10 Best Military Compass For Your Adventures 2019

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In the age of digital electronics and smartphones, it is a bit surprising how old age analog products still survived. One great example of this is the humble compass, which even after having digital variants is still preferred in analog form by hiking, adventure, and sports enthusiasts. In this article we list down the 10 best military compass based on portability, durability, accuracy and cost efficiency so scroll down to find which one is our No 1.

10. CAMTOA Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass (12.50$)

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The military grade compass is rated as waterproof by the manufacturer and even has a luminous display to help you see in the dark. The entire compass measures  3-1/4 x 2-1/2 (inches).

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9. Team Pistol Military Compass (11.90$)

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The chill proof device can even work under -20°C and has an accuracy of ± 1°. The dial of the compass is covered through a shatterproof glass and just like all the premium models, it has a luminous display as well.

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8. AUFO Tactical Professional(16.89$)

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The robust compass has a Thumb hold, magnifying viewer and even a reference table to estimate the distance and scope. The compass has a luminous display that needs to be exposed to sunlight for 3 to 4 hours.

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7. VONOTO Professional Multifunction Military Army Metal Sighting Compass (16.99$)

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The sighting window of this compass has a sighting line that helps in taking measurements at a higher degree of accuracy. All Vonoto compasses are covered under lifetime warranty.

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6. Lagute EK-1 Pocket Waterproof Military Multifunction Metal Compass (8.99$)

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Classic military style compass that has green powder coated Aluminum case. The compass is liquid filled and has 2-degree increments on its scale. The bezel rotates with detents every 3 degrees so you can change the heading reference to a known amount without looking at the compass.

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5. Neon, WaterProof Professional Compass(12.99$)

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Apart from navigating conventionally, you can also use this compass orienting on a scaled map. The glow in the dark compass is made from a high strength metal matrix which makes it rugged yet lightweight.

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4. Rothco Military Compass(67.95$)

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Weighing at 0.45 pounds this compass is illuminated thanks to a material known as Tritium. The compass is comparatively fast, thanks to just the right amount of tightness of the needle.

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3. Ueasy Military Compass(19.29$)

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Since this compass has dragon glass covering the compass is scratch, dust and water proof. Like all the top models, this one has sighting window and along with the sighting lines.

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2. Cammenga 3H Tritium Military Compass(69.99$)

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The high-grade product comes in its waterproof bag for carry and storage. The maintenance free compass has a small magnifying glass and thanks to copper induction damping system it reduces the needle speed without the need of any fluids.

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1. SE CC4580 (9.91$)

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The most popular and yet cost effective product on our list is also our No.1. The SE product has over 2100 customer reviews and maintains a rating of 4/5 stars on Amazon, which is a proof of this product’s reliability. As an Amazon.com best seller in the “Compass” category, it has 1/4″ Sighting lens & sighting lines on the cover. It is also accompanied by a water-resistant nylon pouch & 36″ lanyard.

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