10 Best Moisture Meters For Professionals – 2019

10 Best Moisture Meters (9)

Moisture meters are an essential for engineers and technicians. Used primarily in the field of construction, these meters are a good way to judge wood quality and sometimes other materials as well. There are numerous factors to consider when picking a Moisture meter including the range, digital or analog, battery time and even the cost. Based on these points, we decided to make our list of 10 best moisture meters, and they are as follows.

10. MINI 3 in 1 Wood/ Building Material Digital Moisture Meter(15.49$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (3)

A simple & affordable moisture meter. A bright LCD display makes it easy to read while the meter itself has a quick response & displays moisture in %.

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9. Mudder WM-01(18.98$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (7)

Mudder is a popular supplier of hardware instruments & tools, so their products have a distinct build quality. The meter contains four modes for four different wood groups which make approximately 50 different species. The hold function makes it easy to record data while it has a resolution of 0.1%.

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8. Extech Instruments MO50(49.33$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (4)

This meter, unlike the two before, has an audible alert that increases in frequency as the moisture level increases. The meter can function on building materials such as wallboard, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar.

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7. LotFancy LCD Digital Wood Moisture Meter(24.80$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (8)

A moisture meter specifically designed for wood. The device works on 9V battery and displays the results of moisture in percentage(%). It has a testing range between 5% to 40% with an accuracy of +/- 1%.

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6. Amprobe MT-10(50.54$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (5)

A high-quality moisture meter that can be used on wood and other building materials as well. The accuracy of the device varies as per the material on wood. It is +/- 1 % while on the motor, it is +/- 0.1 %. Additionally, though it can also measure temperature with an accuracy of +/- 1 %

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5. Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno(100.27$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (2)

One of the most expensive devices on our list this meter has a measuring depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″(with the help of two pins). This high accuracy meter weighs 200g and has a two-year warranty.

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4. Stihl Wood Digital Moisture Meter(19.80$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (10)

Measuring range for wood as stated is between 6-42% while the pins provided for measurement are hard enough to penetrate any quality construction wood. The instrument requires the LR44 battery to operate.

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3. Dr.Meter® MD-812(24.99$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (1)

Dr.Meter is one of the premium suppliers of hardware and, more importantly, digital meters. This device has an error of less than 1 percent while it has two modes defining either a two pin input or 4 pin input. The meter is quite robust and while it does not take up much power, it does have a low power indicator.

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2. Etekcity Indoor/Outdoor Soil Moisture Sensor Meter(7.99$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (6)

An amazon.com bestseller and one of the favorites for all those old school technicians. This analog meter is not prone to failures while the color coded gauge makes it easy to read. Etekcity is certainly a worthy manufacturer to consider when buying hardware online and products like these would certainly increase their reputation.

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1. General Tools & Instruments MMD7NP(49.99$)

10 Best Moisture Meters (9)

The most popular moisture meter available on amazon.com with a 4/5 star reading and over 600 positive customer reviews. Non-invasive meter is ideal is for detecting moisture on finished surfaces and with the help of a brightly lit LCD screen, you will have no problems reading values. The device has a host of features such as hold and auto power off making it our no.1 pick.

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