10 Best LED Lanterns That You Should Have

10 Best LED lanterns (5)

LED lanterns are great for a wide variety of applications, from camping to your study desktop, these can be accommodated almost anywhere. There are many manufacturers in the market making these devices, and it is virtually impossible for you to try them all, well that’s where we come in as we decided to put these lanterns to the test. We have made our list based on brightness, power efficiency and overall cost-effectiveness. So scroll down to see our pick as the best LED lantern.

10. Blazin’ Bison Hurricane Lantern(37.83$)

10 Best LED lanterns (3)

This lantern provides up to 500 lumens of light and three modes of illumination. The lantern can work for six days on 3 D battery cells. The lantern design even incorporates an S hook through which you can easily attach it anywhere you want.

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9. CORE 500 Lumen CREE LED Battery Lantern(19.99$)

10 Best LED lanterns (9)

One of the best value for money buys on our list as it provides 500-lumen brightness under 20$. The lanterns as two generic modes; first is the high mode, which delivers 500 lumens for 19 hours with a beam range of 15m while the second is the low mode with 200-lumen intensity that lasts for 65 hours on 3 D batteries.

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8. BYB Camping LED Lantern(12.99$)

10 Best LED lanterns (6)

Powered by 3 AA alkaline batteries, the lantern can last for over 20 hours of continuous use. The manufacturer also claims that it is water resistant.

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7. GridLite Portable LED Camping Lantern(7.99$)

10 Best LED lanterns (8)

This light weight and ultra portable led lantern has almost 30 bulbs inside. The product is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and the body is completely water resistant.

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6. Xtreme Bright Pro Series Elite Lantern (17.67$)

10 Best LED lanterns (4)

The elite lantern even includes a wireless remote for you to turn on or off the device from a maximum of 20 feet away. The lantern has a total of 24 led bulbs that seldom require changing or replacement.

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5. 2 Pack LED Lantern Flashlights by Divine LED’s(15.99$)


An Amazon.com bestseller like this one can not have much wrong with its design. Made from water resistant plastic, it can deliver almost 200 lumens of light intensity and with its energy saving capabilities has a run time of almost 75 hours.

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4. Ultra Bright LED Lantern – Blitzu Optimus(7.99$)

10 Best LED lanterns (2)

Costing under 8$ this small lamp provides a maximum of 200 lumens with its 30 led bulbs. The product has an intricate design and is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

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3. AYL Star Light (24.99$)

10 Best LED lanterns (1)

The power lantern can supply a maximum of 600 lumens of light intensity, and its bulbs can last for a total of 100,000 hours. The product has three lighting modes of high, medium and low whereas on the low mode it can last almost six days on three battery cells.

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2. Streamlight 44931 The Siege Lantern(35.41$)

10 Best LED lanterns (7)

Powered by 3XD batteries the lantern has the following light modes; High (340 Lumens), Medium (175 Lumens), Low (33 Lumens), Red (10 Lumens), and Red SOS flashing. The versatile lantern has D rings at the top and the bottom so you can hang it in any direction.

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1. Etekcity 2 Pack Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lantern Flashlights(15.88$)

10 Best LED lanterns (5)

The most popular LED lanterns in the market today as they have over 1000 reviews with 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. The lantern is powered 6 AA batteries, and you can easily light this up for 20 hours of continuous use. The product is backed by a ten-year warranty and is the overall best LED lantern available right now.

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