10 Best Electrical Insulation Tape

10 best electrical insulation tapes (6)

Electrical Insulation tapes are mostly made from PVC or vinyl plastic due to their high elasticity. Most of these tapes are available at an affordable cost and can be purchased online or through your local hardware store. We have compiled the ten best electrical insulation tape that every technician or engineer must have.

Gardner Bender GTP-607P Electrical Tape (3.12$)

Gardner Bender GTP-607P

A rudimentary insulation tape that can sustain up to 600V.  The tape is made from Low lead PVC and comes in a 66feet roll.

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Uxcell 10 Rolls Red Adhesive Electrical Installation PVC Plastic Tape (11.68$)

Uxcell 10 Rolls

The best value for money deal on our list. You get ten rolls which are  5.8cm in diameter, and 1.7cm wide. Made from PVC, the tapes has a decent adhesive at the back that allows you to attach the tape anywhere.

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Morris 60020 White Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape(3.70$)

Morris 60020

3/4″ wide tape comes in a total length of 66 ft. The tape is both flame retardant and weather resistant, therefore making it suitable for outdoor use as well.

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TapeCase TC790 Dry Vinyl Tape(3.36$)

TapeCase TC790

The tape is 1 inch wide and is 100ft in length. Made from polyvinyl, the tape exhibits far more elasticity than others. The tape does not have a sticky side rather it is designed to be wrapped around a bundle of wires with the help of friction.

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TooGoo Black Adhesive PVC tape(4.41$)


For 4.4$, you get three rolls of PVC adhesive tape each measuring about 3 inches in diameter. Since an adhesive is applied to one side of the tape, it is easy to use even for beginners.

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Industrial Grade Electrical Tape by HFT(13.63$)

Industrial Grade

3/4″ X 60′ tape comes in a ten pack and has the best electrical insulation capabilities. The tape can withstand as high as 700V and is available in multiple colors from the manufacturer.

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Tartan Vinyl Plastic Electrical Tape(4.88$)

Tartan Vinyl

Lead-free insulation tape that is extremely fire retardant. The tape has the standard dimension as it is 3/4″ wide and 60 feet total in length. The tape also has UV resisting properties.

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Scotch #35 Electrical Tape, White(6.38$)

Scotch #35 Electrical Insulation Tape

Scotch is a well-known brand for tapes and insulation materials, may be because they can sustain a certain degree of quality over all their products. This insulation tape has low lead content and is UL certified.

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3M 6133 Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape(4.98$)

3M 6133 Super 33+ Electrical Insulation Tape

3M is one of the top firms dealing in hardware as they cover everything from helmets to safety harness and even duct tapes. One of the most durable tapes has a width of 3/4 inch and comes in a 55 feet roll.

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Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape(16.88$)

rofessional Premium Electrical Insulation Tape

The most popular insulation tape in the market as iBest Electrical Insulation Tape has over 1000 reviews and a 4.5/5 star rating on Amazon.com. 2-inch wide tape comes in a 90 feet roll and is available in multiple colors as well. 0% lead content and high elasticity make this product number one on our list.

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