10 Best Raspberry Pi Camera Modules

Best camera Modules of Raspberry pi (6)

Which of these Raspberry Pi Camera Modules have you used?

Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular boards for hobbyists and students. It is no secret that on most occasions camera is interfaced with the Raspberry Pi so we decided to cover the 10 best Raspberry Pi Camera Modules that are available in the market right now.

CS camera lens Metal Mount compatible for Raspberry Pi Camera with Gasket(47$)

CS camera lens Metal Mount compatible with Gasket

This one has a 2MP image sensor OV2640, CS mount lens holder with changeable lens options, IR sensitive with proper lens combination.I2C interface for the sensor configuration, SPI interface for camera commands and data stream, All IO ports are 5V/3.3V tolerant.
You can get one here



A simple low-resolution camera for raspberry. It connects easily with the processor and projecting the image is not difficult.
You can get one here

SainSmart Infrared Night Vision Surveillance Camera(40$)

SainSmart Infrared Night Vision Surveillance Camera

Omnivision 5647 sensor in a fixed focus module. The module attaches to Raspberry Pi, by way of a 15 Pin Ribbon Cable, to the dedicated 15-pin MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI). The CSI bus is capable of extremely high data rates, and it exclusively carries pixel data to the BCM2835 processor.
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ELP 2.1mm Wide Angle Mjpeg 5megapixel Hd Camera (43$)

ELP 2.1mm Wide Angle Mjpeg 5megapixel Hd Camera

5Megapixel CMOS sensor for HD image up to max.2592 (H) x 1944 (V) pixels, is high-speed USB1.1&2.0 compatible & occupy less bandwidth. High pixel technology for sharp image and accurate color reproduction.
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Waveshare Raspberry Pi Camera(34$)

Waveshare camera

Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera for model B/B+. A 5 megapixel OV5647 sensor. Supports up to 2 infrared LED and/or fill flash.
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Sparkfun Raspberry Pi Camera Module(35$)


Sparkfun provides great components for any electronics project and as they say about this product “This 5mp camera module is capable of 1080p video and still images and connects directly to your Raspberry Pi. Connect the included ribbon cable to the CSI (Camera Serial Interface) port on your Raspberry Pi, boot up the latest version of Raspbian and you are good to go!”
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Raspberry Pi Camera Board(30$)

Raspberry Pi Camera Board

This camera has slightly better resolution than others. The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a custom designed add-on for Raspberry Pi. It attaches to Raspberry Pi by way of one of the two small sockets on the board upper surface. This interface uses the dedicated CSI interface.
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Raspberry Pi Camera Board(43$)

Raspberry Pi Camera Board @ $43

This board is almost identical to no.4 only difference being that it is compatible with more boards and has a different pin configuration.
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Pixy (CMUcam5)(69$)

Pixy (CMUcam5)

One of most popular camera’s for machine vision. This camera can be used across variety of platforms with many accessories. Communicates via one of several interfaces: SPI, I2C, UART, USB or analog/digital output. Configuration utility runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux.
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Raspberry PI 5MP Camera Board Module(20$)

Raspberry Pi Camera Modules 5 megapixel native resolution sensor

One of the most popular choices on amazon for Raspberry pi. The camera module 5 megapixel native resolution sensor capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images. Supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p60/90 video.
You can get one here


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