10 Best Screen Protectors For Lenovo P2

10 Best Lenovo P2 Screen Protectors 4

Congratulations on buying the Lenovo P2! You should get a protective screen cover now to ensure that your phone screen stays protected from drops, scratches, and fingerprints. Check out the list of 10 best cases for Lenovo P2. Let us know what you think of the list!

10. AVIDET 9H Hardness 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Lenovo P2 [$7.99]

This anti-scratch tempered glass has been designed for Lenovo P2 and offers a 9 H hardness with a thickness of 0.3mm. It has a transparency of 99.9% and features 2.5D curved edges to prevent the glass from chipping. It protects the screen without compromising on screen’s quality, sensitivity, or color.

Available here

9. Lenovo P2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Anti-Scratch HD Screen Protector [$8.99]

This one has been crafted from real tempered glass. It offers a hardness of 9H with super HD clarity. It has rounded edges to provide with a smooth screen experience while enhancing chip-resistance. The protector features oleophobic coating thus, prevents the accumulation of stains on the phone screen. The bubble-free silicone adhesive grips the screen and doesn’t leave any residue upon removal. It also features an anti-shatter film that keeps the broken tempered glass into place if it breaks, thus, saving the users from any damage.

Available here

8. 2nd Generation 9H Bendable Nano Tempered Glass Screen Protector [$6.90]

This protector has been made with PET film and is a precise fit for Lenovo P2. It offers the same level of protection which you can expect from a regular tempered glass. It protects the screen from drops and scratches.

Available here

7. 4 x DISAGU Armor screen protector fracture protection film [$10.95]

This crystal-clear transparent screen protector offers a long life with a high-quality manufacturing promise. It protects the screen against any impact, dust, and scratches. The protector doesn’t affect the visibility of the screen in any way. The packing comes with details of the installation procedure.

Available here

6. ILLUMI AquaShield Full Coverage Back and Front Screen Protector [$12.95]

This one comes with a lifetime warranty and incorporates a military grade film in its crafting. It is capable of withstanding scratches, scrapes, and dents that might befall your device. It is thin yet, highly durable. It offers edge-to-edge protection without imparting any unnecessary bulk to the phone. The UV-resistant layer ensures that no yellowing takes place and the screen remains crystal clear thus, enabling enhanced view.

Available here

5. caseroxx Screen protector for Lenovo P2 made of glass [$6.21]

This one protects your screen from scratches, dust, and other external influences while offering easy installation.

Available here

4. 4x Mikvon Armor Screen Protector with screen fracture protection film [$12.05]

This one has been intentionally kept smaller than the display owing to the curved space. Dirt and fingerprints do not accumulate on the protective film. The protector has been made in Germany.

Available here

3. Celicious Impact Lenovo P2 Anti-Shock Screen Protector [$11.13]

This screen protector is shock-absorbing and has been precision cut especially for the Lenovo P2. It fits snugly in the display upon application and leaves no residue upon removal. The high impact resistance and shock-proof properties are incorporated thanks to the TPU material.

Available here

2. Celicious Privacy Plus Lenovo P2 [4-Way] Filter Screen Protector [$19.53]

This one features a 4-way privacy film and has been precision cut especially for the Lenovo P2. The 4-way filter ensures privacy by narrowing the view angle in all orientations (horizontal and vertical). It sticks to the screen firmly and doesn’t leave any residue upon removal.

Available here

1. Celicious Privacy Lenovo P2 [2-Way] Filter Screen Protector [$15.33]

This one offers a 2-way privacy film so, the viewing angle is narrowed from 2 sides. This product doesn’t leave any residual marks upon removal and bonds quite firmly to the screen.

Available here

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