10 Best Floor Mats For Chevrolet Silverado

Floor mats have a certain look they add to the interior of a car. Especially a well-selected set that complements the seats, dash panels, steering wheels, door handles\armrests, glove box compartment, center console, interior panels and so on. Asides carrying out decorative functions, floor mats protect the floor pan area from dirt, stains, extreme weather conditions or even possible damage. So, when picking out floor mats for your Chevrolet Silverado, you might want to consider the best on the market. If you’re thinking of changing your floor mats or you’re making an initial purchase, here are 10 options for you to really think about. 

Husky Liners 98231 Weatherbeater 

The Husky Liners are perfect for your Chevrolet Silverado because they are absolutely sturdy and made from top-notch material which means they would definitely last long. They are also very stylish which means you don’t only get heavy-duty protection, you also get to give your truck a very classy look. If you’re considering ways to make your Chevrolet Silverado look and feel new, this is your best bet. 

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Motor Trend MT-773-BK Black FlexToughBaseline 

Just like all the floor mats on this list, the Motor Trend floor mat is well manufactured to meet your protective needs. One definite fact about this floor mat is, regardless of the situation, you can be certain that your truck is undoubtedly protected. Also, it is made from the best materials so you don’t have to worry about disturbing odors over time. For some other floor mats, they tend to have offensive odors over a period of time which is as a result of the fact that they were made from inferior materials. 

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Max Floormat Smart Coverage Premium Floor Mats 

If you’re thinking of the most effective protection for your Chevrolet Silverado, this is the best option for you. It is manufactured from the best materials that meet your protective needs. It has outer lips that also guard the sidewall by restricting liquid, dirt or stains from coming in contact with the factory fitted carpets. Not only does the Max floor mat serve shielding functions, but they also have fully functional hooks that keep them fastened to the seat floors. This allows it to stay firm and well-placed. 

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Rough Country Floor Liners 

Rough Country floor mat is made from ultra-durable Polyethylene that helps to keep the entire carpet area guarded against stains or damages which helps the carpet look good as new. It does not crack or split over time because of the high-end materials it is made from. Weather condition might change but this floor mat stays the same and can withstand extreme conditions. Very easy to clean and maintain. 

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Oedro Floor Mats 

They are popular for the 3D laser scanning technology deployed to protect your feet from slipping. This technology gives room for grip between your feet and the floor mat which protects you from sudden movements. It provides the best floor protection whilst adding a very stylish look to the interior of your Chevrolet Silverado. 

Available here

Rugged Ridge 82989.01 All Terrain Floor Liner Kit

The Rugged Liner is so perfectly made that it is hard to detect that they are not actually factory fitted. They are suitable for all atmospheres and weather conditions. The raised flaps at the edges adequately protect the floor carpets from spillage, stains, dirt and many others. The high wall design makes it easy to clean and stops dirt from accumulating. The structure and patterns of the floor mats allow it to fit perfectly with the shape and design of your Chevrolet Silverado.

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WeatherTech 446071-445422

The WeatherTech floor mat is structured and designed specifically for extreme weather conditions. It is made from the best materials which allow it to last for long periods. They are structurally made to fit perfectly to avoid gaps which can expose the factory-installed carpet to stains and damage. A very suitable choice that also complements the interior of your Chevrolet Silverado. If you’re considering floor mats that are durable and also stylish, this is a perfect selection. 

Available here

Motor Trend Gray Floor Mats 

These floor mats are certainly suitable for you if you like floor mats that are out of the norm. It comes in a 4 piece set which is as follows; 2 front floor mats, 1 for the back seats and 1 for the trunk. This option doesn’t only allow your interior look super nice, you also get to protect the floor carpet and the trunk of your Chevy. A very suitable choice for you.

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Rugged Ridge 82989.40 


As the name implies, the Rugged ridge floor mat is considerably one of the most durable Chevrolet Silverado floor mats on the market. If you are one who operates in extreme atmospheres and needs proper protection for the floor carpets of your truck then this is one for you. It is manufactured from a high-quality thermoplastic material that has the ability to withstand whatever condition it is exposed to. Self-sealing floor hooks are also attached to help it adequately grip the carpet. 

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AOMEI Floor Mats 

The AOMEI floor mat stands out in its own way. It comes with rotary snaps that allow it to fit properly without leaving unnecessary gaps. It is made from environmentally friendly materials that still meets up to expectations. There are up to 4 layers of materials which means you can finally put an end to worrying about someone accidentally tipping over coffee or drink that could leave permanent stains. The floor mats are non-toxic, odorless, latex-free and very durable. The surface is very easy to clean and maintain so you don’t have to worry about dirt, dust or sand accumulating over time. This is the floor mat your Chevrolet Silverado needs. 

Available here

Floor mats are just as important as other parts of your car because asides protection which is their basic function, they also complement the entire look of your Chevrolet Silverado. If your Chevy is starting to look rather basic to you or you are tired of frequent stains on the carpet, then you should consider any of the above.

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