10 Best Ignition Coils For The Ford F150


The ignition coil or spark plug is that important mechanism that ignites the fire that moves the car. The Ford F150 is a powerful car with an engine of the same to match, it is only befitting that the ignition coil should garner the same power to fuel the vehicle with the needed voltage take the ride to the distance. Whether you are looking to buy a new ignition coil for your F150 or replacing the old one, below are 10 ignition coils to make your truck remain in the road.

ENA Heavy Duty Ignition Coil for Truckers

This is probably the most versatile ignition coil on the market, compatible with the Ford f150, Mustang, Crown Victoria, and many others. This ignition coil is durable, increases power, and offers seamless conversion of power to ease the stress and force and prevent issues of backfire, overheating or melting coils that will leave you in the middle of the road. With a one year warranty, this ignition coil with convert low voltages to high voltages and fits OE components easily.

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DWVO DG508 Trucker’s Ignition Coil

The DWVO ignition pack coil is a high-grade, durable, and reliable coil that can withstand high and low-temperature changes to produce high voltages needed to power the F150 and other trucks out there. It relies on German copper wire, silicone electromagnetic, and epoxy raw material to produce a reliable coil to give the truck the stability it needs. It comes in a pack of 8 and one year warranty. It is compatible with the F150 model from 1997 -2010 but also works in other Ford trucks of newer models, which should remain active for long.

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DWVO Ignition Coil for F150 2005 – 2006

Top Ten Ignition Coil for the Ford F150

As with all ignition coils by DWVO, this durable copper wire uses German technology to make it the finest ignition coil on the market for optimum performance and stability under any condition. The core consists of neodymium material, which creates a strong magnetic field that maximizes high voltage from low voltages at all speeds. Overall, the DWVO ignition coil allows for faster starts, fewer vibrations, less fuel consumption, and smoother rides.

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Autosaver88 Ignition Coil for the Ford F-150

This pack of 6 is compatible with a lot of Ford trucks, including the F150 model from 2007 to 2017. The Autosaver88 ignition coils are made with durable high-grade material easy to install without any stress. With this coil in your F150, you will enjoy high energy output, high voltage to power your truck, and low emission with even lesser fuel consumption. It is also reliable with high resistance to high temperatures and built to exceed OE standards. Overall, this is a high performance and reliable piece of ignition coil without a doubt for your F150 Ford truck.

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ENA pack of Eight Ford F150 Ignition Coil

One of the best ignition coils from ENA, but the performance capacity is not that great, it will power your car though. Made with premium material, this pack of 8 feature high-heat resistant coils that are durable and reliable, even under intense pressure and workload  

The design-build on this coil is tough and rugged with high-quality copper wire resistant to corrosion and overheating to take you to the distance.

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F150 Ranger Ignition Coil

Ignition coils by ENA offer great capacity, prevent misfire, and transforms a low voltage to high voltage to power your car. This ignition coil works especially great with V6 engines and compatible with most F150 and Ford trucks. Overall, the spark plugs are excellent and produce high energy with a good affinity for heat hence you reduce the risk of overheating or lag during use.

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Steinbrucke DG508 High-performance Curved Boot Ignition Coil

Slated to boost your engine performance by 15 percent, this DG508 powerful ignition coil is compatible with the Ford F150, F250, and F350. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your ignition coil, this unique design makes it durable, reliable, and extremely capable of preventing misfires, vehicle stalling, and failure on the road. It is easy to install and resistant to corrosion and high electrical sparks. Certified OE, truckers will enjoy high performance, low energy consumption, and smooth driving with easy start.

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Megaflint High Performance Pack of 8 Ignition Coil F150

Is your F150 jerking and buckling while driving? Do you find it hard to start in the mornings or it lacks speed, it is time to replace your old coil and go for this OE standard, 100 percent high-grade ignition coil with a 3-year warranty to improve your driving, boost energy performance, and stop misfiring and buckling.

Made with premium-grade silicone magnetic steel, this coil is easy to install, and the copper wire enables proper heat management without affecting the transformation of low voltage to high voltage during a drive.

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Motovecor DG511 Straight Boot Pack of 8 Ignition Coil

Enjoy superior and smooth rides with 15 percent more engine efficiency with the Motovecor ignition coil. This coil straight is also available as a curved coil, before placing an order, please check if you coil is curved or straight. However, the DG511 high-quality German build boosts of high-quality copper, a smooth transformation from low to high voltage, less fuel consumption, and less emission. It is also easy to install, the unique design and shape make it super lightweight to improve your car’s performance effortlessly.

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Big Autoparts CarBole Racing Grade Ignition Coil

Speed is the biggest seller why the F150 is such an attractive vehicle to most buyers and a bad ignition coil is a tremendous setback to the force and power that the car needs to power through the wind. This racing ignition coil by Big Autoparts is a stable, high-performance coil with incredible temperature tolerance, and made with quality materials. This super lightweight glass fiber and high-quality epoxy material are resistant to shock and vibration, and you get a 15 percent boost when it is installed.

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When your Ford F150 or any vehicle starts to jerk, have difficulty starting, slow down, and don’t pick up speed even with the throttle down to the mat, you might be having a bad ignition coil problem. Well, before the car leaves you stranded, change your coil with any of the above and enjoy the F150 as it is meant to be.


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