10 Best Earphones for Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Hey, congratulations on purchasing Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro. It is an amazing phone with exciting features. Have you bought a case for it already? Check out 10 best cases for Samsung Galaxy C7 pro, if you haven’t. What follows though, is a list of 10 best earphones for Samsung Galaxy C7 pro. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

10. Noot Products E302 In-Ear Earbud Headphones with Volume Control [$5.99]

The pair comes with an integrated microphone that features a remote control that imparts many controls to the users related to call, music and even recording voice memos. The package includes three differently sized earbud pieces to allow for a fit that is custom, secure and comfortable at the same time. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Available here.

9. Noot Premium Earphones with Mic Stereo Classic [$8.99]

This one flaunts of a classic earbud design and comes with 24 months of warranty. The pair comes with a cable that is 4 feet in length and features a microphone with an integrated remote control. Users can use the remote control to end/answer calls, play/pause music, skim through music playlist and to record voice memos.

Available here.

8. Noot Earphones With Microphone E307 Premium Earbuds [$10.99]

The in-ear design of this pair enables noise isolation thus letting the user enjoy the sound being delivered without the interruption of external noise. The pair features a microphone and a built-in remote control. This combo imparts a lot of phone’s function literally at the fingertip of the user ranging from call functions, music control and the ability to record memos. The package comes with three different sized earbuds to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Available here.

7. Earphones With Microphone E586 Premium Earbuds Stereo [$9.00]

Another pair by the company that boasts of its exceptionally accessible customer service and offers a 2-year warranty on its product. The featured cable has a length of over a meter and comes equipped with a microphone and a remote control that offers multi-functions. The user is able to take or end call, pause or play music and to skim through the playlist. The package includes three differently sized earbuds to make sure that the fit is custom, secure and above all, comfortable.

Available here.

6. Earphones With Microphone E626 Premium Earbuds Stereo [$12.99]

The famous in-ear design enables these earphones to keep the surrounding noise at bay while enabling the user to enjoy the sound being delivered. The pair is economical and will get you through your day without breaking a sweat. It comes with a 24-month warranty that is hassle free.

Available here.

5. Earphones With Microphone E322PW Premiums Noise Isolating Earbuds [$9.99]

Another economical choice that flaunts the in-ear design. This particular design is known for being capable of isolating the user from background noise. The package comes with differently sized earbuds to ensure a secure, comfortable, and custom fit whereas the microphone comes with an integrated remote control that enables users to carry out a number of tasks with ease.

Available here.

4. BargainPort 3.5mm Audio Earphone w/Mic For Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro [$6.15]

The pair comes with soft gel earbuds and a microphone. It enables users to carry out hands-free tasks while isolating them from the surrounding noise thus enhancing the overall listening experience. The cord features an on/off button that can be used to take or end calls with ease.

Available here.

3. TOMANTEK TK-EM203 Earphones Headphones [$9.95]

A pair that is capable of offering great stereo audio quality and does so in a comfortable manner. It comes equipped with a microphone that enables users to carry out hands-free tasks. The pair is lightweight and quite comfortable to use even for longer spans of time. It is compatible with all other devices that feature a 3.5mm jack. The featured cable is tangle free and greatly enhances the portability of the pair.

Available here.

2. Black Galaxy Headphone In Ear Earbuds with Microphone [$9.80]

This pair comes with an amazing offer where you’ll get 30% off on an Android cable if you purchase it. The details are available on its page. It comes with an integrated multi-function remote that has a built-in mic. Users can answer/end calls, adjust the volume of the call or the music, skim through their music playlist and also play or pause music. The pair can be used while working out or while driving. The in-ear design enables the pair to cancel out external noises and the lightweight earbuds ensure that the user doesn’t feel any sort of discomfort while using them. The featured cable is tangle free and greatly enhances the portability of the earphones.

Available here.

1. ROVKING Over Ear In Ear Noise Isolating Sweat-proof Sport [$14.99]

This pair offers the combination of over-ear and in-ear design. This unique design ensures that the earbuds remain secure and don’t fall off easily while allowing for an enhanced music experience. The pair is sweat proof and a perfect choice for when you’re working out or out on a jog. The pair comes with 4 different earbuds to ensure a custom, comfortable and secure fit. The in-ear design allows the earbuds to seal the ear and deliver powerful bass while also working to isolate the user from surrounding noise. The pair offers an ergonomic design that conforms to ear canals right away and is quite comfortable. The in-line button can be used for taking or ending calls whereas the integrated microphone enables users to communicate hands-free.

Available here.

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