10 Best RC Toys For Your Kid


RC Toys are great to play with for kids between the ages of 7-12 years old. However, the RC toys are not made only for the kids. The bigger & badder versions of these toys are being produced for the experienced hobbyists as well. With such a craze in RC toys, we decided to make a list of the best that can be used indoors. So, take a look below and tell us about some of yours or the ones that your kids favour:

10. RC Rattlesnake (34.99$)

10 Best RC Toys (8)

A simple toy made from plastic that can be turned left or right with the help of a remote control. The total length of the snake is 30 inches and uses a 9V battery to operate.

Available Here

9. PLAYMOBIL RC Freight Train (99.99$)

10 Best RC Toys (10)

This toy is for 6-7 years olds. The train moves on a given track and can be halted, moved left or right. The RC remote allows you trigger special functions like noise as well. The oval track has the dimensions of 56.7 x 45.7 in.

Available Here

8. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler (27.82$)

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The toy truck is powered by 6 AA batteries while the remote requires 2. The articulated front and rear suspension allow the user to have some fun with the toy even on an undulating terrain. The toy is 12.5 inches long and weighs 2.5 pounds.

Available Here

7. Top Race 4 Channel RC Remote Control Motorcycle (35$)

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The built-in gyroscope allows the device to balance on two wheels. The toy is made with the combination of metal and plastic that gives it some durability. It is controlled using 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Remote.

Available Here

6. Remote Control Lamborghini Reventon(34.99$)

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Who doesn’t like a Lamborghini?. This toy replica is powered by 4 AA batteries whereas its remote takes only a single 9V one. Ideal toy for a ten-year-old.

Available Here

5. Cheerwing┬« 1:72 Radio Remote Control Mini Rc German Military Tiger Tank (19.98$)

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The tank is modeled on a ratio of 1:72 to a full-size machine. The toy has a 360-degree rotating turret and has the dimensions of 90 x 50 x 40mm. The RC tank is powered by a built-in rechargeable 3.7V 110mAh battery.

Available Here

4. Podofo Radio Controlled Submarine (18.96$)

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This toy submarine is perhaps the coolest indoor RC Toy. You can submerge this submarine to a depth of  1.0m, and it keeps running with the help of 3 Motors. The average run time on a single charge is about 5 minutes.

Available Here

3. Doinshop Syma X11C (43.50$)

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Quadcopters are fun as they are easy to fly and give you high maneuverability to even fly indoors. This Quadcopter has a flight radius of about 100m whereas the flight time is between 5-7 minutes on full charge.

Available Here!

2. Doinshop 2015 Syma S107(19.9$)

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From Drone to RC helicopters, SYMA has them all. The firm is primarily popular for making RC toys, and this product has more than 4000 reviews with an average rating of 4/5 stars on amazon.com. Operated by a five channel remote, it is powered by a Lithium Polymer (LiPO Battery). The toy is easy to use and is great for beginners.

Available Here

1. Cheerson CX-10C CX10C Mini (26.98$)

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It is the tiniest quadcopter around (as evident in the picture). The four channel 2.4 GHz transmitter/ receiver can command the mini-quadcopter to ascend, descend, push forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly, and throw to fly. The toy can even transmit video and can run for about 4-6 minutes if the battery is completely charged.

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