10 Best Electric UniCycles That Are Cooler Than Hoverboards

Best Electric Unicycles -XIMOLAYAS

Personal Transportation Devices have become popular nowadays. They are popular with both adults and children alike & since they are emission free, they are environment-friendly as well. Electric unicycles are competing with hoverboards (electric scooters) to reach out to users, and we have covered some of the best unicycles available.

10. 16-inch Self-balance Electric Unicycle by EYU for Kids (299.66$)

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Powered by a Samsung battery, this electric unicycle can run for 20km on a single charge. The machine can reach speeds of 16km/h and can handle weights of around 60kg.

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9. MonoRover R4(519.99$)

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Mono Rover has an extensive collection of personal transporters for kids. This model can reach speeds of almost 20km/h and powered by 500W motor. This Electric UniCycle takes 45min to charge completely.

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8. CAMTOA TG-T3 Self Balancing Unicycle (274.99$)

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This unicycle takes only 25-minutes to charge 80% of its battery. The product is available in many different colors so that you can pick the one that best matches your taste.

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7. Electric Unicycle by Generic(310$)

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A unicycle meant to for adults as it can handle payloads more than 120kg while maintaining its top speed of 18km/h. The item weighs 10kg and is installed with a 500 Watt motor.

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6. CAMTOA Bluetooth Speaker Self Balancing Electric Unicycle(389$)

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We discussed a unicycle from this supplier at no.8, but this model is an upgrade as it is fitted with Bluetooth speakers & tilt protection of 45 degrees. As a plus, this model also features LED on the sides.

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5. Fotowelt X30(450$)

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Here is another manufacturer that is an expert in personal transportation devices. With a max speed of 18km/h, this unicycle can climb inclinations as high as 20 degrees with payloads of over 100kg.

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4. Airwheel X3(280$)

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One of the best value for money buys.The machine can reach speeds of 16km/h and has a battery life of 20km. The unicycle features tilt protection and weighs less than 10kg.

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3. Ninebot ONE-E Unicycle (799$)

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This distinct looking unicycle has the best range of 30-35km on a single charge. The transporter can reach speeds of 22km/h and can handle individuals with a weight of 120kg maximum.

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2. IPS® FBA 19.9kph 340wh/260wh 16 Inch Self Balancing Electric Unicycle (989.99$)

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The premium model from IPS. The machine features one of the best control system around and with 2.5 inch wide tyres you get the most smooth riding experience.

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1. XIAOTU Unicycle(920$)

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This unicycle features a seat and remote control functionality. The impressive machine can run over 40km on a complete charge. With a top of 18km/h and tilt protection, you can reach your destination safely & swiftly.

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