10 Best Home Automation Systems

10 Best Home Automation Devices (10)

Home Automation systems are becoming increasingly popular these days as consumers look to make homes more energy efficient and secure. Most home Automation systems display and record your home’s power trend while the premium models can even transmit that information to your smartphone. Many companies sell individual items such as smart thermostats or CO2 monitors but in this list, we have focused on the best automation systems that monitor your home as a whole, so read below to find out which home automation is the best.

10. Fortress Security Store Home Security Alarm System(269.99$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (10)

Product by fortress security store is a high-end alarm monitoring system. The system is completely wireless and even has a built in GMS Dialer. You can also connect the unit to both your landline and GSM sim card in case one fails.

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9. Neurio Home Electricity Monitor(179.99$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (7)

The system provides a real-time view of where and when your home’s electricity is being used. The device has simple installation and requires no cutting or rewiring around your household.

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8. Honeywell Wireless Lynx Touch L5200 Home Automation/Security Alarm Kit(314.95$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (8)

Another product designed for the security system of your home and this one even has a large LCD screen to display the live view of the cameras. Like the best models, it has complete wireless accessibility and can be used with your smartphone.

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7. Insteon – Starter Kit 2″ Product Category(128.87$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (1)

For this product, all you have to do is connect the HUB to your existing home router, and you start adding devices to it. Comparatively, the affordable router is ideal for individuals looking for an easy solution for their home automation needs.

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6. KERUI Wireless GSM SMS ANDROID IOS APP PSTN Home Burglar Security Alarm System Detector(175.95$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (6)

Kerui, the home automation system, includes 1 x Alarm panel (No include SIM card) 4 x Wireless Remote Controller, 3 x Wireless P.I.R Motion Sensor, 9 x Wireless Door/Window Gap Sensor, 1 x Wireless Smoke Detector, 1 x Siren  & a 1 x Power adapter. The complete kit is easy to install and cost effective.

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5. VeraEdge Home Controller(99.95$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (2)

If we compare this controller to the ones offered by high-end manufacturers such as NEST and Phillips, this controller is virtually on par and does so at a much lower cost. You can easily adjust lights, lock doors set thermostats as it can control up to 220 devices at once.

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4. Nest Learning Thermostat System(249$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (4)

The smart thermostat is one of the finest in the market. The Google-backed company Nest has come up with an innovative device that periodically learns and even has an Auto-Away feature when you are gone. The thermostat also has a bright 24bit touch screen that allows you to navigate easily to the sensor’s setting.

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3. Samsung SmartThings Hub, 2nd Generation(98.88$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (9)

Samsung is a leader in digital electronics, and you would definitely expect a quality product from them. The home Automation HUB can easily connect to your house’s wifi router and has a range of more than 50 ft. The device can also be used with your smartphone.

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2. Leviton 44A00-1 Lumina Home Control System(670.99$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (5)

The control system can supportS4 thermostats, 64 lights, and 4 access control readers in total. The powerful electronics are able to send and receive information via Smartphones as well, making this well worth the money.

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1. Amazon Echo(179.99$)

10 Best Home Automation Devices (3)

When we said home automation, we also meant to include systems that provide connectivity to all power devices along with providing much more. Amazon Echo connects to any of the devices from NEST, Phillips or Samsung and since it is fully voice controlled, you can ask it to read books control your TV and can even play TV-shows of your liking. Amazon Echo is clearly the premium product when it comes to home Automation.

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