10 Best Manual Tube Bending Tool For Professionals 2019

10 Best Pipe Benders (10)

Manual Tube bending tool aid in bending metal pipes to a particular angle for making joints and maintaining continuity for the fluid to flow. These tools vary in price range depending on the maximum size and available accessories along with the product. Some manufacturers tend to sell these as DIY assembly tool kits while other sell preassembled parts that have to be combined to form the entire bender. Seeing their use and popularity with mechanics & engineers, we decided to list some of the best tube bending tools that every workshop must have; we have developed our criteria based on performance, durability and cost effectiveness.

Woodward Fab Tube and Pipe Bender(225.98$)

Woodward Fab Tube and Pipe Bender

The very rudimentary bending tool has a 29-inch handle and an engraved degree ring for precision. The manufacturers sell the dies separately.

Available Here

Manual Mini Universal Bender(89.95$)

Manual Mini Universal Bender

Durable hardened steel bender can be used to make bends in a maximum  5/16″ diameter rod and even 1×1/8″ flat metal. When purchased, the product comes with Circle pins of 3/16,1/4 & 1/2″ diameter.

Available Here

Manual Pipe and Tube Bender by Supply Network(248.14$)

Manual Pipe and Tube Bender by Supply Network

This Supply Network’s product has CNC milled parts and bend 2″ diameter metal tubing to a precise angle.Like the other models, the dies for this one are also sold separately.

Available Here

Flexzion Manual Tube Bending Tools (23.99$)

Flexzion Manual Tube Bending Tools

Flexizon product has wide ergonomic hooks that grip the work piece securely. You can bend the tube between a radius of 1-1/2″. whereas the calibrated markings show an angle measurement of 180 degrees.

Available Here

Manually Operated Tube & Pipe Bender by TB-3TX(785$)

Manually Operated Tube & Pipe Bender by TB-3TX

One of the most expensive product on our list is also the most durable while it also comes with 1″ x 3″, 1-1/2″ x 5″, & 1-3/4″ x 6″ dies making it well worth the money.

Available Here

Koval Tubing Pipe and Tube Bender(122.99$)

Koval Tubing Pipe and Tube Bender

This affordable kit allows you assemble your pipe bender from scratch. The kit is made from chrome plated Aluminium which means that it has higher resistance to corrosion than most options.

Available Here

SDT Manual Tubing Conduit Manual Tube Bending Tool (124.99$)

SDT Manual Tubing Conduit Manual Tube Bending Tool

The bender is accompanied by seven dies and has the size capacity between 1/4″-7/8″ of diameter. The tool works in conjunction with SDT-TBJ-22 and is used heavily in HV/AC  installation and hydraulic system applications.

Available Here

Baileigh RDB-050 Manual Tube Bending Tool (1521.00$)

Baileigh RDB-050 Manual Tube Bending Tool

This bender requires add-ons to operate fully. Forged steel bender weighs 290 pounds, and the manufacturer claims that it has a patented design. It has a tube capacity of  2-1/2 inches.

Available Here

90 Degree Copper Pipe Multi Bender Kit(149.99$)

90 Degree Copper Pipe Multi Bender Kit

The tube bender kit can be utilized for tube sizes of  1/4″,5/16″,3/8″,1/2″,5/8″,3/4″ and  7/8″ diameter. The design of this product has far less joints than other options, making it much more safe. Thanks to its hard case, it is easy to store & carry.

Available Here

Manual pipe tube bender set(159.00$)

Manual pipe tube bender set

One of the most popular and versatile pipe benders sets available in the market today. It comes seven bending formers of the size 3/8″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 7/8″ & 1″ while the pipe wall thickness can be between  0.03″  to 0.08″. Like all the premium models it comes with its hard case that makes it easy to store and carry. Which manual tube bending tool is for you?

Available Here

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