10 Best Home Projectors

Home projectors are becoming increasingly common as people want to enjoy the experience of a big movie screen at their convenience. Particularly with the introduction of online streaming services such as Netflix, the demand for home theater systems has exponentially grown. Therefore, we decided to cover 10 best home projectors available online by cost, features, and output quality, so comment, share, and enjoy!

10. Abdtech 130″ Mini LED Projector (85.99$)

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The projector can give images between 34-130 inches. The projector has a 1000 Lumens Multimedia beamer that ensures sharp images with HDMI input.

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9. Home Theater Projector, LeFun™(85.99$)

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Just like the previous one, this projector can also display images as large as 130 inches. But what is unique about this product is that its lamp can last for nearly 35,000 hours to make this projector far more durable.

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8. iRULU Portable Multimedia (169.99$)

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iRULU’s projector has perhaps the best beam intensity of 2600 Lumens. The multimedia can project images as large as 200 inches and has multiple inputs including AV, VGA, USB, SD, HDMI, and TV. The device has a great image contrast that gives sharper and vibrant images.

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7. ProChosen M3 Multimedia(69.99$)

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This multimedia can deliver 1920×1080 resolution images with a 500:1 contrast. The affordable ProChoses M3 can project images as wide as 100 inches over a distance of 3.5 m. The projector has an HDMI port and weighs less than 2.5 pounds.

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6. DBPOWER Portable Multimedia(78.98$)

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This projector has 1000:1 contrast and can deliver images/videos at 1080p resolution. The device has four ports AV, USB, VGA, and HDMI. The manufacturer also provides a one-year warranty.

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5. Rienar Multimedia Projector (46.88$)

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The best value-buy on our list. Rienar product is the most portable one, and it has the dimensions of 127x127x65 mm with the maximum brightness of 40 lumens. The projector also supports connection from smartphones, making it one of the most versatile devices on our list.

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4. Taotaole Mini Multi Media (75.99$)

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50W projector comparatively consumes far less energy than others, thereby making it environment-friendly. The projector is powered by an LED lamp that has a lifespan of 20,000 hours with an intensity of 800 lumens. It can also project images as wide as 120 inches.

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3.  ERISAN Portable Projector(85.98$)

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Erisan has updated their product as this new model is now fitted with a 1000-lumen bulb as compared to the last one that had a 600 Lumen bulb. The projector supports HDMI input, so it is ideal for playing games such as on Xbox One or PS4. The device has a native resolution of 800 X 480 with an 800:1 contrast. Additionally, the manufacturer also provides 1-year limited parts warranty.

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2. Epson Home Cinema 640 (349$)

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Epson is one of the premium suppliers of consumer and office electronics because they maintain a high quality of all of their products. Likewise, this projector is one of the high-performance devices on our list. It is installed with a 3200-lumen bulb and delivers a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. It has multiple connectivity options such as HDMI, Mini-DIN, and RCA.

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1. Tronfy Projector (79.99$)

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This is the Amazon’s number one bestseller that has a rating of 4/5 stars with more than 300 customer reviews on Amazon.com. The projector has 800×480 resolution with a contrast ratio of 800:1. It is highly durable as the bulb can last more than 40,000 hours. You can get images as wide as 130 inches whereas you can easily connect your smartphone to the USB port.

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