10 Best Tumbling Tower Games


Leslie Scott of Ghana in 1970 may not have known her innovation of the wood stacking would become highly sought after, introducing it to the London toy fair of 1983. Jenga game, a name it earned from the Swahili word “kujenga” means to build and the game itself entails the stacking of woods into a tower-like form. 

At a time, such as this with the compulsory lockdown situation, one can trust that Jenga games will be a perfect boredom killer. And to make it more fun, you will like to be introduced to a variety of it. 

So, if you desire to have a variety of tumbling tower games to keep boredom at bay, here the best of them…

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game, with 34 blocks

10 Best Jenga Games

Here is a perfect choice for the family and you finally have what to keep the kids engage with. ideally, this type is one of the games that can be played during a bachelor’s party, bar game night and any social gathering of friends. Some uniqueness in this game includes its completeness, unlike others, the interesting “truth and dare “games, the nicknames, and other tricks options. It also comes with quality inscriptions and additional plastic sleeve. Tipsy tower drinking game is indeed a nice gift option for a birthday, marriage, or a graduation present.

And you can find it ….Available here

Giant Timber – Jumbo Size Wood Game

This lightweight giant-sized wood game is a beautiful choice when you have a picnic or camping in mind and it also suits perfectly as an indoor game. With 60 giant blocks made with the finest of New Zealand Pinewood having their edges all smoothen to prevent bruises, you can finally build yourself your dream castle in no time. These huge blocks also come with a durable heavy-duty canvass bag which makes it an easy carry all the time. So, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your brother or anyone on their birthday, you can get this here.

GoSports Giant Wooden Toppling Tower

Another promise of towering figures with each of the 54 giant blocks measuring up to 7. 75 x 1. 5 x 2. 5 by inches. Made of superior quality pinewood for lengthy usage span and a scathe-free experience in every game moment is this giant blocks. Its portable accompanying carrier case is also designed to make outdoor usage convenient and storage easy. To make the most fun in the game, GoSport Giant Wooden Toppling Tower blocks comes with a dry-erase board for you to make your rules and enjoy yourselves inside the house or when you are camping or picnicking. 

It’s available here

Nimnyk Classic Family Fun Educational Game

10 Best Jenga Games

If your child is a video game addict and you are worried-sore about it, allow this 54-piece fun educational tumbling tower blocks to handle some educational tricks for you. Playing Nimnyk classic often helps to enhance the child’s critical thinking abilities and every parent desires to have an intelligent child. So, it is alright to plan on giving your daughter or son within the ages of 6 to 15, even your 20-year-old youth some good learning aid, all inside this fine handcrafted and smoothen edged tumbling tower blocks.

And they can be found here.

Lewo Wooden Stacking Board Games

10 Best Jenga Games

Here is another tumbling tower delight your little ones will adore, and together you all will have fun family time as often as possible. With 48 pieces of brightly colored, finely smoothen 2.95×0.59×0.98-inches blocks, towering figures can get up to the roof of your living room in little time. Kids will love the fact that they can organize the blocks in various ways and still have beautiful structures. This CE and ASTM certified games can be gotten for your 3year old and older children right here

Yard Games Giant Tumbling Timbers

10 Best Jenga Games

Tumbling tower games with this 54 pieces of 7.5×2.5×1.5 inches’ large giant blocks is a different definition of fun, thanks to its starting height of 2.5 feet. These durable high-quality huge pieces are all you will ever need for some exciting games with your children both indoors and when you all are camping. It comes with a canvass carrier bag, so you can count on its convenient storage and usage anywhere you go. So, with your next picnic plans in mind, remember to get these giant blocks here.

Hasbro Jenga Game Wooden Blocks

10 Best Jenga Games

You can ditch the regular Jenga games and scream with excitement at the height you, your kids, and other family members will achieve from this blockbuster wooden blocks series. This sturdy and smooth-surfaced genuine hardwood pieces are carefully made with you and your little ones’ safety in mind. And thanks to the simplified rules of the makers, everyone can get to play without difficulty and its carrier case makes it all a must-have for outdoors. This is where to get yours.

Available here

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game

10 Best Jenga Games

Large 54 precision blocks with (7.13×2.38×1.38-inches have been one of the most popular Jenga blocks and you can attribute that to its versatility and tautness. Growing up to 5feet when stacked, this fine-surfaced and smooth-finished blocks were certainly made with your toddlers in mind as they can chew at it without risk of gum bruises. If your hands are affixed to frugal shopping but the family still needs some fun new games to beat boredom, you can give this giant hardwood games a try. And its free carrier bags are all dedicated to giving you comfort when going out. What’s more? up to two kids can play it at a time when you get them here.

Available here

CoolToys Timber Tower Wood Block Stacking Game

10 Best Jenga Games

Looking for a vintage yet fun wood stacking game? Consider this tough 48 pieces’ natural blocks devoid of defects for your fun games inside the house with family or outdoors. Building towers and castles have never been so beautiful and easy with the flat and finely smoothen edges of these blocks. With it you are free to lay the blocks horizontally, crosswire or however you please and they all stand gracefully at the end. For stable and easy storage, you have the trust of these blocks and your 3 year who loves tumbling tower can have the best from here.

Uber Game Tumble Blocks Stacking Game

10 Best Jenga Games

Boredom slaying isn’t its only talent but taking everyone into another level fun is all the desire of this fascinating game with blocks measuring up to 8.25-by-2.75-by-1.75 inches. Growing up to 5feets with just 19 levels of natural blocks and you all can have a memorable family reunion over rounds of laughter. Uber game tumble blocks have an accompanying duffel-like bag so, you don’t need to worry about its carriage as it has you all covered. all you need to do is to get one for yourself right here

 We don’t have any more doubt that your previous difficulty of choosing a tumbling tower block stacking game that will give you and your family fun is over. All thanks to this thoughtful selection of the 10 best tumbling tower games that will keep all excited the whole afternoon.

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