10 Best Electric Shavers For Men 2016 Edition

10 Best Electric Shavers (3)

Real men take their grooming seriously. Since Movember is about to end and all of you who have grown your facial hair to raise awareness about men’s health would be looking for good shaving equipment. So give our list a read before buying!

10. Kairui  KS- 9300 3 Rotary Blade Shaver(34.99 $)

10 Best Electric Shavers (122)

3 Rotary blades are a standard in men’s electric shavers as they offer the right balance of speed, comfort and affordability. This Chinese device is a decent budget buy.

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9. Rotary Washable 4 Heads Charge Type Electric Shaver Razor with Trimmer for Men(66.60$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (111)

Another Chinese made assembly but this one offers four independent floating heads that adjust to your face, chin and jaw. The 3 Watt machine works on 220V power but be warned you might face some durability issues.

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8. J-DEAL® 4D Satiny Smooth Electric Shaver(25.99$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (A)

It is always useful if the shaver is waterproof just like this one. The shaver is battery powered and after overnight charging it can shave for more than an hour on 100% performance. The integrated pop-up trimmer is also ideal for sideburns and moustaches.

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7. Ragalta RPF-3200(39.75$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (7)

One of the best precision close shaving machines in the market and that too at an exquisite price. Though the product seems to be a great buy many consumers have reported issues with the On/Off switch & its reluctance to hold a charge for a good amount of time after a few months of use.

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6. Creation Springs Wet Dry Men’s Electric Rechargeable Shaver(49.95$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (9)

This low maintenance electric shaver has three blades and includes a universal adapter to charge. The shaving screen allows good contact with your face & chin as it has larger surface area than most 3 headed shavers, making it well worth your money.

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5. Creation Springs Wet Dry Men’s Electric Rechargeable Shaver(55.90$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (4)

The product is not a rotary shaver like most on this list. The small shaver weighs 1.1 pounds and comes with 3 Foil heads Cleaning brush, foil guard, & protective foil container.

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4. Remington F5-5800(39.99$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (6)

Remmington is a heavy in the realm of electronic grooming devices.  This product has a quick charge time as it takes only 5 minutes to give a charge for a quick trim. As a bonus, it backed by a two-year warranty.

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3. Braun Series 3-340s(42.99$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (5)

The machine features a triple action FreeFloat System with improved performance on 3-day beards and provides great skin comfort. An integrated middle trimmer between twin foils allows it to shave progressively closer as well. The shaver even has a replacement part indicator that prompts when to change the head.

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2. Panasonic ES8103S(60.34$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (8)

Panasonic is one of the most popular brands in consumer electronics. Their products just like this one have superior build quality and performance. The shaver is equipped with a 13,000 RPM motor that provides a constant stream of power for a consistent shave. Adjustable pivoting head follows facial contours giving you a comfortable experience.

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1.  Philips Norelco Shaver 6400(69.95$)

10 Best Electric Shavers (10)

The premium model from Phillips. Equipped with Gyroflex 2D contouring technology that provides optimal skin comfort and a precision trimmer attachment for sideburns & moustache grooming. The machine is ultra efficient regarding power too delivers 40minutes of shaving time in just 50 minutes of charge.

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