10 Best Portable Tire Inflators And Air Compressors

Best Portable Tire Inflators - Goodyear

Thanks to digital air compressors, filling your tires with air is now a child’s play. There are many different products available from different retailers and you are bound to get confused when buying one. So to ease your vows as we have made this list of 10 best portable tire inflators and air compressors. Do let us know your choice in the comment’s section.

10. Best Portable Tire Inflators – Roypow I52 (79.99$)

10 Best Tire Compressors (10)

The 120w air compressor is ideal for any automotive owner as it can work under 12V DC and 110/120V AC, thus increasing its versatility and use. It has an intelligent pressure preset functionality as well.

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9. WINDEK RCP-B62A Digital Automatic Tire Inflator(89.90$)

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The compressor provides an output at 35 lpm for quick inflation of the tire. It is powered by a 12V DC outlet cable and has a 30inch long Air hose that attaches to all the standard tires.

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8. Q Industries HV-35 (33.90$)

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One of the best value for money buys on our list. It takes less than 4 minutes to inflate a full-size tire since it can deliver pressures over 140 psi. 10 ft power cable also allows the dexterity to move around.

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7. Best Portable Tire Inflator – Slime COMP02 12-Volt(20.14$)

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A small portable air compressor with a standard sized air hose that can fit most tires. The product weighs just 2.1 pounds, but since it is small, it does not generate much power taking 7-8minutes to fill completely a regular car size tire.

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6. by P.I Auto Store(39.97$)

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This inflator has an auto shut off feature and can inflate tires all the way up to 150psi. This one is also small and light-weight at just 2 pounds.

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5. Campbell Hausfeld RP3200(24.97$)

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The 12V compressor has a work light, which is a bonus and can inflate up to 150psi. It comes with three different nozzles and one year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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4. Goodyear i8000(46.29$)

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Goodyear is a premium tire retailer, so it comes as no surprise that they have their tire inflator. The compressor comes with 24 feet of Air hose and three different nozzles. It can generate a maximum pressure of 150psi and can work with 120V of AC power.

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3. Best Portable Tire Inflator – Viair 00073 (37.92$)

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This 12V machine can generate a maximum of 100psi of pressure. The analog dial gauge can use to check the pressure in the tire while the universal nozzle fits most tires. The equipment is highly durable with most consumers citing its longevity.

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2. Kensun YS-205(59.99$)

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Kensun has an incredible supply of electronic accessories and this is just one of them. The device can pump over 50psi and is highly reliable. Three different nozzles and a long cord with the ability to work on both 120 & 220 V makes this device a great buy.

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1. Black & Decker ASI300(45.97$)

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Black & Decker is perhaps the king of hardware and this model justifies it’s position at the top. With a 4/5 star consumer rating and over 1600 positive reviews, this inflator is by the far the most popular of all on our list. It comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and can power up tp 160psi clearly the best available in the market.

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