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10 Best Earphones for Huawei P10

We congratulate on breaking the norm and not purchasing a Samsung or Apple device. Huawei P10 is a great device that comes with a number of amazing features and specs. Before we move to this list of 10 best earphones for Huawei P10, we want to make sure that you have bought a case for this amazing phone. If you haven’t already, check out the 10 best cases for Huawei P10.

ONX3 (Green) Huawei P10 Lite Aluminum Earphones [$7.20]

These earphones come with a casing of high quality created from aluminium and is lightweight. The built-in microphone can be used for making hands-free calls while the integrated remote control enables the user to take control of how they wish to listen to music. The in-ear design of these earphones allows them to sit snugly in your ear while being highly comfortable and conforming to the shape of your ear. The earbuds have been created from soft silicone and block out the external noise while making sure that no discomfort is being caused to the user. The pair’s ergonomic design and compactness for a minimal profile with an enhanced portable.

Available here

Huawei P10 Compatible Hi-Fi Sound Earphones w/ Mic [$11.99]

The pair offers an in-ear design that helps with sound isolation. It features metal earbuds and a gold plated 3.5mm connector that ensures that sound quality is kept on the high end. These earphones offer an excellent bass response while enabling users to carry out hands-free calls thanks to integrated microphone. The in-line on/off switch can be used for answering or ending calls, playing or pausing music and for going through the playlist without having to take the phone out. The design is ergonomic and quite comfortable even for longer spans of time. It features a rugged construction with a small form factor and comes with two pairs of ear fittings made of silicone.

Available here

BargainPort 3.5mm Audio Earphone VKY-L29 [$6.15]

You’re looking at earphones that feature soft gel earbud, a microphone and a 3.5mm stereo headset. The in-ear pieces will block out the surrounding noise thus enhancing your listening experience. The built-in microphone can be used for carrying out hands-free calling whereas the cord mounted button enables the users to take control of a variety of their device’s features.

Available here

Simptech Sports Headphones Earbuds With Microphone [$14.98]

These earphones will provide you high quality sound combined with strong and deep bass. The pair is extremely lightweight and offer an ergonomic design that renders them as the best choice to be used as your running companion. They come with a 9.2mm high level drive unit capable of filtering ambient noise while delivering perfect Hi-Fi sound to the user. They use a cable that is tensile twist corded for a better life and features an integrated microphone and a remote for answering and ending calls.

Available here

Heavy Bass 3.5mm Stereo Earphones w/ Mic + MND Stylus [$14.95]

With this pair, you’ll be getting precise bass with HD stereo sound. These earphones are ultra-light when it comes to weight and can be used for longer spans of time without any discomfort. The in-ear design helps in isolating noise and minimizes external intervention. The flat cable featured is tangle free and greatly enhances the portability of these earphones.

Available here

iKross In-Ear Noise-Isolation Earphones w/ Mic [$5.99]

These are stereo earbuds with model number IKHS11R. They come with an integrated mic and can be used for hands-free calls. The in-ear design helps in reducing the surrounding noise thus enhancing the listening experience. It features a flat cable that is tangle free and thus great when it comes to portability. They offer a metallic housing for the earbuds that sport soft gel earpieces for comfort. The package includes three different sized earbuds to ensure a custom, secure and comfortable fit. The cord mounted button can be used for answering or ending calls.

Available here

Huawei P10 Compatible Verizon Hands-free Earphones [$9.99]

What you’re looking at are high quality Verizon brand ergonomic earphones that are compatible with all 3.5mm devices. These earphones offer amazing audio quality while featuring a button on the integrated microphone that enables users to take or end calls without any hassle. The featured microphone is capable of reducing the background noise and enhances the voice transmission. A decent purchase that will get the job done nicely.

Available here

Huawei P10 Compatible Retractable Earphones w/ Mic [$8.99]

You get earphones that are capable of high performance and feature metal earbuds. You can enjoy hands-free conversations with this amazing pair thanks to the integrated microphone. It comes with a built-in on/off switch that can be used for answering or ending calls. The retractable cable is compact and can be stored on. The earphones offer exquisite bass response while offering an in-ear design that helps in noise isolation and for keeping background noise at bay. The rugged construction renders the pair highly durable.

Available here

Huawei P10 Compatible Headset 3.5mm Earphones [$8.99]

The same as above except that this one doesn’t offer a retractable cable. You still get a durable cable with an integrated microphone that can be used for carrying out hands-free calls. The built-in button will let you answer or end calls while the in-ear design ensures that the listening experience is amazing.

Available here

UiiSii GT550 Earphones In-ear Earbuds w/Mic & Volume Control [$12.99]

First off, there’s a variety of different colors available (fashion conscious much?) You get two pairs of ear tips within the package. Thanks to the style of these earphones, you can carry out hands-free calls or listen to music while looking classy. The in-ear design ensures that they stay put and don’t fall out easily and hence are a great choice when you want to listen to music while working out or want to have a conversation. The pair has been equipped with dual speaker system and comes with a tangle free cord. The earphones are highly comfortable and can be used for longer spans of time without worrying about any sort of discomfort. The earphones feature a large 9mm neodymium drivers and offers a wide frequency response.

Available here

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