10 Best Rims For Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a compact crossover vehicle manufactured by Ford since 2000 and currently in its fourth generation. For the new generation in 2020, the Ford Escape got a design overhaul but the form factor is still the same being a 5-door SUV. If you are bored of your older rims or are stuck with the OEM steel rims that come with the car from the factory and you have saved up some money to uplift the look of your car in a sporty way then you can order new rims off Amazon right now and for that we are here to help. These are the 10 best Rims for Ford Escape. Do ensure that the product you picked is compatible with your model, though. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out!

10. HELO HE907 Gloss Black Wheel Chromium (hexavalent compounds)

Starting off the list, are the HELO HE907 Rims which are a basic choice for any person that is looking to upgrade the look of their Ford Escape. They have a great active design, good ratings and feedback from the purchases and are said to be durable with a glossy finish that does not wear over time as mentioned by many reviewers.

Available here.

9. XXR 521 17 Flat Black Wheel / Rim 5×100 & 5×4.5 with a 38mm Offset and a 73.1 Hub Bore

The XXR flat black wheel is a very good option for the Ford Escape as it the correct 17 inch size which the car requires and comes with removable rivets which can be exchanged for different colored ones, offered by the company. It features a matte black mesh design which is available in different lower offsets and larger widths if needed.

Available here.

8. Motegi Racing MR116 Gloss Black Wheel With Machined Flange

Eighth on this list is the Motegi Racing Rim for Ford Escape Formed with a Gloss black painted finish with machined flange and center cap, the company has given lifetime structural warranty for the rim. It has a very definitive design which will work together with the Ford Escape to give it a fresh and sporty look and make it stand out from other Ford Escapes.

Available here.

7. TOUREN TR60 3260 Wheel 17X7.5 5X100/5X114.3 Offset 42 Full Matte Black

Seventh on this list is the TOUREN TR60 wheel in full matte black color. The wheel is made from highest quality and performing materials for your Ford Escort. The matte finish provides a tasteful look with a stylish appeal for your vehicle as sometimes glossy look is not an approach for everyone.

Available here.

6. Motegi Racing MR127 Satin Black Wheel

Next, we have the Motegi Racing Wheels which are available in many different sizes and configurations allowing them to be easily customizable for the required vehicle. They have a sleek satin black color which will be suitable for every color the Ford Escape is available in.

Available here.

5. RTX Black Widow, 17X7.5, 5X114.3, 42P, 73.1, Black MACHINED 081925

At fifth the RTX Black Widow rims are being offered in a machined black finish with standard diameters and fittings for every recent car including the Ford Escape. With a 10 split spokes design and a recess toward the center portion of the wheel, it gets its name from the spider-like effect it creates. They have a very high rating and positive response from the customers.

Available here.

4.  Konig Illusion Black Ball Cut Blue Wheel

At fourth, the Konig Illusion wheels are a perfect match for the Ford Escape as they have a very unique design and are made of a highly durable yet lightweight material making them a good replacement from the OEM wheels. The rims have a very positive rating with a lot of reviews making them a trustworthy purchase.

Available here.

3. RTX, Steel Rim, New Aftermarket Wheel, 17X7, 5X108, 63.5, 40, black finish X47508

The RTX steel rim is a classic design of a standard yet sturdy wheel which is suitable for every vehicle especially the ford escape, being very cheap and rugged due to its main construction component being steel it’s an easy third place in this 10 best rims for ford escape list.

Available here.

2. Touren TR9 3190 Matte Black Wheel

Just short of the first place comes the Touren TR9 3190 as it has a very sporty design which will uplift the look of the Ford Escape. It is available in different sizes ranging from 16 – 18 inches and has different colors as well. Has a bold 5 spoke pattern, with a head turning finish that propels you to the top of the car customization class.

Available here.

1. American Racing Custom Wheels AR172 Baja Satin Black Wheel

This wheel form American Racing takes the best recommendation in the 10 best rims for Ford Escape as it is available in numerous amounts of sizes, colors and width. The wheel has a very subtle yet classy design inspired by motorsports, which will blend right in with any car and it has a lifetime structural and a one-year finish warranty against peeling or lifting of finish. Also has 4.7 average rating over 670+ reviews.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 best rims for Ford Escape. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.

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