10 Best Limit Switches For Your Engineering Project

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches  (7)

Limit switches are switches operated by a motion of an object or its presence. Many electrical engineers use them to develop primitive control systems for their machinery and likewise, are heavily employed in various industries where they are a lot of regulated processes. In this list, we write down the best limit switches that one can purchase based on performance, durability and cost.

10. Kmise Z2438(6.20$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (2)

This limit switch is made from a combination of silver & nickel whereas it has a current maximum capacity of 15A even at 220V AC.

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9. Atwood 37022 Limit Switch (16.41$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (4)

An industrial grade limit switch that is mostly used in Artwood line of HVAC’s. Though limit switch is a specific component of a bigger equipment, it can use in other high power applications as well.

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8. 5 x Micro Limit Switch(2.72$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (8)

A great product for those hobbyists out there as you get 5 of these under 5$. The switch is rated 3-16A with maximum 250V AC and has dimensions of 3 x 1 x 1.6cm.

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7. Omall (TM) 5PCS Micro Limit Switch(6.89$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (5)

The switch is applicable to both AC and DC type of control circuits and has a total of 3 terminals. The switch can sustain a maximum of 15A current.

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6. TooGoo 10 Pcs Limit Switch(2.19$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (7)

One of the best value for money purchases on our list as you can get 10 for just over 2$. But be warned as these devices are only suitable for low scale applications and can sustain a maximum current of the only 1A.

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5. Uxcell a13060600ux0353(3$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (6)

4A limit switches come in a pack of 5 for 3$. The device can easily be used for student projects and thanks to its small size of 3 x1.6 x 1cm, it can fit anywhere.

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4. Amico Micro Limit Switch(6.59$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (10)

Amico provides the best deal if you want numerous limit switches as they offer a total of 20 limit switches under 7$. Standard limit switches can sustain currents between 3-16A.

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3.  uxcell 10 Pcs Mini Micro Limit Switch(4.66$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (3)

Another fine Uxcell product with roller lever arm and reliable snap-on action. Durable set of limit switches have three pins and has SPDT contact configuration. The switches are made from PVC plastic and metal.

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2. Genie Screw & Trac Drive Limit Switch(0.01$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (1)

This limit switch is mostly used in garage doors, but since it is sold as a separate component, it can be used in other applications as well. The micro size switch is fitted with a fuse which can sustain up to 20A.

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1. NAMCO EA700-80100 Double Pole Limit Switch(373$)

10 Best Industrial Limit Switches (9)

A high-class limit switch that is only used in industrial applications and is CAM operated. The rotatory limit switch has a recommended travel of 13 degrees which can go to a maximum of 37 degrees.  An expensive switch and we do not expect it to be used by anyone other than professionals.

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