10 Best Rowing Machines To Buy Right Now

In a world where we virtually have to sit all day at work and most times ending upon our beds overtly exhausted at night. These types of routine are very unhealthy and can cause harm to our general well-being in the long-run. A couple of hours dedicated to staying fit shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who spends so much time sitting in a place and consuming as many calories, but that’s usually the opposite. So this article is here to show the best rowing machine you can get right now to help with your fitness routine. 


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

Premium, stylish, and elegant, those are some of the words that can be used to describe the NordicTrack RW Rower. A rowing machine that stands out as one of the best, the NordicTrack RW Rower, is sure packed for the occasion. Sporting a 22-inch touchscreen display, the RW Rower is a tool for the best. An interactive personal training mode at home that is designed for the user by iFit allows access to an interactive training session that is available with a subscription. Comfort are design are considered, which brought about the inclusion of ergonomic seats, which are molded for an efficient workout session. Simple and easy to store, the rower uses a Silent Magnetic Resistance, to give a quiet environment. Available here

Sunny Health & Fitness 

The Sunny Health & Fitness compact folding rowing machine is built with so many features that would stun any newbie to the brand. This magnetic rowing machine features a 16-level adjustable resistance knob all for users to determine the level of resistance the rowing machine would give. It also comes with a bottle and device holder, which offers ease and pseudo-comfortability. The SPM monitor provides detailed statistics of the count, calories, and total count. Available here


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

The Harvil hydraulic rowing machine is one well-designed machine that encompasses both sturdiness and luxury in one package. This rowing machine is built with a steel frame construction that gives it the balance and firmness one would like to see in a fitness machine—this rowing machine sports an LCD Display for easy data access. Harvil rowing machines comes in an ergonomic design that gives users the comfort required, and a well-padded seat that glides while rowing. Available here 

Concept 2

10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

Concept 2 came up with a simple and sophisticated design when it came to their indoor rowing machine. Model D is one of the most frequently used rowing machine by top athletes and sports professionals who intend to keep fit or train. It is designed to store accurate data of usage. It combines Bluetooth and ANT connectivity for heart rate monitoring apps. Users can also determine the workout routine intensity. The installation of the Model D is straightforward, as it uses just 8 screws for assemblage, and can also be separated into two parts for more accessible storage and movement. Available here 


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

When it comes to versatility and uniqueness, the Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 is the machine to look at for. This rowing machine is designed to simulate the feeling of rowing in an actual boat, with its rowing pedals. One of its unique capability is the ability for the BodyTrac glider to be used for total body workout, which is targeted at all essential muscle grouping. Its steel frame construction is very sturdy and durable and can assure an extended-lasting usage. Another standout feature is the molded seat and footplates that have straps for efficient utilization and comfortability. Available here


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

Circuit fitness, one of the top brands when it comes to the production of high-quality rowing machines, has one if their product featured on this list. The Cardio Body Building Rower AMZ-979RW is one of the chain rowing machine products by Circuit Fitness. This magnetic rowing machine which is power-packed with a magnetic 9-pound flywheel that gives a gliding and efficient workout functionality. In the case of lever pressure, the rowing machine has an adjustable resistance lever that allows the user to determine how challenging the workout would be. The Cardio Body Building Rower AMZ-979RW also sports a foldable design for smooth movement. Available here

Fitness Reality 

10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

What Fitness Reality brings to the 10 Best rowing machine table is the Fitness Reality Dual Transmission fan rower rowing machine with comes with a new feature known as the MyCloudFitness App and On Demand Coaching. The feature is a new one, as other rowing machine brands allow users to bring in third-party apps that can be used with their systems. The Smart Knob feature, which is programmed to allows the rowing machine console to keep a record of calories, routine watt workout, and distance tracking. A noiseless experience is enjoyed due to the aluminum slide rail. Available here 


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

The Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is a well-designed rowing machine that sports a deluxe ball roller system. The precision extruded aluminum beam gives it the required balance needed to allow convenient fitness training. With a weight of 47 Ibs, the rowing machine allows natural movement and assembling without the need for professional help. The well-padded comfortable seat, coupled with pivoting footplates, assures users of the utmost comfort. In the case of an overbearing tensioning, the adjustable control can be used to set it to the desired level. Available here


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

Unlike any other rowing machine that is featured on this list, the MaxKare water rowing machine is designed to simulate a water environment with its water-resistance technique. This technique allows for the rowing machine to run on a water rowing engine. To use, water is added to the water storage to match the training target of the user. It’s padded seat also makes it comfortable for users to spend a long time on their fitness training. The LCD Display of the rowing machine indicates several data concerning the usage of the device. Available here


10 Best rowing machine to buy right now

Either while seated or standing, the TUNTURI R30 cardio fit series rower is capable of giving users the required fitness workout.  The R30 is designed in such a way that space is considered without depleting the rowing machine’s ability. Its Easy-to-Read display monitor has an adjustable ability. With its feature if a tablet holder, users can see shows or watch workout routines from their devices. The R30’s aluminum build gives it a stable and durable frame that can stand the test of time. Available here


No matter what may be your reason for deciding on purchasing a rowing machine, you can rest assured to get your money’s worth when you buy any of these products. All the products listed here are tested and trusted and sure efficient workout time. 

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