10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

10 Best Earphones For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 2

Are you enjoying your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus? The phone is amazing, isn’t it? Check out our list of 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus before you check out the following list of 10 best earphones for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Why? Because owning a good earphones pair is the best investment you can make.

In-Ear Earbuds Earphones Acode 3.5mm Metal Housing Magnetic [$13.99]

These earphones feature metal housing that are capable of isolating sound. They offer strong bass stereo sound while imparting an overall amazing listening experience. The built-in microphone allows the user to accept or end call. You can also adjust the volume using the multi-function feature of the earphones. The earphones feature magnetic attraction, thus making it easier for users to keep them together and avoid losing them. You can even wear the earphones as a necklace too. The ergonomic in-ear design allows for a comfortable fit. The soft silicone earbuds are sweat-proof and help in minimizing the outside noise.

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Moow In Ear Headphones with Microphone [$8.49]

These earphones feature noise cancellation technology and guarantee a HI-FI Stereo sound quality while providing a steady signal from the source to ear. The earphones are designed after the Apple style in-ear earphones and are quite comfortable. The in-ear design imparts amazing sound quality along with rich deep bass. Thanks to the advanced noise isolation technology, users can enjoy complete immersion in the audio. The built-in microphone lets the user listen to music or talk on your phone anywhere. The multifunction button enables the user to control volume, answer or end calls. These earphones come with a lifetime warranty. They have been designed to be used while working out and will prove to be a worthy companion during your workout session.

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Earbuds, Monez iPhone Headphones Earphones Earbuds with Mic/Microphone [$9.69]

These earphones offer comfort with their in-ear design and the soft silicone earbuds that minimize the external sound while enhancing your listening experience. The earphones feature Dynamic Deep bass along with passive noise isolation. They are resistant to sweat and water and have been crafted using premium materials. It comes equipped with buttons for controlling music and call related features. They are light and can be used during all sorts of activities. They come with a 12-month service period.

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VANTEN Headphones with Mic Stereo Earphones [$10.99]

What you’re looking at are ergonomic earphones that help with suppressing the ambient noise for an enhanced listening experience while being lightweight and water-proof. The earphones provide with a rich deep bass experience while ensuring that the sound being delivered is crisp and powerful. The earphones come with mic and a one-button design. The button can be used for playing and pausing music or answering and ending calls, thus allowing user to keep their hands free while listening to music or talking to someone on call.

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Stereo Earphones With Hands Free Microphone And Multifunction Button [$16.99]

You can use these earphones to carry out a comfortable conversation while keeping your hands free to tackle the tasks at hand. Thanks to the Dynamic Driver Technology, you get undistorted clear and crisp audio. The earphones features a microphone along with a multi-function button that can be used for adjustment of volume.

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Fosmon (3 Pack) 3.5mm In-Ear Headset with Mic Earphone [$6.99]

These earphones provide excellent bass response and sound quality. The inline microphone enables users to carry out hands free calls. The package includes 3 earphone pairs and comes in white color. If you’re looking for earphones that are economical and get the job done, these ones are for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Black Hands Free Stereo Soft Earbuds [$7.99]

These earphones will let you have a comfortable conversation without compromising your hands. The dynamic driver technology ensures that the user gets clear and crisp audio. The microphone is attached to the cable while the 3.5mm jack means that these earphones can be used with a myriad of other devices as well. Perfect for calling on the go.

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MNtech 3.5mm Piston In-Ear Stereo Earbuds [$5.86]

These earphones are comfortable and lightweight while featuring a cable length of 1.2 meters. The sound quality they offer is pretty good. The earphones are beautifully crafted and can also be used for gifting purposes.

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Samsung Wired Headset for Universal – Grey [$49.29]

These earphones have been tuned by AKG. They feature a fabric cable that is tangle-free. They come with 11mm and 8mm speaker units for delivering a balanced and clear sound. They are on the high end, price-wise speaking, but are worth it.

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Genuine Black AKG Samsung Earphones [$19.99]

What you are looking at are the replacement earphones for the original ones that come with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. These earphones have also been tuned by AGK and deliver a balanced output while maintaining authenticity with a clear sound. The canal-type earphones come with a sleek metal finish while also showing off a fabric cable that is tangle-free. You can make use of the earphone’s in-line remote for accessing a variety of your device’s features. The earphones come with 11mm and 8mm speaker units that deliver a balanced output for mids, bass and highs. You’ll be enjoying a listening experience that features rich, deep and clear sounds across the entire audio spectrum.

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