10 Best Earphones For Xiaomi Mi Mix

Hey, first of all, congratulations on purchasing a phone other than those conventional phones by big tech giants. It is a great phone that comes with amazing features. Have you bought a case for it? If not, then check out 10 Best Cases For Xiaomi Mi Mix. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best earphones for Xiaomi Mi Mix. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

10. Simptech Sports Headphones Earbuds With Microphone [$14.98]

You’re looking at a pair that is crafted especially for sports’ enthusiasts. It comes with flexible ear-hooks and is capable of providing high-quality sound. The pair offers strong deep bass with a crystal clear sound. The pair features an ergonomic design and conforms to your ear canals right away without adding extra weight. The pair features a 9.2 mm high-level drive unit and intelligently filters ambient noise. The earphones come with tensile twisted cord for imparting a longer life to the pair. It features a built-in microphone that allows users to end or answer calls with the integrated remote.

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9. 3.5mm Stereo Hands-free Tang-less Earbuds Headset w/ Mic Volume Control [$9.99]

Get ready for 4’ of tangle-free cord with a 3.5 mm aux male tip that renders the pair compatible to a myriad of devices. The pair comes with an integrated microphone to provide volume and call control to the user. It is crafted using premium materials and offers reliable and super quality sound.

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8. Super Bass Noise-Isolation Metal 3.5mm Stereo Earphones for Xiaomi [$8.95]

The pair offers precise bass, superb quality, and digital high-quality stereo sound. It features an integrated microphone that enables hands-free calls. The in-ear design isolates the user from the surrounding noise. The package includes three differently sized earbuds to allow for a comfortable, custom, and secure fit. The wire is tangle-free and enhances portability of earphones.

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7. Premium Heavy Bass Metal Noise-Isolation 3.5mm Earphones [$9.95]

You’re looking at earphones that are capable of delivering HD stereo sound with precise bass. The earphones are lightweight and add very minimal weight to the user’s ears, thus making them quite comfortable for a longer span of time. The in-ear design ensures that external noise is kept away from the user. Comes with a tangle-free cord!

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6. Ultra Bass Metal Noise-Isolating In-Ear Stereo [$19.95]

Say hello to a pair that offers superb fidelity and high clarity when it comes to sound quality and offers noise isolation to enhance the listening experience of the user. The package comes with three differently sized earbuds to ensure a secure, comfortable, and custom fit. The pair comes with a one-button microphone that imparts call controls to the user and also enables them to carry hands-free calls. The pair features an anti-tangle cord to enhance the portability. The package also includes a carry case.

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5. Lemow® Original Xiaomi Mi Earphone Youth Version [$12.48]

You’ll be getting an aerospace-grade metal diaphragm that features a patented ‘sandwich’ design. It is capable of delivering a whole new experience of sound to the user. The pair also features 3rd generation balanced damping optimized front cavity to account for the improved treble performance. Also, it has the spiral air-flow channels technology (patented) that is responsible for fully optimizing mid-range and bass output. You’ll get highly precise sound with this durable pair that comes with a Kevlar fiber cable.

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4. i-mi® Genuine Universal In-Ear 3.5mm Plug Earphones [$5.98]

Thanks to the plug design of this pair, the connection is more stable and signal transmission loss is minimized to ensure a realistic sound. The communication is far clearer as opposed to conventional earphones. The in-ear design enables noise isolation and enhances the listening experience of the user. The pair comes with a unique and ergonomic design that allows it to conform to ear canals. Comfortable to use, even for a longer span of time. The cable is anti-pull, durable, and offers anti-corrosion properties.

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3. Xiaomi Mi Piston Air Capsule Earphones [$28.12]

You’re looking at a capsule design with infant pacifiers grade earplugs made of silicone. The pair offers clean and soft sound while being highly comfortable to the user. The pair comes with a 7 mm moving coil unit. Thanks to the 45-degree angle of half-ear wearing, they don’t fall off easily. The screw balance damping system is innovative and allows the users to enjoy the natural sound. The cable is protected by durable and tough Kevlar fiber.

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2. BargainPort Universal Handsfree 3.5mm Audio Super Bass Earphone [$7.75]

This pair offers an over-the-ear design with a boom microphone. The ear hooks are flexible and quite comfortable to use. The in-ear design isolates the user from surrounding noise along with being comfortable and lightweight for your ears. It offers a drive of 10 mm with a sensitivity of 105 dB.

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1. BargainPort Audio Earphone For Xiaomi Mi MIX [$6.15]

The pair comes with soft gel earbuds and microphone. The in-ear design isolates the user from any surrounding noise while greatly enhancing the listening experience. The cord mounted on/off button imparts call controls to the user and allows for easy navigation through the music playlist. You can use it with a lot of other devices that feature a 3.5 mm port.

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