10 Best Pet Robot Toys That Every Human Should Own 2019

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Toy industry took the robot craze officially in 1999 when Sony introduced AIBO into the consumer market. Electronic toys have been out there, but most of them do not have the capability to interact with the user. They vary in prices – with most advanced being 7000$ while cheap variants available for less than 50$.

10. Robo-Bug Beetle Robot Kit (13$)

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This is more like a wind-up toy but powered by batteries. The toy can climb up and down rocks & even walk in sand but apart from that does not do anything else.

Available here.

9. Hexbug Scarab (10$)

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This little gadget is good for times when you want to have quick fun but sadly not anything else. The toy is powered by 3 AAA batteries and does not include sensors for interaction

Available here.

8. KINGII Dragon Robot Kit (39$)

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This rather scary looking creature has some exciting features. For starters, it has an infrared sensor that can be programmed to ‘follow me’ functionality. So it might approach you just like a pet lizard.

Available here.

7. Avitron V2.0 R/C Ornithopter (120$)

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This robotic bird is RC controlled. The bird fly up till 100 yards in the sky. Since there are no fans or propellers, the bird looks pretty cool while flying.

Available here.

6. IR Remote Control Intelligent Robot Dog (39$)

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This robot dog has voice recognition, and it can sing, dance and even ask questions. A perfect toy to give a child to keep him/ her intrigued for a long period of time.

Available here.

5. Zoomer Dino (96$)

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This robot is armed with multiple sensors and can sense the user’s movements thus following him/her around. The toy runs on wheels and with the help of sensors it balances itself perfectly.

Available here.

4.Tekno The Robotic Newborn Puppy Dog (85$)

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This almost life-like robot can even carry a ball in its mouth. The robot detects sounds and responds to the lighting conditions around it.

Available here.

3. i-Cybie Robotic Dog – Blue (292$)

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One of the most advanced toy on our list. The motion is very realistic and is made by a combination of complex circuitry & mechanics. The robot can detect sound and overtime learn from its experience with the user. Dynamic drive feedback prevents i-Cybie from getting tangled as well.

Available here.

2. Genibo (2100$)

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Another robotic dog. At 2100$ you can get a host of features such as WiFi and PC connectivity. The robot has 1.3MP camera and understands over 100 commands. The dog can detect faces and responds to touch as well.

Available here.

1. Aibo ER-7 (7500$)

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AIBO is the most advanced robot ever offered to the consumer market. The robot responds to touch, sound and even detects its owner by face. The robot can give emotions and is considered so much advanced that it is used in machine vision research. The robot is also used in competitions such as RoboCup to play soccer by various teams.

Available here.

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