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Have you ever tried finding a ghost using the best EMF meters? You can tell us. We won’t judge because the majority of people have done this stuff. However, you must know that there are no scientific grounds to this theory because anomalous behavior or change in temperature or humidity is in no way related to the presence of paranormal activity. The best EMF meters just explains the presence of some reactions and condition of the particular place in a given time.

EMF meters are used to find problems in power line, outlets, and electrical items. Have a look at the list below to know which EMF meters are some of the best out there:

Tenmars EMF Meters ($118.98)

Tenmars EMF Meters
Image Credits: Amazon

This four digits, 2.4 inches, EMF meter, comes with colored TFT LCD. You can measure three entities in one meter including electromagnetic, electric and RF strength. It has an audible buzzer and is powered by 1.5 V, AAA alkaline battery. You can hold data as well as choose your desired language with a battery life of approximate 8 hours.

Specifications By The Manufacturer: 

Electromagnetic field
– Sensor type: Low Frequency, Magnetic Fields, Triple axis (X, Y, Z)
– Range: 0.02~2000mG, 0.02 to 200 µT
– Resolution: 0.01/0.1/1 mG or 0.01/0.1/1 µT
– Frequency:50/60 Hz
– Accuracy:±(15%+100 dgt)
Electric field:
– Sensor type:LF Electric Fields
– Range: 50 V/m to 2000 V/m
– Resolution:1 V/m
– Frequency:50/60Hz
– Accuracy: ± (7%+50 dgt)
RF Strength field:
– Sensor type: RF Strength
– Range: 0.02µW/m² ~ 554mW/m²
– Resolution: 0.01W / m², 0.1A / m, 0.1mV/m,0.001W/cm ², 1 dB
– Frequency: 50 MHz to 3.5 GHz
– Accuracy: ± 2 dB at 2.45 GHz

“It’s a very nice unit with seemingly accurate readings provided you remember to use the right side to measure voltages. The alarm threshold is a bit high IMHO but low enough to beep before risking potentially harmful levels of exposure. What I like about the interface is that it shows all the data at the same time and the preferences offer a lot of unit choices and other useful options. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the firmware can be updated, I wish I had the ability to adjust the alarm threshold, display the history graph for Volts and Teslas, and measure peak values. It’s nice that it can be powered by rechargeable AAA batteries as they’re cheaper and more practical than the 9v ones. Using USB from a computer or adapter to power the device tends to introduce a lot of emf noise. Even with a cable with ferrite element. I got over 2000V/m2 from the ups, 800 from the laptop and 220 from a Samsung Galaxy Tab charger. One sorely missing feature is not being able to use the USB connection for data; it ‘d be good to be able to log the data and to update the firmware. Still, it’s quite sufficient for surveying areas and assessing potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation exposure.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Latnex EMF Meters ($99.99)

Latnex EMF Meters
Image Credits: Amazon

This EMF meter is equipped with integrated Gauss meter. The unit measures EMF radiations from sources such as power lines, appliances, and electrical wires. This meter measures electromagnetic fields of incredibly low-frequency 30 to 300Hz. A 9 Volts battery powers it. It has a battery life of approximately 100 hours and displays a maximum of 4 digits up to 1999. Using it with a reliable gauss meter is easy.

Specifications By The Manufacturer:

  1. Range: 200/2000 mG,20/200 T.
  2. Resolution: 0.1/1 mG or 0.01/0.1 T.
  3. Frequency response: 30Hz to 300Hz.
  4. Accuracy: ± (2.5%+6dgt) at 50Hz/60Hz.
  5. Overload: LCD “OL.”
  6. Sample rate: 2.5 times per second.

“Has to be pointed in the right direction of the EMF waves to read anything. Must be in the direct path, Can’t be pointed too far left, right, up or down. If the device is moved too fast it will read high for a couple of seconds. Just go slow and be accurate. Seemed to work great once I figured out those details.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

All-Sun EMF Meters ($26.99)

All-Sun EMF Meters
Image Credits: Amazon

This tester used to measure the EMF radiations generated by power lines, computer monitor, TV set, video/audio machines, etc.

Specifications By The Manufacturer:

  1. Measurement Range: 0.1 ~ 199.9mG (Milli Gauss)
  2. Accuracy: ±(10% of reading + 8 digits), at 50Hz/60Hz
  3. Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 400Hz

This meter can detect a high level of radiations and is not sensitive to low emissions.

“I bought this to check up on the EMF readings around and underneath my house. We’ve had some issues with flooding in our crawlspace the last few years. I have a keen sensitivity to high EM fields, so I wanted to make sure my crawlspace wasn’t high enough to be causing major problems. This gadget was easy to use, and I was surprised by the results I got. I used it to discover some ungrounded wiring, and I also found that my air purifier system has an enormously high EMF! It reminded me of an episode of Ghost Hunters where Jason and Grant said that air purifiers are common culprits for producing high EMFs, and sometimes people think their house is haunted but they’re suffering from side effects of sensitivity to strong EM fields generated by household items. My crawlspace generally had low readings, so I was happy! My research showed that people who are sensitive to high EM fields use copper in various forms (fabric, tape, foil or metal rods and sheeting) to cover things with high EM fields that can’t be removed from the home, so they don’t continue to have issues. I tried this with my purifier, and it does show a lower EMF reading. Copper isn’t easy or cheap to find in pure form, but I used smaller gauge stuff from a craft store (I found large sheets of it in the section for building models of cars and planes) and it still worked to lower the reading. I have noticed a different and I feel a lot better!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Cornet EMF Meters ($169.95)

Cornet EMF Meters
Image Credits: Amazon

This unit by Cornet’s is an EMF and RF meter both in one package. You can find where EMF is entering your house and you can easily track and find the sources of EMF. This portable device is very accurate, with right range and sensitivity and additional few useful features. Excellent deal. It has a range of 100 MHz to 8 GHz.

“I used this yesterday after receiving it all over my house and equipment and gained incredible insight into what kind of RF radiation I might be exposed to. I watched a youtube video where it was explained that you should sleep in an RF environment registering less than .01 and function in the daytime in an atmosphere of less than .1. With that as my reference, I was able to determine a lot. Mobile Phone, Smart Meter and Wifi are all manageable, but you don’t want yourself or your children near them for any considerable length of time. On a positive note, I discovered that my overall living environment appears to be in the safe zone. Super helpful and I’ll be keeping it to check level periodically. I only gave it four stars because these are non-professional grade meters, but they are excellent – but they should come with more instruction and guidance on what to look for. More of users guide which includes descriptions of what are internationally accepted healthy levels of exposure.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Extech EMF Meters ($279.99)

Extech EMF Meters
Image Credits: Amazon

This high-frequency EMF meter comes with a range of 50MHz to 3.5GHz. The unit is ideal for EMF measurements of mobile/cell phones, base stations and microwave leakages. It has non-directional measurements with three channels measurement probe. You can recall data up to 99 values. It is a handy tool for monitoring frequency radiation in this range. The meter can also be set to display the instantaneous value, the maximum value measured or the average value for versatile reading options. You can also receive audible notifications if your chosen threshold is exceeded.

“Happy with it so far, used it to eliminate radiation hot spot at home!

On the first day it arrived, we used it to check around our house to see if there is any high microwave radiation. It detected extremely high radiation from the router installed by AT&T for our U-verse high-speed internet. It is found that AT&T set the U-verse router’s wireless network transmitter at full power, which is 400,000 uW/m2!!! Even at 3 meters away from the router, the radiation detected by the device is as high as 4000 uW/m2. According to the Bau-Biologie exposure standards, safe RF radiation for human in sleep should be below one uW/m2 (microWatts per square meter) and below 0.1 uW/m2 for digital pulsed radiation signals.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Lutron ($69.98)

Image Credits: Amazon

This full range and high-frequency EMF meter make the process of measuring the AC signals a breeze. You can read out in both milliGauss and microTesla, and it has a simple one button operation.

Specifications By The Manufacturer:

  1. Wide range: 0.1-199.9 mG; 0.01-19.99 microT
  2. Accuracy: 4% ±3 digits at 50/60 Hz

This unit is an ideal cheap solution requiring high measurement range. This single axis meter samples every 0.4 seconds when flipped on with slide switch. It requires one 9 Volts battery.

“First off if you’re trying to measure cell phone radiation, this device will not work. It’s only low frequency which is suitable for household wiring, power lines and appliances. So if you want to check cellphones, cell towers, microwave leakage, WIFI, Smart Meters, etc, yo.u will need to get an RF capable meter that goes from 50 MHz up to 3 GHz or higher for some cordless phones and wireless N.

Have not tried using it for Ghost Adventures yet.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

KII ($59.00)

Image Credits: Amazon

This EMF meter gives an instantaneous response to EMF with spikes and fluctuations. It is easy to operate and has an integrated easy to read multi-segment LED display. The accuracy of the unit goes up to 5% at 50-60 Hz. The unit also detects ELF range (50 to 1,000 Hz) and VLF range (1,000 to 20,000 Hz). The K-II operates on a single battery and reports EMF measurements in five milliGauss ranges.

“Even when my microwave oven is not turned on, tonnes of emissions are releasing. More than my wireless router. I learned for sure that microwave ovens are haunted. Stay far away from the microwave until after the exorcism.
Seriously, though, this gadget works well. I was pleasantly surprised that most of my electronics weren’t emitting — and I could test if the meter were actively detecting only by approaching the microwave: RED Alert !!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Technology Alternatives Corporation EMF Meter ($24.95)

Technology Alternatives Corporation EMF Meter
Image Credits: Amazon

The EMF measurement unit by Technology Alternatives Corporation can detect cellphone radiations at extremely low frequencies and delivers audible and visual alerts upon detection. The package comes with a remote probe for ease of measurement and is registered by CE approval.

“The Cellsensor was easy to use and helped find “hot spots” (where there is too much EMF radiation) and rearrange bed or furniture, so we’re not exposed to the hotspots.

Most culprits: Refrigerators, stoves, light dimmers, any transformer/power adapter, outside power lines, fuse box. I don’t think I need something more sophisticated for home use.

Home Contractors should have this.

Beware: A wall may show no EMF until the wires behind it carry a load (something is plugged into a socket that uses electricity).” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Trifield ($94.10)

Image Credits: Amazon

This EMF meter comes with three axis allowing accurate readings regardless of meter orientation. Two magnetic ranges cover 0.2-100 millie gauss. It also detects three types of electromagnetic pollution: AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, and radio/microwaves. The package comes with a battery and a low battery indicator. The electric range covers 5-1000 V/m. 

“How often do you buy a product that changes what you do?

I became aware of EMF problems because of a friend who has power lines just outside her condo. After considerable research, I bought the TriField meter as the best product for the money. BTW I found that it’s slightly cheaper plus free shipping if you make an offer on eBay to buy it. This product is great! Clear directions, and measures all the stuff that’s important.

Here’s what I’m now doing differently:
1. I rearranged our TVs, so the older high-radiation sets are in rooms we don’t use very often.
2. I sit on the other side of the dining table when the living room TV is on (it radiates like fury in all directions, out to 6 feet distance).
3. I try to stay 6 feet away from the microwave oven when it’s on (you would be amazed at the field strength it produces).
4. Whenever possible, I set my cell phone (iPhone) a foot away instead of in my pocket next to my body – every time it “checks in” with the nearest cell tower, there’s a spike in RF radiation nearby.
5. I am aware that wherever there’s a running motor, there will be fields in the immediate vicinity – up to a foot away. So don’t lean against a running dishwasher, for example.

I highly recommend this product!” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

Alternative Tech International EMF Meter ($19.95)

Alternative Tech International EMF Meter
Image Credits: Amazon

This EMF sensor comes with simple one-handed operation. You can easily utilize them in dark places with no light. It has a fully adjustable audio tone and flashing red LED lights with an integrated signal strength indicator. This Ghost Meter provides three corresponding indicators of EMF emission strength. Its response time is excellent and easily outperforms other EMF meters.

“I haven’t detected any supernatural stuff with the meter yet. However, I have used it for other purposes that were more important. For example, for a long time, I was experiencing an uncomfortable pressure surrounding my head whenever I went to bed, causing me sleepless nights and forcing me to sleep often in the living room. When I received this item, I scanned the area of my bed’s headboard and was getting a high electromagnetic reading spanning 2-feet wide, four feet high. I went outside the house to see what was on the other side. I’m in a condo unit; I found that the electric power meter was situated in exact alignment with my headboard one floor down from us. I can’t move my bed elsewhere due to windows. I now sleep at the foot of my bed, and the uncomfortable pressure I previously experienced is not in that are, and I can sleep. I also traced other electromagnetic fields running through other areas my condo and work with it to avoid potential health problems for my family and me. If there are any ghosts in the house, maybe they learned something too.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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