10 Best Roadside Emergency Kits


Roadside emergency kits are a great assistance to all people who travel in their personal vehicles. Drivers usually fall into this false sense of security that their car is in good shape but a time comes when you will be glad to have one of these kits on board.

Wonderful Engineering today brings you the best car emergency kits. Dump one of these kits in your vehicles first, and thank us later.

10. Picnic at Ascot Roadside Emergency Kit ($49.45)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This 132 pieces roadside emergency kit come in a hard plastic case. The tire shaped ABS plastic case includes a two-way screwdriver, electrical tape, tire pressure gauge, ten-pieces nut driver set, eight-pieces combo wrench, thickness gauge, crimping tool, copper wire brush, terminals and fuses, cloth work gloves and a siphon pump. 

Available here.


9. Bell Roadside Emergency Kit ($29.99)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This roadside emergency kit comes armed with the tools to take care of any roadside trouble. The sewn in gripping strips attach the kit securely to the carpets.

This kit contains:

  1.  8′ Booster Cable
  2. LED flashlight
  3. 3 “”AAA”” batteries
  4. 2 Glow sticks
  5. Slip joint pliers
  6. 2-in-1 screwdriver
  7. 24″ Elastic tie down
  8. 10 Cable ties
  9. Electrical tape
  10. Duct tape
  11. Shop towel
  12. 2 Nitrile gloves
  13. 2 Jersey gloves
  14. Safety vest
  15. Rain poncho
  16. Space blanket
  17. 35 Piece first aid kit

“Great little emergency kit! I added a headlamp for hands-free lighting, a plastic drop cloth to cover wet/muddy ground, and a CPR mask for emergencies. I give these to my grandkids when they get their cars.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

8. Ideas In Life Roadside Emergency Kit ($23.88)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This emergency kit comes with a hard shell carrying case. This basic 34-pieces case has all the components for roadside maintenance and general car care. The kit is durable and compact. Therefore, it is a handy tool in case the car breaks down. The kit has the tools to change a fuse, check tire pressure and charge batteries. It also includes

  1. 1/4 in. Drive spinner handle
  2. 9 1/4 Drive Sockets (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,and 12 mm sockets)
  3. #2 Phillips and flathead screwdriver
  4. Slip-joint pliers
  5. 8 foot 18 gauge CCA battery jumper cables

Available here.


7. Bridgestone Roadside Emergency Kit ($46.49)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This auto emergency kit includes first aid kits, personal accessories, and auto tools. The auto tools include a triangular reflector, tire gauges, and jumper cables. There is enough room in the bag to add some of your accessories as well.

“Everything you need is included in this very compact and well-made kit. True, the tools may seem a bit less substantial than what’s in your toolbox, but each device is functional. I simply added a couple of things to mine, such as a 7-Way Screwdriver and a folding knife/cutter (plenty of room for a few extras). The air compressor is a big plus and is not included in most other kits. Velcro on the bottom of the bag keeps it securely attached to the carpeting in your trunk – another nice feature, along with the red and black colours – hard to miss” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.


6. Performance Tool Roadside Emergency Kit ($31.57)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This roadside assistance kit is a must-have for your car ventures. The small size of the kit makes it easy to store away in the trunk of your vehicle. It includes:

  1. 1 150 AMP 10 GA 8 ft jumper cables
  2. 1 6 inches split joint pliers
  3. One roll of electrical tape
  4. 10 9 in cable ties
  5. 2 18 inch bungee cords
  6. One rain poncho
  7. 1 23 pieces first aid kit
  8. One pair of knit gloves
  9. One krypton flashlight with batteries
  10. One ice scraper
  11. One pencil tires gauge
  12. 1 2 ton 14 ft. tow rope
  13. One snap blade knife
  14. One nylon zipper case with reflective triangle

“I knew I needed a car kit, but was selective about what I would spend my money on. I looked through the reviews for probably half a dozen different kits on Amazon. This is, in my opinion, the best one. The AAA ones suck- filled with brochures about themselves and counting each band aid as 1 item to try and make it seem like they have so much in their kit. I truly like this one and feel it is very practical. Of course, it is not a complete package; you will need to personalise it for yourself by taking into account your location, ability to use tools, and other things. But I believe this is an excellent foundation that would be helpful to give to anyone.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.


5. First Secure Roadside Emergency Kit ($69.95)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This 90-pieces emergency roadside kit enables you to travel with peace of mind. The kit includes:

  1. 6 Gauge 300 amp 10-foot jumper cable
  2. 250 PSI DC
  3. Portable air compressor
  4. 11 ft. 10,000-pound capacity tow rope
  5. One reflective warning triangle
  6. One roll black electrical tape
  7. Two bungee cords
  8. 20 cable ties
  9. One pair of work gloves
  10. Headlamp with batteries
  11. 8 Piece tire repairs kit
  12. 6 Povidone-Iodine prep pads
  13. 6 Alcohol pads
  14. 2 Antiseptic cleansing wipes
  15. 10 Regular size adhesive bandages
  16. 3 Cotton sponges
  17. 1 Bandage triangular
  18. 2 Rolls PBT bandage
  19. 1 Roll medical tape
  20. 10 Cotton swabs
  21. 1 Pair Gloves
  22. 1 Pair Scissors
  23. 5 Safety Pins
  24. 1 Storage Case

“If there were any way to give this more than five stars, I would! I would have never thought of half the stuff that comes in this emergency kit! This is perfect! It seems to have it all and some! Everything appears to be heavy duty with no issues with anything! This is a must have for all vehicles, and the price is perfect for what all you get! Wished I would have thought about getting one of these a long time ago!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

4. Top Gear Roadside Emergency Kit ($36.44)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This premium roadside assistance kit includes 66 pieces in total. The unit comes with a hand-charged LED flashlight, reflective vest, battery booster cable and a first aid kit. You can also buy lesser parts in 55 and 53 piece kits.

“I shopped several different types of these “very good to have in the car” kits from several different manufacturers, and I think this one is the best, both in price and the items it contained. There are only two things that I thought it should have had in the kit: one is a “window breaker-seat belt cutter” and the other is a couple of flares. Both of these I bought separately and added to the kit.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.


3. Always Prepared® Roadside Emergency Kit ($41.99)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This 65 pieces roadside assistance kit comes packed in a small box which can fit anywhere in your trunk, backseat or a spare tire compartment. It’s small, well-organized, efficient, and very useful in a variety of roadside emergency situations. The battery boosting cables are made from 8-gauge copper wire to get your car back on the snap.


When I went through this kit, I was surprised. All of the items are high quality, and useful items to have for mostly any type of roadside situation. I have AAA, but there are situations where you can have no phone service, your phone died, etc. and it is just good to be prepared. I went through each and every item, and it appears to be in working condition, including the shakable flashlight. I recommend this kit to have for your car, or to gift to a first-time driver.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.


2. Cartman Roadside Emergency Kit ($24.99)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This kit includes:

  1. 6-gauge booster cable
  2. Woking gloves
  3. Window warning triangle
  4. 4500 Lbs x 12 Feet tow belt
  5. Safety Vest
  6. Emergency blanket
  7. Poncho
  8. Carry case

The coating keeps cables flexible down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. These booster cables are ergonomically designed with shielded surfaces for safety.

“Used these to jump a car recently. It was great to have some extra length, and the teeth seemed grippy and large. The carrying bag is a nice bonus which keeps everything contained in the subfloor in the rear of my Subaru Outback.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.


1. AAA Roadside Emergency Kit ($23.00)

Image Credits: Amazon
Image Credits: Amazon

This 42-pieces emergency road assistance kit comes with the following units:

  1. 1 AAA Car care guide
  2. 1 AAA Membership Brochure
  3. One 8-Gauge Booster Cable
  4. 1 Flashlight
  5. 2 AA Batteries
  6. 1 Emergency poncho
  7. 1 Safety vest
  8. 1 Roll of duct tape
  9. One 2-in-1 Screwdriver
  10. 6 Assorted sizes of fuses
  11. 1 Shop cloth
  12. 4 Cable ties
  13. 1 Reusable zip locks bag
  14. 19 Pieces of first aid
  15. 1 AAA Storage bag

“Great kit! I purchased this when my wife ran her battery dead and didn’t have any jumper cables, so I sent her this from Amazon while I was still in Afghanistan.

Everything in the kit comes as described. I can only vouch for the jumper cables, as they are the only thing I have had to use, but they are built enough to be decent jumper cables (unlike some cheap ones you see in these kits).

Great value for a roadside kit, everyone should have one in their vehicle!!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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