10 Best HDMI Cables That You Should Have

10 Best HDMI Cables (10)

HDMI cables are a standard these days for when you want to display media from one device to the other. Whether it be connecting your laptops to projectors or connecting your gaming consoles to flat screens, HDMI cables are very popular. So it is important that you buy the best one, which can last long, and, therefore, we have made a list of 10 best HDMI cables to make your shopping easier.

10. FORSPARK 3ft 4K-HDMI(13$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (6)

A 3ft HDMI cable for 13$ is not a bad offer, but it is the overall quality we are a little skeptical about. The cables do not seem to be too good as they have had mix reviews from users.
You can get one here

9. Direct Access Tech. Up To 1080p High-Speed HDMI Cable (15$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (9)

This has a good data transfer rate, up to 4GBps. The cable also has a strong shielding which eliminates disturbances in quality due to EMI/RFI.
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8. Cable Matters® 3-Pack, Gold Plated High Speed HDMI Cable 10 Feet(12$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (3)

Great value for money. You get a considerably long 10 feet cable under 12$. The cable also has far superior shielding and good durability.
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7. Thrive Products HDMI cable 6FT(7.5$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (10)

This cable is a bit more flexible than the others mentioned so far. This increases the product’s versatility and makes it more durable as well.
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6. Mediabridge FLEX Series HDMI Cable (6 Feet)(10$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (5)

34AWG Copper Conductors & triple Shielding makes it one of the premium cables out there. Couple that with the price on offer you have a stable choice for your TV & gaming consoles.
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5. SANOXY 15 Feet Ultra High Speed HDMI GOLD PLATED Cable(9$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (1)

This too is terrific value for money buy. Customers seem very satisfied by the overall performance of this cable especially in regards to video quality. The cable is certified as “Category 2”.
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4. KabelDirekt (20 feet) HDMI Cable(13$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (4)

A cable with such a long length needs very good protection against attenuation. This cable has excellent covering and very high-quality connectors ensuring perfect quality.
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3. Twisted Veins Three (3) Pack of (3 ft) High-Speed HDMI Cables(10$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (8)

We have mentioned value for money before but this trumps all. Apart from a very affordable price these cables have extra thick covering which prohibits signal distortion.The manufacturer also includes Free Right Angle / 90 Degree adapter for close to wall Situations.
You can get one here

2. HDMI High Speed Cable (6 Feet)(5$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (2)

Though the manufacturer of this particular product is not mentioned on amazon.com, it still seems to be very popular. Apart from the fact that cable is bulkier than the rest but it does the job splendidly, we can say that from personal experience.
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1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable(10$)

10 Best HDMI Cables (7)

Amazon Basics covers a variety of items without compromising on quality. These set of cables are the most popular on amazon.com with excellent reviews. We highly recommend this cable.
You can get one here

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