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10 Best PIR Sensors For Motion Detection And Automatic Light Control

Passive Infrared Sensors or PIR Sensors for motion detection are used to detect motion and are popular for use in automatic doors. These sensors are used by hobbyists as well and depending on their use, the products differ in price as well. We have made a list of 10 best PIR sensors that we think are most reliable, so have a read and let us know which one is your favorite.

HC-SR501 PIR Pyroelectric IR Infrared Motion Sensor(5.99$)

The sensor has a detection range of 7 meters and requires 5V power. The rudimentary sensor works splendidly for your projects and thus, is excellent for beginners.

Available Here

Qunqi 10pack HC-SR501(16.99$)

One of the best value deals for a PIR Sensors For Motion Detection as you can get 10 for just 17$. It has two trigger modes: repeatable and non-repeatable. The sensors have an operating voltage between 4.5-20V.

Available Here

Grove – PIR Motion Sensor (11.99$)

An excellent sensor if you are thinking of purchasing one to connect to your Arduino or Raspberry Pi board as it has large connectors. It has a voltage range of 3-5V and a detecting angle of 120 degrees.

Available Here

LEDENET® 12V 24V PIR Sensor(10.95$)

A heavy duty PIR sensor that can detect human movement as far as 26 feet. The sensor has input/output ports that can sustain 24V

Available Here

Adafruit PIR Motion Sensor(13.87$)

A compact PIR sensor that can set almost anywhere in your hardware. After you solder the header pins, the sensor becomes very easy to attach to boards such as the Arduino.

Available Here

J-deal® Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Sensors For Motion Detection (6.99$)

You get 5 pieces for 7$ if you buy from J-deal. The sensor has an adjustable delay time between 0.3 to 18 seconds whereas the output is 3.3V for high and 0v for low. The sensor has a static power consumption of 65 microamps.

Available Here

Leegoal 5x Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor (4.95$)

The sensor has a wide detection angle between 0-140 degrees. Leegoal device has a current drain of less than 60uA and has a working voltage between 4.5-20V.

Available Here

DSHL Automatic LED PIR switch (4.51$)

An industrial grade PIR sensor that works between 12-24V and 8A. The device is also rated as the no.1 best seller in Circuit Breaker Panel Safety Switches by Amazon.com

Available Here

Honeywell Ademco AURORA PIR Sensors For Motion Detection (13.95$)

A full package PIR sensor that is fit for commercial use. A sensor that is mostly used by professionals and comes from a reputable manufacturer in HoneyWell. One of the most durable products on our list.

Available Here

2013newestseller‘ PIR Sensors For Motion Detection (8.35$)

The most popular PIR sensor on our list as it has more than 80 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5 stars. The easy to use sensors have temperature compensation and two trigger modes. One of the best value buys as they come in pack of fives.

Available Here

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