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10 Best Light Bars For Ford F150

If you own a Ford F150 or any other truck, it is advisable that you invest in another form of illumination such as the LED light bars. Although your truck comes with factory lights which are actually very effective, but you’d come to realize later that you could do better by investing in a different form of lighting like the LED light bars.

An LED light bar actually helps you to see much more clearly, especially when you are in the countryside, hill side or other areas that are not the conventional roads in the night. The extra illumination and clarity you would get by investing in LED light bars would definitely improve your safety while navigating through those tricky and dangerous roads in the night.

Our Top 10 Picks for the Best Light Bars for Ford F150 in the Current Market

Now that you know getting a light bar for your Ford F150 is important, it is also important to know that all light bars are not the same. As a matter of fact, a large chunk of the LED light bars in the current market may not give you the desired quality you are looking for. In order to help you in making the right choice, we have come up with the list of the top ten LED light bars you can get in the current market. Check them out below.

Rigid Industries 50 Inch Radiance Series LED Light Bar

The Rigid Industries 50 Inch Radiance Series LED Light Bar tops our list of the top LED light bars you can procure for your Ford F150 in the current market. This light bar comes with 26,150 lumens which deliver a very bright and lucid light that would give you a clear view of your surroundings while moving in the dark. It is built with high-grade aluminum alloy which makes it very compact and durable. It is also water and dust resistance. Available here.

AutoFeel LED Light Bar

The AutoFeel LED Light Bar is built for all forms of trucks, and it is very compatible with the Ford F150. This light bar comes with two operating modes (day and night) and the light is super bright that it would grant you the needed illumination to see the darkest paths. This product is waterproof and dustproof, and it also comes with heat dissipation designs. Available here.

FSYF 30 Inch LED Light Bar

The FSYF 30 Inch LED Light Bar fits perfectly with your Ford F150, and it would help in providing you with the needed illumination you need to glide through the difficult roads in the dark. This product comes with a 6000k pure white LED light bar that is sure to give you a super bright light in your travels. It is also waterproof and dustproof. This light bar also boasts of a powerful cooling system which ensures it lasts very long. Available here.

AUTOSAVER88 32 Inch LED Light Bar

With the AUTOSAVER88 32 Inch LED Light Bar, you wouldn’t need to worry about darkness or unforeseen conditions that might be hiding by the roads on your travels as they would all be brought to the light with this light bar. It is waterproof and comes with superior brightness. It is also built to be durable as it comes with anti-corrosion features. Available here.

Nilight 18022C-B LED Light Bar

The Nilight 18022C-B LED Light Bar is not large in size, as it is only 6.5 inches in width, but it does its job excellently. This product comes with all the features you’d desire in your LED beam light, like heat dissipation, waterproof, powerful brightness and a lot more. Available here.


The YITAMOTOR LED Light Bar comes in two. They are built to produce stunning bright light that would illuminate your way as you drive your truck through those dangerous paths in the night. They are easily mounted on the top of your truck and they are waterproof. They also come with a heat dissipation feature. Available here.

Zmoon 14 Inches LED Light Bar

The Zmoon 14 Inches LED Light Bar is a great fit for your Ford F150 if you are in the market for a light bar to help with your illumination. This LED light bar comes with 8000 lumens and a 6500k pure white LED that gives rise to very bright light. It also comes with heat dissipation features and it is waterproof. Available here.


The OSRAM LED Light Bars are one of the most popular light bars you can get for your Ford F150 in the current market. This product comes with all the brilliant features you would love to have in your light bars including superior light brightness, waterproof and heat dissipation features as well as flexibility. Available here.

BraveWay Ultrathin LED Light Bar

The BraveWay Ultrathin LED Light Bar is specially designed for off-road uses and this is why you should seriously consider it for the light bar needs of your Ford F150.  This light bar comes with a very superior bright light performance that makes it such a good option. It is also known for its great heat dissipation function as well as its waterproof and dustproof features. It is easy to fix, and it is also known to be very durable. Available here.

4WDKING Premium LED Light Bar

We round up our picks with the 4WDKING Premium LED Light Bar. This light bar would definitely cater to the needs of your Ford F150 truck just as it would also cater to the need of other trucks. It is only 10 inches, but it comes with superior brightness that would illuminate your way when you are off-road, especially in the night. The light bar is waterproof and dustproof. It also comes with a superior heat dissipation technique which allows it to have a long term performance. It is also very durable and easy to mount on your truck. Available here.

Getting the needed illumination for your truck is a must as it is very essential to keep you safe and navigate the roads easily especially in the night. Investing in any of the light bars above would do the magic for you.