10 Best N95 Face Masks For Protection

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus or COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

The discovery and news of the Coronavirus has taken over the entire countries of the world, causing panic, chaos, uncertainty, and throwing people into a state of worry as to if they are going to be the next persons to contact this deadly virus that is airborne and easy contacted within 5 minutes of close contact with a carrier.

Although the virus originated in Wuhan, China on the 31st of December, 2019, but between that time and now, this virus has since spread to over 70 countries of the world such as Senegal, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Australia to mention a few, and has affected over 92,000 persons and resulting in the death of over 3000 persons.

As earlier stated, this virus has given lots of people causes to worry and panic over their health, and it has also sent people on a wild goose on how to protect and safeguard themselves from the killer virus. 

While there are different safeguarding options to keep yourself safe from contacting viruses, one of the most effective preventive option is the use of the N95 Face Masks.

What Are N95 Face Masks?

The N95 face mask is a tight-fitting face mask that filters at least 95% of toxic particles present in the air that is inhaled by the wearer. 

With this N95 type of face masks, all airborne viruses, germs, and bacteria are filtered, and the wearer is safe from these toxic viruses, bacteria, and germs

Now that you know what N95 face masks, and how effective they are in helping you combat the dreadful viruses, here is a list of the 10 best N95 face masks from Amazon that you can invest it.

1. 3M 1860 N95 Medical Face Mask 

The fact the 3M 1860 N95 face mask is certified by the NIOSH is an advantage already for this brand of face mask, but that is not all that this face mask has going for it.

Asides from the obvious fact that it filters 95% of viruses and is your best bet at preventing yourself from contacting viruses, this face mask also helps those who suffer from dust and smoke allergies. 

With this face mask tucked over your nose and mouth, you can clean and dust anywhere you want without fear of inhaling dust, and you can walk through a smoky environment without fears of sneezing or having a dust/smoke allergy attack.

The best part of the 3M 1860 face mask is that is durable and you can use it for as long as 3 years.

Available here

2. Weluk N95 FaceMask

According to the manufacturer of this face mask, they claim that the Weluk face mask filters more than 95% of airborne particles, as against the N95 tag it carries, and if that is not a comforting reason to get this mask, then what else is?

Actually there are more comforting reasons to invest in the Weluk face mask, and one of them is that this face mask is 5 layered and made with fabrics that are soft and non-irritant to the skin.

And the winning point for this face mask is comfortability, as you don’t have to worry yourself about complicated loops and seals.

Available here

3. AGNELGGH Face Mask

Another NIOSH certified face mask, AGNELGGH face mask is what you should go for if what you want is a moisture-proof, non-irritant, anti-fog, and anti-pollen face mask to help safeguard you from contacting bacteria and viruses.

Another thing that makes this face mask unique from other face mask is its 3D elastic ear bands that brings comfort and makes it easy for you to wear the mask for a long time.

The tip of the iceberg for this face mask is that it is suitable for any and every season, and this means that you don’t have to change your face mask every season as this one would serve you all seasons.

Available here

4. XPRO N95 Safety Face Mask

This FFP2 certified face mask is your best bet if what you want is a face mask that is anti-virus, anti-pollen, and at the same time is efficient for other activities such as cycling, outdoors exercising, cleaning, sporting activities, and running.

And with its lightweight design, this face mask is convenient, comfortable, and is suitable for different facial types.

Available here

5. UMaster N95 Face Mask

10 Best N95 Face Masks for Coronavirus

If you need an N95 face mask that can be easily maintained, then the UMaster face mask has got you covered. This face mask can be hand washed and dried to be reused again and again.

Not only that, but this face mask also features ear straps that wouldn’t cause any harm to your skin. The best part of the face mask is that it doesn’t only filter air pollutants, it also blocks cold during the winter season, and helps fight against blocked nose as a result of its activated cotton and carbon multi-layered protection.

Available here.

6. Pooluly N95 Face Mask

      The Pooluly face mask is a multi-functional face mask, as you can use it for the primary reason of purchasing it, which is to help prevent contact of viruses, and you can also use in professions where you are susceptible to inhale harmful chemicals such as in pet shops, hospitals, spas, and beauty salons.

This four-layered face mask is made of cotton material, which makes it breathable, comfortable, warm, and soft.

Available here.

7. Majoxin N95 Face Mask

Some masks are efficient in preventing you from contacting viruses, bacteria, and germs, but they end up making you feel hot and before you know it, there is a gradual accumulation of sweat and moisture in your mask.

But the Majoxin face mask is not like that, as it possesses an exhalation valve which aids smooth breathing, reduces moisture accumulation and hotness when you wear it.

Also, the face mask possesses a high dimensional electrostatic filter system which helps to protect the mask from being destroyed by the particles inhaled.

Available here

8. Youownit N95 Face Mask

This face mask is suitable for humans with fabric allergies. No matter what fabric allergies or irritations you might be suffering from, the Youownit N95 is your go-to face mask.

One other perk of buying this face mask is that it is designed specially to give you comfort, protect you from pollen, viruses, dust, exhaust, and other air pollutants.

Not to forget its nasal tip plastic film, in-built foam nasal nose clip, and 3D curved design which makes it easier for this mask to fit any facial shape or structure, and for the wearer to breathe well.

Available here

9. UBRU N95 Face Mask

The color and fabric of this face mask show that the manufacturers are not here to joke. This face mask looks like a prop from a military-themed movie!

The UBRU N95 face mask doesn’t look tough alone, it works tough too, not with its activated carbon filter that can filter the tiniest of particles, ash, and mist. No jokes!!!

Other reasons why this face mask is unique is the attached soft foam padding which is designed to give you 24/7 comfort and also to prevent fogging and overheating.

What is more, with the UBRU N95 face mask is that it features both a Velcro strapping system and a loop system that helps to keep your mask in place without you having to worry about it coming off or readjusting it by the second.

Available here.

10. BG-SMILE Anti PM2.5 N95 Face Mask

10 Best N95 Face Masks for Coronavirus

If you want to boycott the usual mundane colors of face masks and experiment with different colors of your choice, this is the right face mask for you.

Another reason you would love and enjoy wearing this face mask is the unique back headcover that it has.

The icing on the cake of this mask is that it has both the N95 and N99 filter features. Isn’t that just awesome?!!!

Available here.

This ends the list of our 10 best N95 face masks for protection, and we hope we have been able to provide you with an array of best choices to pick from.

Note that before you make your choice, make sure you go through each option thoroughly, so that you’d be able to select the one(s) that fit(s) your needs the most.

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