10 Best Monitor Display Arms

10 Best Monitor arms (8)

Monitor display arms are ideal for use in offices and commercial stores where you can get difficult viewing angles.It is essential that you look for length and clamp size when picking out a monitor display arm but be aware of the material used in its construction as well. Here are some of the best monitor arms you can buy off the internet.

10. Mount-It! MI-1761(57.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (6)

A decent product from ‘Mount it’. This small arm is suitable for monitors from 13 to 28″ inches while the height is adjustable up to 13 inches. The design can support up to 13.2 lb.

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9. Dual monitor desk mount stands for 10″-24″ LCD/LED monitors(33$)

10 Best Monitor arms (4)

These arms can support two monitors up to 24″ inches each. The body is made from solid die-cast Aluminum while the tilt swivel allows easy viewing from any angle.

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8. DoubleSight Dual Monitor Flex Arm (105.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (9)

A heavy duty design that is both height and width adjustable. Each clamp can support a monitor of up to 30 inches while the bracket can be rotated 90 degrees for portrait or landscape view.

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7. StarTech.com Monitor Mount w/ Articulating Arm(85.08$)

10 Best Monitor arms (3)

The articulated arm has multiple joints with hinges to adjust better the viewing angle. The arm can support a maximum 30-inch monitor and is made from solid Aluminum.

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6. Loctek Monitor Arm(144.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (5)

The arm has its cable management system while it can support monitors up to 34 inches. The ball joint is made from durable material enclosed in a steel housing making it easy for you to rotate the arm as per your liking.

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5. Atdec Visidec VF-AT-NK Focus Monitor Arm(68.06$)

10 Best Monitor arms (1)

The arm is fitted with a tray while one joint can be rotated nearly 270 degrees to adjust viewing. The tray supports monitors or laptops up to 20 inches.

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4. WALI Dual LCD Arm(37.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (2)

#1 new Release at Amazon and it is not hard to see why. The dual arm can support an LCD up to  27 inches each. The arm is made from aluminum while the base is powder coated and made from steel for a sturdy feel.

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3. Halter Dual LCD(199.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (8)

One of the most expensive products on our list. The arm is fully adjustable with the help of swivel action joint while can support two 32 inch monitors & the complete arm extension can extend upto to 65 cm.

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2. VIVO Single Monitor extension Arm (29.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (10)

The best value for money purchase on our list. The arm can support weights up to almost 8kg while the 4.25-inch clamp securely holds on to your monitor and can be rotated up to 90 degrees. You can turn your screen 15 degrees in either direction as well.

Available Here

1. AmazonBasics Single Monitor Display Mounting Arm(99.99$)

10 Best Monitor arms (7)

AmazonBasics has some of the best supply of hardware. This monitor arm is the most popular online with more than 200 customer reviews and 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The device allows you to attach a maximum of 25-inch screen and even comes with a secure desk mount. As a plus, the mount is backed by Amazon’s one year warranty.

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