10 Best Earphones For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Congratulations on buying iPhone 7 Plus. It sure is an amazing phone with a lot of features. Have you already bought a cover for it? It is important to make sure that your investment remains safe from accidental bumps. Check out our guide on 10 best cases for Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Once you’re done with that, check out the following list for 10 best earphones for Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

10. Gopala MFi Certified Lightning Earphones for iPhone 7 Plus [$58.99]

You are looking at an MFI certified lightning plug. It makes use of magnetic neodymium iron boron magnets that result in the strongest drive unit and is equipped with dynamic driver systems that ensure high performance. It comes with 6.0mm two driver units with a custom permanent magnet that delivers performance on the high end with its moving coil unit. This pair is capable of delivering super sound with high definition, thanks to the driver design that is capable of pumping out the deepest bass along with amazingly clear midrange and crisp highs. The earbuds have been crafted from soft silicone and come in three different sizes to allow for a custom and comfortable fit. The tilt angle makes sure that the earphones feel comfortable even after a long period of using them. They feature a built-in mic and remote control to enable the user to make calls everywhere in a convenient manner.

Available here.

9. VAVA MOOV 10 Wired Lightning In Ear Earbuds Corded Earphone [$49.99]

With these earphones, you will be getting high-fidelity lossless sound. These earphones enhance your listening experience with 48k sampling frequency and 24 bit DAC. What on earth does that mean? It means you’ll be getting sound exactly the way it can be heard in real world. By using the VAVA Groove app you take control of your whole music experience along with volume and EQ. The integrated digital microphone lets you make clear calls irrespective of where you are. The 8-pin MFi Lightning connector has been engineered specifically for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Available here.

8. LBP Earbuds / Headphones [$17.98]

These earphones are capable of providing high quality sound, thanks to the lightning port for Apple iPhone 7 Plus. You get 24 bit digital audio with the high-res chip that has been installed onto the connector. The multi-function remote enables the users to control volume, take or hang up calls and to skim through music. It has been designed ergonomically so that it instantly conforms to your ear canals and provides a comfortable and secure fit, thus ensuring that you can enjoy the music or talk freely without any discomfort or worrying about earphones falling off.

Available here.

7. PRESS PLAY Unity1 APPLE MFi CERTIFIED Lightning In-Ear Headphones [$34.99]

These earphones come with advanced chipsets that ensure that you enjoy superior sound. Thanks to the lightning connector, the built-in chipsets are powered up that ensure that the users enjoy sound with smooth highs, deep bass and rich mid-range. The earphones feature a built-in microphone that supports SIRI. You can take call or hang it up and command SIRI using the button. You need not remove your earphones when making or receiving the call. Thanks to the ceramic material that is quite durable, background noise is isolated and this greatly enhances the user’s listening experience. The flat cable design ensures that earphones getting tangled is a thing of the past.

Available here.

6. Sout Premium Enhanced Bass Earphones [$19.99]

Our spot 6 is taken by the earphones that promise to deliver supreme high quality sound with enhanced bass response. These earphones are compatible with any iPhone that features a lightning jack. They feature in-ear design that allows the earphones to fit in your perfectly and in isolating the background noise. They feature a volume control button that can be used for adjusting the volume while the middle button can be used for taking or hanging up calls and also to skim through music.

Available here.

5. CCTRO MFI Certified Lightning Earphones [$39.89]

These earphones are MFi certified and offer balanced sound. It comes equipped with analysis DAC chip, built-in DAC digital simulation transfer converter High DPI 24 frequency that is capable of delivering a sound with crisp high tones, powerful bass and clear vocals. The integrated volume control and mic allows the user to adjust volume, skim through music and to take a call or hang it up. The ergonomically designed tilt angle ensures that the users enjoy a custom, secure and comfortable fit.

Available here.

4. Uunique Regent MFI In-Ear Lightning Headphones [$24.99]

Are you looking for earphones that provide high fidelity heavy bass performance? If yes, then look no more. These earphones are capable of delivering premium sound quality for a listening experience that is best described as ultimate. They come with ergonomic and comfortable fit earbuds in three different sizes for a custom, secure and comfortable fit. The flat cable ensure that no tangling takes place.

Available here.

3. CABLEOT Earphones for iPhone 7 Plus with Lightning Jack [$19.99]

These are equipped with 8-pin lightning connector and offer high quality sound. There’s no need for any app, simply plug and play the earphones. These earphones can work with any lightning port and are an economical option that gets the job done.

Available here.

2. Apple IPhone Ear Pods with Lightning Connector for iPhone 7 Plus [$19.63]

This pair also comes with a lightning connector and features a built-in remote that enables the user to adjust volume. It is compatible with all devices that feature a lightning port and support iOS X or later. Another option in the economical range that is capable of getting the job done.

Available here.

1. Joyshare L1 Wired Lightning Headphones w/Volume Control for iphone 7 [$15.95]

These earphones feature a cord that is oxygen free and therefore ensures minimal signal loss of the 24-bit digital audio. The in-ear design ensures that the fit is custom, secure and comfortable even for longer periods of use. This design also helps in reducing background noise and enhancing the listening experience. The earbuds are made of silicone and have been designed so that they are comfortable to use and stay in place even during intense activities such as running or working out. The integrated volume control enables users to take control of volume adjustment. The only catch? These earphones do not come with an internal microphone and you will have to make use of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus’s microphone when you are making calls.

Available here.


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