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10 Best Earphones for Xiaomi Mi 6

Congratulations on buying Xiaomi Mi6. We hope you’re enjoying the phone and its amazing features. Have you already bought a case for it by the way? If you haven’t already, check out our guide 10 Best cases for Xiaomi Mi 6. Then dive right back into this list for 10 best earphones for Xiaomi Mi 6. Why? Because investing in a good pair of earphones is never a bad investment.

New Fashion Noodles Line Stereo Sound Earphone Noise Canceling [$7.99]

You won’t even feel the weight of these lightweight earphones in your ear. They fit snugly and don’t fall easily. The comfortable and soft earbuds ensure that wearing earphones even for a longer time remains comfortable for the user and don’t even press tge ears when you lie down to sleep. The earphones support hands-free call, thus allow users to carry out other tasks while talking on the phone. 3D stereo quality sound is delivered by these amazing earphones that have been crafted using high quality TPE material. The wire is flexible but not easy to wind. Materials used are environment friendly and the cable is flat – tangle free.

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CYBORIS In-The-Ear Headphones w/Mic [$7.89]

These earphones come with a storage bag package along with gift Chinese Commemorative Coins. The wiring is pull resistant and boasts of a wire swing life of 20,000 times. The earphones are sweat proof, feature a sportive design, are lightweight and offer maximum comfort owing to the ergonomics involved.

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i-mi® Genuine Universal In-Ear 3.5mm Plug [$5.98]

Thanks to the plug design that these earphones sport, the connection is more stable and signal transmission loss is minimized, thus retaining a more realistic sound. The in-ear earphones also boast of a soundproof design that is capable of effectively isolating the user from outside noise and enhance the listening experience. The ergonomic design is unique and quite comfortable to wear. It has been created using the high elasticity TPE material and owing to its top-core structure, the cable has anti-pull properties.

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PLEXTONE Series X38M Universal HiFi Metal Magic Sound Noodle Line [$10.30]

These earphones feature double magnetizing speakers that deliver super bass along with exclusively rich sound experience. The earphones also sport amazingly well passive noise reduction and can reduce the environmental sound by 90%. The aluminium magnesium alloy cavity works in conjunction with composite carbon fiber diaphragm to ensure that the sound being delivered is phenomenal. You can use the in-line multi-function control for answering calls or hanging up and also to take control of your device’s music player.

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Rejected all traditions High Sound Quality Piston Earphone [$5.60]

The earphones come with in-line remote and microphone that ensure that the user doesn’t need to pull out the phone when certain tasks have to be executed such as answering or ending calls, listening to music and for skipping tracks. The delivered sound quality is high and they have been designed as in-ear earphones for a secure fit.

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Xiaomi Mi Original Piston Headset Earphone Basic Version with Remote & Mic [$14.99]

These earphones incorporate the metal composite technology for the diaphragm along with the ‘spiral pipe’ sound chamber that enhances and optimizes the bass performance. Thanks to its sophisticated and super fine design, the user has more professional level access to the tuning mode. The earphones feature an innovated screw balance damping system that enables users to enjoy the natural and simple sound. It boasts of durable and tough fiber made of Kevlar that is responsible for protecting the earphone cable while extending the overall life of the earphones.

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Xiaomi Piston In-Ear Headphones Earphones with Remote & Mic [$9.99]

This one features the 3rd Generation balanced damping, improved and optimized, front cavity to greatly enhance the treble performance. The patented technology of spiral air-flow channels completely optimizes the mid-range and bass sound output. The earphones feature an aerospace-grade metal chamber with Zircon sand blasting process surface. The pair is scratch and wear resistant and is quite durable. The multi-function button can be used for answering or hanging up the call and for controlling the music player of your device.

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Xiaomi professional Store Hybrid Dual Mi Hybrid Earphone [$25.99]

This pair features a dual sound unit, more detail about music and even a 20 step to build metal sound chamber. The earphones have incorporated hybrid technology with the dynamic and balanced armature drivers. The dynamic driver technology has been implemented in the earphones for ensuring an amazing and immersive listening experience.

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UiiSii GT550 Loudspeaker Earphones In-ear [$12.99]

There is a variety of fashionable colors available for this set of earphones. They offer comfort, style and quite thrilling sound experience. You can use these earphones for calling or for listening music. They come equipped with dual speaker system and a tangle-free cable. The built-in microphone means you can use them without compromising your hands. They have been designed so that they can be used for a longer span of time without causing any discomfort. It features large 9mm neodymium drivers and a wide frequency response.

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LOFS Wired Earbuds Stereo Noise Cancelling Bass Sweatproof [$12.99]

This pair comes with super bass, stereo sound and noise cancelling technology. They are also sweat proof and can be used while you’re working out. The ergonomically designed in-ear earbuds ensure that the external noise is kept at bay while you immerse into an amazing sound experience with your Xiaomi Mi 6. The multi-function control allows the user to take call/end call, play and pause music and to shuffle through tracks.

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