10 Best Gaming Chairs

Gaming at its finest involves high-resolution equipment. Gaming chairs blend comfort, durability and ease of using other stuff while you are busy completing missions because duty called. A good chair is a good investment if you spend a lot of time sitting on it.

The following article lists the best gaming chairs on the market today regarding comfort and durability. Have a look.

10. Volair Sim Gaming Chair ($695.00)

This is Volair Sim’s gaming cockpit chassis with triple monitor mounts. The unit is made from durable steel frame with fully adjustable racing seat with armrests (optional.) The monitor mount allows single double as well as triple mount and a fully padded and adjustable keyboard and mouse tray. This unit is pre-drilled for the steering wheel, centre stick mount, racing pedal, etc.

“Ordered my chair for my home office (gaming station) and received it three days after I ordered it. I will admit as others have said in the comments you will need to watch the video be able to put it together, but other than that assembly is easy. Quality chassis, easy to customise for all shapes and sizes and at a reasonable price for everything it comes with. I felt bad for the UPS driver lugging the 128 lb. Box to the door lol. Anyways, I finished building the chair mounted 3 28 inch monitors and started to adjust my PC settings to get the ball rolling. The seat is comfortable, screens are stable, and I was able to use the assembly to hide most of the wires. I also used some of the packing foam under it so that the floor would not have permanent gashes in it from the frame. Happy with the purchase can’t wait to enjoy hours of coding and gaming.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

9. Yaheetech Gaming Chair ($73.99)

This is Yaheetech’s adjustable, high-back swivel and tilt chair made exclusively for gamers. The unit is made from faux leather, nylon, steel and mesh. The seat back has a height of 29.1inches and the seat measures 20 x 19inches. You can adjust a height between 43.7-47.6 inches and seat height between 17.3-21.3 inches. The unit can swivel 360 degrees and has a 550lb capacity.

“Back of chair was not the easiest putting together. Same problem as a couple of others with bolts stripping, It is a very sturdy chair and pretty comfortable. It is NOT meant for shorter people or small desks. I am 5′ 5″ and when the seat in all the way down my feet barely touch my floor. But still an excellent chair.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

8. 4GamerGear Gaming Chair ($299.99)

This is a 4GamerGear ergonomic gaming and office chair. The back is adjustable and can bend up to 170 degrees and can also lock while in the tilted position. It is made from premium quality PVC leather which makes it extremely durable and gives the chair a luxurious look. The steel frame ensures a sturdy and stable structure. The soft glide wheels allow a discreet operation.

“This is my first gaming chair I have ever bought, and I am pleasantly surprised how much more comfortable this is compared to your typical $80-150 chair. I cannot say if this chair is better or worse than a DXRacer or anything like it.

A little background on the chair and myself: Color I got was White/Black. I am 5′ 7″ 155-160lbs male with broad shoulders, and I fit comfortably in this chair.

Pros: Material is nice, movable arms are firm and not flimsy, handles are strong and not weak, reclines 180 degrees (whether you needs this or not), material is breathable and dissipates heat in long gaming sessions, lumbar support is good, headrest does not get in the way too often (I sit upright most of the time and do not lean back often), the colors are nice and not dull, the base is sturdy, and I get no wobble.

Cons: When trying to bolt in the backside to the lower part the holes did not line up precisely and required and an additional person to physically push on the back to make sure I was able to line up the bolts and the thread. This could have just been my chair/how gaming chairs are, but it was slightly confusing, to say the least. I am not taking a star off for this though as I am unsure, and I did not mind enough.

Hopefully, this helps anyone deciding to purchase a gaming chair or this chair specifically.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

7. X Rocker Gaming Chair ($138.84)

This is XRocker’s triple flip Super comfortable arm chair to keep you upbeat throughout the time you game. The unit has a under-seat storage compartment for keeping all the cables and accessories which remove the clutter. The two speakers and a subwoofer use X Rocker’s AFM Technology for a total 2.1 sound immersion experience. Excellent for hour long gaming and relaxing while using tech.

“Using a driving wheel and stand and adding this chair to the mix, makes the perfect simulation environment for race gaming. This is a bit lilliputian. It is pretty well made. I am a 5’6” adult at 180 lbs. It holds me fine. It’s comfy. It’s ideal for sound. I am considering buying another one for theatre type feel.

It came fully assembled. It is pretty sturdy. For the price, it’s awesome. It came with all of the adapters needed to attach to my Samsung big screen. The back folds forward to make a handy ottoman, and the storage compartment is handy. For the price, I think it’s totally worth it for a simple sound/seating requirement. This wins no stars for beauty, but gets five stars for sound, quality and function.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

6. BirdRock Home Gaming Chair ($74.99)

This is BirdRock Home adjustable foam floor gaming chair. The unit features soft plush fabrics with chopped memory foam blend inside. It is adjustable to 14 different positions and provides back support while sitting on the floor. The unit measures 41.25″ x 21.25″ x 6″ and weighs 10.5 pounds. The adjustable back lets you find the perfect spot and the memory foam is very comfortable. You can easily sit for hours in it.

“Great chair, my husband, loves it for his gaming chair, he said it is very comfortable! I was kind of hoping he wouldn’t like it as much as he does then I would have used it for my meditation chair. I just might have to buy another :)” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

5. X Rocker Gaming Chair ($125.79)

This is XRocker’s sound gaming chair. With two speakers and a subwoofer for a total 2.1 sound immersion experience. The built-in Bluetooth readily receives audio signals from any Bluetooth-enabled device; optional RCA cables included. The backrest is ergonomically designed for extended hours of gaming and marathons. There are separate controls for volume and base which allow you to control your sound experience.

“This gaming chair is pretty awesome. Comfortable, good sounding speakers, and I love that it folds up for storing while not in use. The only cons are you can’t charge your controller with it (only charges when plugged into PS3 directly), and there is no catch at the back of the rocking feet, so you can fall back if you get too excited 🙂 Minor cons in all, really happy with this purchase.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

4. Merax Gaming Chair ($179.90)

This is Merax’s reclining gaming chair with a high back. The unit is ergonomically designed for comfort especially for those who game for a long time. The unit features 360 degrees swivel, smooth height adjustability, back and head support, smooth rocker mechanism and integrated tilt function mechanism. The unit to the back can tilt by 90-150 degrees and has stable, curved and padded armrests.

After ten back surgeries and having a job that requires hours in front of the computer, I was looking for a very comfortable office chair. I bought this one, and I’m very pleased with it. Has a beautiful/comfortable head pillow (removable) and great lumbar support pillow also (built in). Extra wide legs at the base allow for the chair to lean WAY back for times I need to lay back and rest my back for a little while. Chair tilts back very similarly to “business class” aeroplane seats without fear of tipping backwards. Nice, sleek design is a bonus. I’m euphoric with the chair and the price. Compared to other chairs that cost hundreds more, I think this is a good value. I do wish, perhaps, that it was all leather and, had I designed it, I would have made the armrests leather just to be sure they’d last longer because of the friction from one’s elbows. But, other than that, I’m quite happy with the product.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

3. Ace Bayou Gaming Chair ($139.22)

This is X Rocker’s video gaming chair. The unit allows interactive audio via the two forward-facing speakers and a powerful subwoofer. It also allows wireless audio transmission as well as headphone jack. The side control panel controls volume, bass control, and input/output jacks. Inexpensive and easy to put together but you’ll have to buy batteries and AC adapter.

“I just received one of these for Christmas, and I’ll tell you, it is one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve had the pleasure to sit in while gaming. The sound of the speakers is much better than I would have expected and the bass effect is tremendous when setting to the highest setting. The setup of the chair was very easy! One thing I will say, this chair is hefty, and if you are looking for a very portable chair, this may not be for you” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

2. X Rocker Gaming Chair ($195.74)

This is XRocker’s wireless audio gaming chair. The unit features four speakers for total immersion of sound and a powerful subwoofer that uses Ace Bayou’s innovative AFM Technology. The additional vibrations from the motor sync with the bass tones to enhance your full body experience. The built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA outputs; optional RCA cables included. The headrests are padded as well as the gun-stock arms for stability and comfort. c

“I bought two chairs from Xrocker, This one and the pedestal version. The difference you notice is that this H3 series has speakers near the front end seat which feeds sound through pretty well. One of the speakers had a dent in it, but that’s probably the shipping person’s fault. Everything worked fine. My biggest surprise is that the vibration function is VERY STRONG in this model i.e. You don’t have to turn the volume to deafening levels to feel thumping on your back…as you would with the pedestal version. I like this chair better than the pedestal xrocker because it well rocks better, the other one is pretty static. H3 is very comfortable; the front seat is a bit shorter than I expected but the sound quality and vibration more than make this a worthy purchase.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

1. X Rocker Gaming Chair ($189.99)

This is also X Rocker’s wireless video gaming chair. This unit connects with multiple chairs for an ultimate gaming experience. The unit has integrated two speakers and a woofer for a total sound immersion experience. The built-in radio wireless receiver and included wireless transmitter work with any source with RCA stereo outputs; optional RCA cables included. Excellent ergonomic design with tilt and swivel capabilities.  The unit allows an easy setup and keeps a comfortable posture. 

“Bought this as a Christmas gift for my fiance and he says he loves it! He is a long term gamer and seems to like it. I asked him his favourite thing, and he says how comfortable it is. He is a tall guy at 6’1 {260lbs} and it’s a right size for him. He says it feel secure like it can hold his frame.

He also loves the side speakers, which I can also say sound great! It is like a surround sound experience. When at max volume it is deafening!! He also loves the fact that it is on a pedestal and not a floor rocker. He compared it to a previous chair he had, and he loves the arms better, and how strong they are. Also, it looks just like the picture, I was a bit worried about the fabric of the chair, but it is a nice quality chair. He seems to love it- and not just because it’s from me lol.
Also, he added he likes the fact that it turns (swivels) and the padding on the back.

Also, it is wireless which is a big plus- and it is compatible with the Xbox One, which had me worried because I couldn’t find a review confirming it was- but it is!!! It took him about 15 minutes to figure out how to connect it for sound, and 10 to build the chair. All in All, I feel like it was worth the money and like I got him something he can enjoy :)” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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