10 Best Earphones for HTC 10

Hey there, congratulations on purchasing HTC 10. It is an amazing phone with really cool specs. Have you already purchased a case for it? If not, check out 10 best cases for HTC 10. What follows, however, is a list of 10 best earphones for HTC 10. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

10. Symphonized NRG 3.0 Earbuds | Wood In-ear Noise-isolating [$25.49]

You’re looking at a pair of symphonized in-ear pair of earphones that has been crafted from actual wood. Thanks to the in-ear design of the pair, it is capable of isolating the user from surrounding noise and enhances the listening experience. The package includes three differently sized earbuds to ensure comfortable and individual fit. The pair comes with a built-in microphone that features a volume control button that can also be used for answering or ending calls with ease.

Available here.

9. Rovking Sweatproof Sport Workout Headphones In Ear Bass [$12.99]

Are you looking for a pair of earphones that is sweat proof? Say hello to your workout buddies. This pair is sweat proof and has been designed specifically for the sports enthusiasts. It is capable of conforming to your ear canals with comfort and lets you cancel out the external intervention so that you can focus on the task at hand. Owing to the design of these earphones, they remain secure in the ear even when the user is performing intense activities such as running. It features an optimized nozzle angle that has been designed while keeping the user’s comfort in mind. Thanks to the in-ear design, these earphones are capable of suppressing the background noise.  You can perform call functions and control music thanks to the remote control that comes as part of the microphone.

Available here.

8. Wired Headset Metal Earbuds Earphones Microphone for HTC 10 [$11.99]

You’re looking at a pair that is capable of offering high performance and comes with dual in-ear sound isolating earbuds that are metallic. It features a 3.5mm connector that is gold plated and ensures that no signal is lost in the connection. The pair offers amazing bass response while enabling the user to carry out hands-free conversations thanks to the incorporated microphone with on/off button. It features a rugged construction to impart durability to the pair. The package includes two extra pairs of silicone ear fittings to ensure a secure, custom and comfortable fit.

Available here.

7. Earphones, Baseus® Lark Series 3.9ft Audio Noise-isolating In-Ear [$9.99]

Get ready for some mind blowing awesomeness with this pair of earphones. It is lightweight and thus perfect for everyday use. The package includes differently sized ear tips to allow for a custom fit. The earbuds are soft and conform to the ear without causing any discomfort while also offering noise isolation properties. The featured cable, almost 4’ in length, is tangle free and thus greatly enhances the portability of the pair. It comes with Digizone warranty of 30-day (money back).

Available here.

6. MUZ K10 In-ear Headphones with Microphone DEEP BASS [$12.00]

This particular pair has been designed using 10mm dynamic driver and delivers HD sound. The metal chamber promises sturdiness and the metal density makes for a negligible housing resonance and has been optimized specifically for deep bass. The silicone ear tips are skin-friendly and allow for a comfortable while minimizing the surrounding noise by up to 20dB. The package comes with a 1 year warranty and includes three differently sized pair of ear tips.

Available here.

5. BearBizz In-ear Corded Metal Earbuds Series, Extra Bass Earphones [$9.99]

These earphones feature aluminum alloy cavity that delivers stable tuning structure while ensuring that the bad influences caused by cavity resonance have been reduced. The pair features an exquisite cutting technology and the in-ear design makes sure that the surrounding noise is kept at bay. It features an elastic TPE cable that is high temperature and corrosion resistant. The pair comes equipped with a 100mm drive unit that also features a monitoring biological diaphragm. The pair is compatible with a lot of other devices that feature the 3.5mm port.

Available here.

4. Graphics and More 10K Running – Marathon Jogging Novelty In [$9.99]

Get ready to run with style with these amazing earphones. It features an in-ear design that is best known for its ability to suppress the background noise to ensure that the user can enjoy the sound being delivered. The pair comes with a flat wire that reduces tangling.

Available here.

3. MUZ K20 Earbud Headphones with Microphone and Remote [$10.00]

Get ready for a full blown HD music playback with these earphones that have been designed using the 10mm Dynamic Driver. The pair is quite sturdy thanks to the full metal chamfer and has been specifically optimized for delivering strong and deep bass. The pair comes with two pairs of ear tips that are skin friendly and have been designed so as to keep the external intervention at a bare minimum. The pair comes with a year of warranty.

Available here.

2. In-Ear Headphones, FosPower BlackOnyx BX10i Rich Bass Frequencies [$7.99]

Say hello to a pair of earphones that comes with an angled metal housing design capable of providing HD audio listening experience. The pair flaunts of an in-ear design that is best known for its capability of suppressing the background noise so that the user can enjoy the sound being delivered. It comes with an integrated microphone to carry out hands-free calls and the multi-function button can be used for making or ending calls, playing or pausing music and to skim through the music playlist. The featured cable is tangle free and comes with a 3.5mm TRRS plug that reduces the signal loss.

Available here.

1. Earbuds Earphones Bambud In-Ear Magnetic Wired Earphones [$12.99]

With this purchase, you’ll be getting a pair that features two powerful 10mm drivers. They ensure a well-balanced, natural and clean sound that is perfect for calling and for music alike. Thanks to the in-ear design, the pair is capable of keeping the external intervention at a minimum. The magnetic earbuds ensure that there is minimal tangling of wire. The package includes a sturdy round carrying case that can be used for portability purposes.

Available here.

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