10 Best Gadgets For Protecting Your Home

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Protection is one of the foremost thoughts and plans providing comfort and peace of mind for any home owner. Now with that thought in mind where do you start? Gone are the days of that one or two large security systems that were expensive, controlled by outside entities locking you into a contract. Today the options are numerous, affordable, easy to set up with consumer personalization options. As summarized on Gadgets Spy and the FBI crime reporting statistical division the rate of property crime increased 19% in the last year so it is more important than ever to be safe.

Up On Your Door

A super security camera known as the Skybell HD Video Doorbell. This Wi-Fi security system puts potential guests in an entrance determination process. When anyone presses the doorbell you are notified, provided clear 1080p video complete view of everything going on at your front door. Supportively recording video, clear photos are activated through voice command as well.

Lock Down

This supporting device working with any surveillance is a true smart lock that can work virtually. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock begins it’s protection with opening the door with your choice of a key; traditional, key fob, or cellphone. In special situations that may be unexpected family and friends can gain access with an e-key. Your guest is provided limited access over a specified period of time you select. The lock itself fits over a deadbolt and connects system wide for complete access and control in your home.

Light it Up

Let’s assume that your actual locking system is to your liking then maybe the focus is on surveillance and lighting to provide just a bit of extra protection. Try Kuna smart light fixtures. These very clean and stream lined lights are aesthetically pleasing to the eye while having some really useful security capabilities. Hidden rather brilliantly on the bottom is an HD camera with communication access. So not only can you catch the perpetrator in the act you can conversate with whoever stands in view.

Smart Kit

Samsung the name that is known for cutting edge technology offers SmarThings Home Monitoring Kit which is a multi purpose and functional service package boasting motion, window, and door sensors. The kit can really fortify the home and control by remote so many things including appliances. Find something from the catalogue of options to add to your needs and you can do just about anything for protection of your home.

Fortified Security

If router based security system makes the best sense then opt for Securifi Almond 3 Smart router. The ability to secure all things internet within your home this smart router tackles this, as well as motion and door detection. Keeping track of suspicious or harmful activity the Securifi is smart technology exemplified.

Inside the Nest

Though it is really top priority to protect the home from outside creating safety on the inside is just as important. For your home or nest try Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide detector. One of the firsts it is still one of the best for fire and carbon monoxide that notifies you immediately. It is controlled by the app on your phone so it is always readily accessible.

The Bird Call

Another top ten home security device is Canary, an all in one system from connection to protection. When you leave the home it arms itself and if there is any detected activity the phone is alerted immediately. Viewing live if someone has entered a loud siren greets them while a call to authority goes out. As a side feature sensors regulate temperature of the living space seamlessly.

Every Time A Bell Rings…

Push the doorbell and Ring goes into action and by phone you know who is at your door. In real time you can communicate with that visitor wherever you are around the world. If there is movement, video and alerts will capture the action. Ring can provide the impression of being home even if miles away.

The Pied Piper

If you are very organized and handy liking to create every aspect of your home then Piper is the one. It is personalized to cover a specific area of 180 degree view. Armed with a powerful siren it blares when security has been compromised. It is a sleek design with two way audio included.

Present the Presence

The Presence Security Pack utilizes simple smartphone technology through an app. It allows a full home view with ability to target special areas of choice that can be shared with a trusted circle of people.

So have peace of mind that no matter the security route you choose the ability to secure and protect your home has been mastered to be effective and interactive.

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