10 Best Earphones for Huawei P10 Plus

Congratulations on purchasing the Huawei P10 Plus. It is a great phone with some really amazing features. Before we go any further, we would suggest that you check out 10 best cases for Huawei P10 Plus. After all, safety comes first. Alright, moving on, what follows is a list of 10 best earphones for Huawei P10 Plus. Check it out and let us know what you think of it.

10. Huawei Earphones AM13 Bass Earphone 2 Stereo Headphone [$35.99]

Owing to the physical tuning design of this pair of earphones, you get two kinds of sound; normal and bass. This enhances your listening experience in every possible way. The sound cavity has adopted the acoustic simulation optimization design and imparts acoustic depth, thus making the sound more natural. The in-ear design is capable of keeping the surrounding noise at bay and offers better sound insulation. The package includes three differently sized earbuds to allow for a custom, secure and comfortable fit.

Available here.

9. UiiSii GT550 Loudspeaker Earphones In-ear Earbuds w/Mic, Volume Control [$12.99]

The package includes two pairs of ear-tips and offers a variety of colors to choose from. These earphones are equipped with dual speaker system and feature a tangle-free cable along with an integrated microphone. The in-ear design ensures sound isolation while the ergonomic fit ensures no discomfort is caused even when they are used for a longer span of time. The pair features large 9mm neodymium drivers and a wide frequency response.

Available here.

8. Earphones With Microphone E609 Premium Earbuds Stereo Headphones [$11.99]

The pair offers a hassle free warranty of 24 months along with an easily accessible customer service. The featured cable is 4 feet in length and comes with an integrated remote control, microphone and volume control. The package includes three differently sized earbuds to ensure a custom, comfortable and secure fit.

Available here.

7. Huawei P10 Compatible Headset 3.5mm Hands-free Earphones [$9.99]

These earphones have been designed so that they cancel out wind noise interference. The earbuds fit snugly in your ears. The pair comes with an integrated one-touch button that can be used for answering or ending calls. The pair comes with a 3.5mm jack that renders it compatible with a number of other devices as well.

Available here.

6. Huawei P10 Compatible Retractable Earbuds Hands-free Earphones w/Mic [$8.99]

Say hello to these high performance metallic earbuds that enables users to carry out hands-free conversations. The pair comes with an integrated on/off switch and a microphone. The pair offers a superb bass response and offers an in-ear ergonomic design that helps in isolating noise while being highly comfortable. The package includes two pairs of silicon ear fittings to ensure a comfortable, custom and secure fit. It is a good option in this price range that gets the job done.

Available here.

5. Huawei P10 Compatible Headset Verizon Hands-free Earphones Mic [$9.99]

You’ll be high quality ergonomically designed earphones capable of delivering high audio quality. The integrated microphone also features an on/off button that can be used for receiving and ending calls with a simple push of the button. The microphone is capable of reducing background noise while increasing the volume and clarity of your voice transmission.

Available here.

4. Huawei P10 Compatible Hands-free Earphones Earbuds Mic Flat Wired [$9.99]

This one comes with a high performance tangle-free cable with an in-ear design. The in-ear design is capable of isolating sound and enhancing the listening experience. The pair offers excellent bass response and comes with an integrated on/off button and a microphone. The package includes two differently sized silicone ear gels to ensure a secure, comfortable and custom fit.

Available here.

3. BargainPort 3.5mm Audio Earphone w/Mic Huawei P10 Plus VKY-L29 [$6.15]

The in-ear design of these earphones ensure that the background noise is kept at bay. The soft gel earbuds ensure that user remains comfortable even when using the pair for a longer span of time. The cord mounted on/off button enables users to take calls or to hang up with ease. The stereo headset is capable of delivering excellent sound quality.

Available here.

2. iKross In-Ear Noise-Isolation Stereo Earbud with Microphone [$5.99]

This pair features an integrated microphone that has noise reduction technology incorporated into it. The featured cable is flat and tangle free thus enhancing the portability of the pair. The in-ear design ensures that the surrounding noise doesn’t interfere with the listening experience of the user. The on/off button allows users to take or end calls with convenience.

Available here.

1. Heavy Bass 3.5mm Stereo Earphones w/ Mic [$14.95]

Get ready for some HD stereo sound with precise bass thanks to these earphones. The earphones are lightweight and come with a tangle free cable. External intervention is kept at a bare minimum thanks to the in-ear design of these earphones.

Available here.

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