10 Best Rims For Honda Accord

The Honda Accord is a series of vehicles manufactured by Japanese manufacturer Honda since 1976, best known for the 4-door sedan version. The Honda Accord is highly rated in the market segment it competes in and has been one of the best-selling sedans in recent years. The engine combines power and fuel-efficiency and the interior has enough goodies to keep you satisfied at this price range.The rims are one of the few parts to experience the rough wear and tear of the outside on a daily basis. It also is one of the parts that can easily be customised to give a race car or luxurious look. So when picking wheel rims neither the looks nor the quality should be compromised. Secondly also to make sure you get the right size and fix for your car. If you are looking for the best quality rims that you can order off Amazon right now, we are here to help. These are the 10 best rims for Honda Accord. Do ensure that the product you picked is compatible with your model, though. Furthermore, each rim is sold individually and not in bundles of 4’s. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out! 

10. Enkei EDR9 (17×7, 5×100) Matte Black

At the 10 position and starting of the list we have the Enkei 17×7 EDR9 (Matte Black) rims for the Honda Accord. These rims come in a beautiful matte black color and are produced by Enkei. The rim/wheel size is 17X7. They are made of an alloy steel and feature a 5×100 bolts standard issue mesh.

Available here.

9. RTX, Steel Rim, New Aftermarket Wheel (18×7,5×114.3) Black

Next up, we have the rtx steel rim for the Honda Accord. These rims are made by the RTX brand and are available in black color. The Rim / Wheel size is 18X7 with a bolt pattern of 5-114.3. The rim diameter is 18 inches. These rims are also perfect for your replacement wheels or a tire swap wheel. The unconventional design provides extra strength without the loss of looks.

Available here

8. Enkei Lusso (18×8,5×114.3) Black

Eighth on this list is the sleek 18×8 Enkei Lusso (Black) Wheels/Rims 5×114.3 for the Honda Accord. These rims are by Enkei and have black exterior. The Rim / Wheel size is 18×8 with a bolt pattern of 5×114.3. The rim size is 18 inches. The rim has an offset of 40 millimeters. The lussio is known for a top quality lightweight alternative to base rims provided.

Available here.

7. Enkei RPF1 (18 x 8.5, 5 x 114.3) Silver

Next up we have Enkei RPF1 (18 x 8.5, 5 x 114.3) 40mm Offset, Silver rims for the Honda Accord. These rims are one of the most iconic wheels ever made. The Enkei RPF1 has Rim / Wheel size of 18×8.5. The bolt pattern is 5×114.3 with a 40 mm offset. They come painted in a cool silver cool color, with the paintjob reflecting the quality of the rim too. 

Available here.

6. Enkei GW8 (18 x 7.5, 5 x 100 & 5 x 114.3, 42mm) Black

Next, we have the Enkei GW8 (18 x 7.5, 5 x 100 & 5 x 114.3) 42mm Offset For the Honda Accord. THese are one of the high end rims available on the market and the black finish is sure to make your ride stand apart. The GW8 has a Rim/Wheel setup of 18×7.5 with an offset of 42mm. The bolt design follows either a 5×100 pattern or a 5×114.3

Available here.

5. Pacer Black Modular (16×6.5, 5×4.25 & 5×4.5, 42mm) Black

Fifth on the list is the Pacer Black Modular 16 Black Wheel/Rim 5×4.25 & 5×4.5 with a 42mm Offset and a 72 Hub Bore. As seen by its size the Pacer offers a heavy duty alternative a custom or base rims for the Honda Accord. The wheel comes in 16×6.5 inches and black exterior colour. The bolt on the pacer is of 5×4.25 inches / 5×4.5 inches bolt pattern.

Available here

4.  MOTEGI MR118 (18×8, 5×114.30, 45 mm) MATTE BLACK

Fourth on this list, we have the MOTEGI MR118 MATTE BLACK MR118  for the Honda Accord. This rim is guaranteed to turn any ordinary car into a luxury vehicle. The forked 7 spoke pattern allows the MR118 to have a Rim / Wheel size of 18×8 inches. It is built from aluminum and has a bolt pattern of 5×114.3 + 45mm.

Available here.

3. Enkei EKM3 (Gunmetal),17×7, 5×114.3, Black

The Enkei EKM3 (GUNMETAL) takes the third-place on our list for the Honda Accord. The rim comes decked out with an Enkei brandes center cap and complete with a deluxe exterior with a black finish. The Enkei has a 17×7 Wheel/Rim size and an aluminium structure to provide optimal strength to weight ratio. The rim requires 5 114.3 bolts to attach the 20 spoke mesh completely. 

Available here.

2. Motegi MR116 (17×7 5×108/5×4.5″ 40mm) Black

In the runner up position for the Honda Accord rims is the Motegi Mr116 Black17x7. Manufactured by Motegi Racing to provide the everyday driver an escape from the sticky base rims. Finished with a comforting glossy black colour on the signature aluminium body this rim has Wheel/Rim size of 17×7 inches. The conventional 5 spoke design allows for the commonly available 5×108 bolts. The MR116 has proved to be another staple of the Motegi for the Honda Accord.

Available here

1.KMC KM775 (18×8, 5×108/5×4.5, 42mm) Matte Black

And finally, we have the KMC KM775 for the Honda Accord. The KM775 or more commonly known as the ‘Rockstar Wheels’ in the market is the perfect choice to turn your ride into a headliner. The aluminium alloy provides the mix of style and strength not readily available in the market. The Wheel/Rim size on this monster is 18×8 inches. however it does have the unique 5×108 bolt pattern

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 best rims currently in the market for the  Honda Accord. We hope that it helps make a choice that suits you the most. Stay tuned for more.

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