10 Best Doomsday Kits For 2020

10 Best Doomsday Kits for Coronavirus 2020

Note: When buying anything online, please exercise good judgment especially in case of buying anything for protection against coronavirus or COVID-19. Please refer to the CDC website for accurate information.  

In modern times, being prepared for any doomsday scenario is important. While it is almost impossible to be completely prepared for any eventuality, doubts and speculations have not stopped doomsday preppers from ensuring they have all the necessary items at their disposal in case anything gets out of hand.

1.Lockdown Prepping for Coronavirus 2020

10 Best Doomsday Kits for Coronavirus 2020

Despite people running around like a headless bird, most people are still ignorant about doomsday, how to recognize it, signs and symptoms, and what you need to do before it becomes a pandemic.

Well, luckily for you, author Stephen R. Tabone has taken the time to give a detailed description of the virus, what to do, and how to handle yourself in the event of contamination. This is no movie people, it is real. For doomsday preppers, having a complete guide about the virus and how to manage it is excellent.  The book contains a list of things you should have, buy, and do to stay safe.

When you know-how, you are well prepared, book AVAILABLE HERE

2. Smart Tank 50 Gallon Water Storage Tank

If you are going to be away from civilization, you do need water to drink and perform daily activities. This 50-gallon BPA-free will ensure you have enough water supplies for you and your family throughout the tough time. These tanks are high density, reliable, sturdy plastic that can withstand high UV lights. They will not react with the water contents and are stackable too.

So if you are prepping for the doomsday, this water tank will surely keep you hydrated throughout.

Water tank to keep you alive AVAILABLE HERE

3. Solar Power Bank

Going into preventive mood doesn’t mean you should ignore the outside world. You need to stay abreast of the situation and hence know the nest line of action in the case of a pandemic. This 2000mAH is a fully waterproof solar panel power bank with a compass and tow LED flashlight that lights up your space when the lights are down. It also comes with a USB port to charge your phone, laptop, and other digital devices. Overall, it is durable, reliable, waterproof, dustproof, and longer-lasting than most rechargeable panels out there.

Safe, renewable energy that never runs out AVAILABLE HERE

4. HyGenesis Hand Amor Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer

This family pack hand sanitizer provides continuous protection against bacteria and other pathogens hours after application even after several hand washing. This alcohol-free kills all germ on contact with the skin and remains active hours after creating a glove-like barrier on the surface against other pathogens that may want to settle on your hands. Its unique combination of ingredients and acting mechanism makes it tough for germs to stick to the skin.

There is nothing like too much protection, sanitizer AVAILABLE HERE

5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Apparently, no doomsday prepper’s kit is complete without the LifeStraw water purifier. This must-have tool is your portable water filtration system that will purify any type of contaminated water, removing 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria, parasites, protozoan without the need for water purifying chemicals like chlorine, and iodine to EPA standards.

It doesn’t require any battery, and it is lightweight at 2 ounces allowing you to take it anywhere you are to ensure you drink clean water in your bunker.

Quench your thirst anywhere, anytime, personal water straw AVAILABLE HERE

6. Sterno STN-3CND Emergency Candles

10 Best Doomsday Kits for Coronavirus 2020

Candles that will last over 100 hours are a great addition to any doomsday prepper kit. They will definitely come in handy on days when the solar panels are not charged, and the flashlights are down. These candles use liquid paraffin and are odorless, smokeless, and won’t get hot even after long hours of use. Now you don’t have to worry about fire hazards and melting wax messing up the place.

No Light, don’t bother, safe candles AVAILABLE HERE

7. Datrex Emergency Water Pouch for Doomsday preppers

Water is life, and clean, portable drinking water is not a choice to be debated. For doomsday preppers, Datrex is offering users clean water that will store for 5 years without changing the taste of the water or color of the water. Doomsday preppers, this is the ultimate kit to keep you safe from pathogens in the outside world.

Never run out of portable clean drinking water, it stores well too AVAILABLE HERE

8. Full Body Anti Bacterial Cleansing Wipes

Pandemics call for overall body hygiene, while doomsday preppers don’t have the luxury of a shower or bathing daily, these fill body wipes will wipe away all dirt, odor, and sweat giving you the feeling of just stepping out of a refreshing shower.

These wipes are free from alcohol, paraben, and contain Aloe Vera, vitamin E to moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and supple with a beautiful scent too.

Water should not prevent you from smelling fresh, AVAILABLE HERE

9. Wise Company Doomsday Prepper Food Supply

10 Best Doomsday Kits for Coronavirus 2020

For any contagious disease, limiting contact with the outside world involves stocking up your home with all the necessary items, including food. The Wise company emergency contains a variety of food individually wrapped and ready to eat in a matter of minutes. The kit has 60 different packages with a shelf life of 25 years that get done by adding a little water, and then food is ready.

Simple, healthy meals packed for you AVAILABLE HERE

10. Charmin Clean Touch Toilet Tissue

One very simple yet essential necessity for every doomsday prepper, buying a toilet tissue has some dos and don’ts that most people neglect. This family size roll contains 24 mega rolls of strong, but gently on the skin double-ply tissue paper. It also cleans better and stronger than regular tissue paper when wet. Besides using it for the restroom, Charmin tissue papers are super absorbent that will soak up water from any surface to keep it clean. Furthermore, they are easily biodegradable hence don’t clog sewages or septic tanks.

Stay safe and protected, it is AVAILABLE HERE

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