10 Best Electronic Safes For Dorm

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (5)

Going to college, you would need something to keep your belongings safe. Last thing you need during those busy college study weeks is misplaced stuff. So here is our list of 10 best electronic safes for your dorm.

10. NEW Small Digital Black Box(77$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (5)

A small and affordable safe. But from solid steel this safe can keep your belongings such as jewelry or money when you are not in your room. The box has the internal dimensions of 9.2″ x 6.8″ x 6.8″ inches.

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9. Ivation Electronic Digital Safe Box(49.99$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (4)

A small box for documents and money having outer wall dimensions of 12″W x 8″D x 8″H inches. The safe is easy to secure to a wall or a cupboard.

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8. VonHaus Mini Compact Electronic Digital Home (34.99$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (9)

The box has the dimensions 10.2 x 8.6 x 8.3-inches. Safe is powered by the help of 4 AA batteries, and the wall mounting kit is included in the package.

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7. Stalwart Electronic Deluxe Digital Steel Safe(30.79$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (7)

The compartment of this safe measures 8.9″ L x 4.7″ x W x 6.6″ inches which enough to hold any valuable items in a dorm. The walls are 0.059″ and you can either use a 3 to 8 digit PIN for the safe.

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6. HomCom 9″ x 7″ x 7″ Steel Electronic Digital Safe Box(32.95$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (1)

At 32$, you get a proper safe without having to spend a lot. It has all the features you need a basic safe, such electronic key pad and manual over ride.

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5. Digital Electronic Safe Security Box Wall by able(32.99$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (3)

This sturdy Digital Safe has the dimensions of 9 x 6.7 x 6.5 inches. Inside the compartment, the floor has 2″ thick Felt padding included to protect delicate items.

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4. Paragon Lock and Safe Premium Drawer Safe(44.97$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (8)


The drawer design adopted by this one actually saves up space. The entire assembly weighs 12 pounds and measures 11.8 x 8.8 x 4.2 inches. The powder coated finish also gives an elegant look to the entire design.

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3. Homegear Small Electronic Safe(29.99$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (2)

This is the best value or money buy out there. Having the dimensions of 9.1″ H x 6.69″ L x 6.69″ W inches the item weighs just over 7.7 pounds and additionally, it has safety time out period which intiates after 3 incorrect tries.

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2. SentrySafe P008E (32.06$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (10)

SentrySafe has some of the best products overall. The durability & reliability of these products is unparalleled, and it remains true for this handy safe as well. Having a capacity of 0.08 cubic feet, the safe is good enough for any college student.

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1. STACK-ON Gun Safe(57.29$)

10 Best Electronic safes for dorm (6)

Out of all the safes measuring no more than 11 inches in length, this is the most popular. Roughly estimating, safes of this size are ideal for college students and this safe is the best. The exact dimensions of the product are 4.25 inches x 11.75 inches x 8.63 inches. The device has two live action steel bolts for locking and meets the requirement of California penal code section 23655.

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