximum protection. The cover, has mentioned earlier, serves a multipurpose by providing slots to keep your credit cards and money and also as a phone case. Not only that, it also has a built-in stand that you can adjust to your own liking and experience hands-free movie watching.  

Available here.

5. Synvy Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Next is the screen protector film from Synvy for Oppo Reno4 Pro. This protector is made from high-quality TPU soft film that protects your phone from unwanted scratches and scuffs. The cover is made from 4H hardness and ensures bubble-free installation while preserving the original screen quality and brightness.

Available here.

4. Synvy Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

Fourth on the list is anti-blue light screen protector for the Oppo. Synvy knows the importance of protecting your eyes from ultraviolet rays coming from the screen and the use of our phones 24 hours a day can produce harmful results. This is why they have developed an anti-blue light screen protector that not only protects your phone’s screen from scratches and scuffs, but also reduces the strain on your eyes. This is a must buy if you’re on your phone every hour of the day.

Available here.

3. Synvy Privacy Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

The privacy screen protector by Synvy is the third-place screen protector on the list of 10 best screen protectors for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. Synvy designed a privacy screen protector for those that like a bit of privacy when using their phones and don’t want others peeking. The protector is made from soft TPU film which protects your phone from scratches, scuffs and unwanted eyes trying to look over your screen.

Available here

2. JiuHaoGuan Privacy Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

In second place is the privacy light screen protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro. The screen protector is specially designed to protect the screen by narrowing the viewing angle to 45 degrees on either side of the screen so no one can peek at your screen and invade your privacy. The glossy surface provides smooth glass like feel and retains the original touch sensitivity of the screen.

Available here.

1. BoxWave Screen Protector for Oppo Reno4 Pro

In first place, we have the BoxWave screen protector for the Oppo Reno4 Pro. Made with dual-layered high-grade PET material that protects your screen from scratches, fingerprints and dust. The protector reduces up to 90% of ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting your eyes. The protector is a perfect fit with its glue-less adhesive that doesn’t leave any residue behind.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 best screen protectors for Oppo Reno4 Pro. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.

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