10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro


Congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. We’re sure that you’re enjoying the new phone and having fun with its features. Have you already purchased a case for it? Yes, it is important to protect your latest acquisition from accidental bumps and drops. So check out  10 Best Cases For Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. What follows is a list of 10 best earphones for Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro.

10. Samsung HS130 Black Wired Stereo Earbud W/In-Line Multi-Function [$14.00]

Samsung’s original HS130 headset along with an SD card reader. The earphone features a 3.5 mm jack and comes with premium quality stereo earbuds. It is lightweight, compact, and comes equipped with an in-line multi-functional remote and an integrated mic to carry out tasks such as answering or ending a call, adjusting volume, and for skimming through music playlist. The cable is tangle-free and enhances portability greatly. The package comes with three sizes of ear gel to ensure a custom, comfortable, and secure fit.

Available here

9. OEM Samsung 3.5mm PREMIUM SOUND/HIGH QUALITY [$10.22]

With this deal, you get two OEM genuine and authentic Samsung earphones. You will enjoy comfortable earphones with stereo sound quality along with hands-free capabilities. The package includes three different sizes of earbuds for a custom, secure, and comfortable fit. The in-line key along with the integrated microphone can be used for answering calls.

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8. MixBin Headphones Metallic In-Earbuds with Mic Remote Control [$9.99]

This pair comes with 10 mm drivers that offer full-range sound. The package includes two sizes of earbuds crafted from silicone gel that can be opted for a perfect fit. Remote control and microphone have been integrated into the earphone to take control of your device’s features. The in-ear design suppresses the surrounding noise to enhance your listening experience.

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7. BargainPort 3.5mm Audio Earphone Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro [$6.15]

These earphones come with earbuds crafted from a soft gel and feature an integrated microphone as well. The in-ear design ensures that the surrounding noise is kept at bay from the user. Thanks to the microphone, you can carry out hands-free calls. The cord mounted on/off button can be used to take or end calls, to play or pause music, and to skim through the music playlist.

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6. ONX3 Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Aluminium In Earphones [$72.00]

These highly-priced headphones come with a high-quality casing made from aluminum. Hence, they are extremely lightweight. The microphone has been integrated into the earphones along with hands-free and in-line remote control to attend or hang up a call, play or pause music, and to skim through the music playlist. The in-ear design of the earphones renders them comfortable to use and flexible enough to conform to your ear shape while suppressing the background noise.

Available here.

5. Noot Premium Earphones with Mic Stereo [$8.99]

These earphones come with the classic earbud design that is known for minimizing the surrounding noise. With a 24-month hassle-free warranty, the customer service of the company is exceptionally amazing. The featured cable measures in at 4 feet and comes with an integrated remote control and microphone. You can play/pause and fast rewind/forward music while taking or ending calls and recording voice memos.

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4. TOMANTEK TK-EM203 Earphones Tangle Free, Noise Isolating [$9.95]

These earphones feature a built-in microphone that can be used for making hands-free calls. It is the perfect option if you want to listen to the music or call someone. The in-ear design of these earphones ensures that you are not affected by the background noise while focusing on the sound being delivered right into your ears. These earphones are lightweight and come with comfortable foam earbuds that feature the passive noise isolation technology. The featured cable is tangle-free and improves the portability of the earphones.

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3. Earphone Splaks Bass Driven, High Definition [$8.99]

The pair is sweat proof while being lightweight and offers an ergonomic design to deliver maximum comfort. Thanks to its features, it is the perfect choice to be used when you’re running or working out. It comes with the standard 3.5 mm jack and a 1.2-meter long flat cord. The package also includes three soft silicone rubber earbuds of different sizes to ensure a custom, secure, and comfortable fit. The product comes with a one-year warranty and a 28-day money back guarantee.

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2. Simptech Sports Headphones Earbuds With Microphone [$14.98]

You’re looking at sports earphones that offer premium sound quality along with deep bass and a crystal clear sound. Thanks to the ergonomic design, these earbuds are super comfortable and can be used for a longer span of time without causing any discomfort. The earphones come with 9.2 mm high-level drive unit for an amazing sound experience. The pair comes with an integrated microphone that enables the users to make hands-free calls.

Available here

1. Earphones With Microphone E609 [$10.00]

You’re looking at an in-ear design earphones that come with a hassle-free warranty of 2 years. The company takes pride in its phenomenal customer service. The cable features a built-in remote control and microphone. The remote control can be used for taking or ending calls and controlling your music player.

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