10 Best Led Headlight Bulbs For Ford Escape

Best Headlight Bulbs - SilverStar Ultra

The Ford Escape is an SUV manufactured by Ford since 2000 and is currently in its fourth generation. For the new generation in 2020, the Ford Escape got a design overhaul but the form factor is still the same being a 5-door SUV. To ensure safe driving at night one must have good headlights on their car which will give them clear visibility, here are some aftermarket headlight bulbs which will improve the performance of your stock headlights. If you are looking for the best Headlight bulbs at a reasonable price that you can order off Amazon right now, we are here to help. These are the 10 Best Led Headlight bulbs for Ford Escape. Please ensure that the product you picked is compatible with your model, though. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out!

10. Glowteck H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit – Low Beam/Fog Light 20,000 Lumen/Pair 6500K Cool White IP65 water-resistant Halogen Replacement Headlight bulbs For Bright & Greater Visibility

Starting off this list of 10 best headlights blubs is the Glowteck headlight bulbs conversion kit. It comes with a maximum light output with customized auto lighting grade chips providing 20,000 LMs per pair output, super-bright for safety driving at night, 6500K cool white, 300% brighter than original halogen headlights, offers the latest technology to ensure a perfect beam pattern without any dark spots or foggy light.

Available here.

9. 9005/HB3 High Beam H11/H9 Low Beam 14000LM LED Headlight Bulbs Combo Package CSP Chips 6000K Cool White – Carifex New

In ninth place is the led headlight bulbs combo package by Magneto Tools. These aftermarket headlight bulbs equip the users with the perfect beam pattern with no dark spots and light up your road to enhance your visibility, offered with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee AND a 2-Year Warranty for the product.

 Available here.

8. Alla Lighting H11 and 9005 LED Bulbs Combo HB3 9005 High Beam H11 Low Beam Replacement Xtreme Super Bright Conversion Kits, 6000K Xenon White

At eighth, is the Alla Lighting led super bright headlight conversion bulbs. These bulbs are manufactured with genuine high power, premium quality, and high illumination CREE LED Chips and the newest technology 6063 aviation aluminum heat sink design for longer life span & further light output area. The bulbs are waterproof and their housing and fan even work in the rain and extreme conditions.

Available here.

7. SYLVANIA 9005 SilverStar Ultra High Performance Halogen -Best Headlight Bulb, (Contains 2 Bulbs)

At the seventh position are the SYLVANIA halogen headlight bulbs. The specialty of these bulbs is most down-road visibility which makes it easier to drive at night than conventional headlights. They are completely legal for on-road use and do not violate any laws. If over time the lights get dim, replace them in pairs for optimal performance.

Available here.

6. SEALIGHT H11 LED Bulb 20000 Lumens, 600% Brightness, 6500K Cool White H11/H8/H9 LED Bulbs, Plug-and-Play Replacement Bulbs, IP68, Pack of 2

Coming sixth is the SEALIGHT LED headlight replacement bulbs. Very easy to install with just a 5 minute installation time, these bulbs are made with Aluminum construction and house a turbofan to ensure a longer lifespan by providing adequate cooling to the required parts. Super focused beam pattern design provides a wider and farther lighting range which will add confidence to your night driving.

Available here.

5. Philips Automotive Lighting 9005 CrystalVision Ultra Upgrade Bright White Headlight Bulb, 2 Pack (9005CVB2)

At 5th with over 3,000 ratings comes the Phillips Headlight bulb. Philips CrystalVision ultra headlight bulbs provide the look of HID and give you bright white light on the road. Meanwhile, in the daytime a unique blue cap on the bulb creates a cool blue effect in the headlamp’s reflector; contains a good quality seal for the most reliable performance.

Available here.

4. HONCS 9005 LED Headlight Bulbs, 300% Brighter Wireless HB3 LED High Beam, 6500K Cool White LED Headlight Conversion Kit

The HONCS LED headlight blubs come 4th in the list of 10 best headlight bulbs for the Ford Escape. They provide a perfect beam pattern with vertical aligned led components designed to perfectly mimic the original pattern of your headlights, delivering wider angle and farther range light on the road. No blinding of the oncoming traffic. With 50k hour’s long lifetime, achieved by top-grade materials for drivers seeking toughness.
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Available here.

3. SHENKENUO Fit For FORD ESCAPE 9005+H11 High/Low Beam LED Headlight Bulbs, Pack of 4

In third place is the SHEKENUO LED headlight for Ford Escape. It’s an OEM replacement part for the Ford Escape, meaning it’s an easy plug-n-play design; with an all-in-one compact conversion kit that can easily be applied to your vehicle’s housing within 10 minutes, without any tools or modification. With a silent fan design and a bottom hollow cooling technology, this led combo ensures durability and superb performance.

Available here.

2. AUXITO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs 12000lm per Set 6500K Cool White Wireless H8 H9 Headlight LED Bulb, Pack of 2

In the second position, are the AUXITO LED headlight bulbs with around 4k ratings, it uses the double-sided ZES chips, giving 12,000lm light output per set the 6500K cool white color of the light offers driver better visibility during night driving. With an aluminum lamp body, a 12,000rpm high-speed cooling fan, and IP65 waterproof rating this bulb is ready for hours of continuous use and the harshest of weather.

Available here.

1. Fahren H11/H9/H8 LED Headlight Bulbs, 60W 10000 Lumens Super Bright LED Headlights Conversion Kit 6500K Cool White IP68 Waterproof, Pack of 2

First in the 10 best Headlight bulbs for the Ford Escape are the Fahren Headlight bulbs with over 40k ratings on amazon. This means that the product is popular and has been tested by many before. The product offers a super-focused beam pattern design that provides a wider and farther lighting range which is 3 times brighter than your original halogen bulb. Works with 98% of the vehicle’s computer system without error and with a 10 Minutes Easy Installation and almost 1:1 mini design same as halogen, it will perfectly fit into your housing and factory sockets without any modification.

Available here.

So that rounds up our list of the 10 headlight bulbs for Ford Escape. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. Stay tuned for more.

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