10 Best Digital Tachometers


A digital tachometers is a commonly used instrument to measure the moving speed of any vehicle, engine, shaft or a disk. It uses infrared radiations to gauge the speed of the rotating shaft. In the case of non-touch tachometers, a spot on the disk or rotating body is marked. The frequency of the spot per unit time is measured which gives the speed of the rotating shaft.

The following article lists the best digital tachometers.

10. Gain Express Digital Tachometers ($39.00)

Gain Express Digital Tachometers
Image Credits: Amazon

This two in one, laser contact digital tachometer provides a range of 2.5 ~ 99,999 RPM (laser) and 0.5~19,999 RPM (contact) where the surface speed is displayed in both m/min & ft/min. The unit provides reliable and accurate readings without inflicting any damage to the target object. It has auto-ranging and automatic low power indication. It comes with LSI circuit and crystal time base mechanism for high accuracy. It is durable and light weight.

“Works as intended. The battery compartment is difficult to open with a bare hand. For the price, they could drop the cheap batteries from the product and let the buyer add in their good batteries. The batteries I received didn’t work and required the new recycling disposal. The product comes in a case that could be better adjusted on the inner foam to fit the product pieces better.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

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9. Peakmeter Tachometer ($30.99)

Peakmeter Tachometer
Image Credits: Amazon

This contact digital tachometer features data logging, data hold and has an integrated backlight. This contact tachometer is stable and highly efficient and provides high safety performance. The core component of the meter is a high-speed integrated chip. This tachometer works on battery life and can display rotations from 50 – 19999 RPM. The LCD backlight allows reading in low-light areas.

Product Specification By Manufacturer:
Contact Measurement: 50?19999RPM ±(0.03%+2)

Available here.

8. Reed Instruments Tachometer ($110.48)

Reed Instruments Tachometer
Image Credits: Amazon

This small photo tachometer is non-contact, and the built-in laser identifies target area. You can easily calculate the RPM of a rotating object without contact. The built-in internal memory recalls minimum and maximum values stored previously. It has a battery indicator and can automatically shut off when not in use. The package comes with a reflective tape, carrying case and battery. This device can also count the moving objects passing through the instrument’s field of view.

“This tachometer is very easy to use and has a great measuring range. The main benefit of this tachometer is the laser output. While you still need to use a reflective tape to allow for the reflection pickup, the laser is so much brighter than white light tachometers. I have used this tachometer in bright environments without any problems. If measuring a black object, you can draw a thick line with a silver sharpie marker and not even bother with the tape. No white light tachometer that I’ve used could do that.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

7. Extech Tachometer ($209.99)

Extech Tachometer
Image Credits: Amazon

This contact tachometer has been made for fast and accurate speed measurements. This unit works by making contact with the rotating object. The sensor’s tip is placed in direct contact with the rotating object. After two seconds, you can read the value displayed on the device. The rotating wheel can measure speed in the range of 10 to 9,999 rpm. It can also measure linear surface speeds in ft/min or m/min using the three accessory wheels provided in a range of 0.05 to 1999.9 meters/minute. It has an accuracy of 0.05% and can recall the last maximum and the minimum values.

Available here.

6. Shimpo Tachometer ($234.90)

Shimpo Tachometer
Image Credits: Amazon

This handheld tachometer comes with LED display. It has a range of 0.10 – 25000 rpm. This portable contact tachometer has a six inches wheel for measuring the speed of motors, conveyor belts, and other moving and rotational systems. It can measure rotational speed, linear speed, and surface speed. The five-digit LED displays the stable and accurate test results while a die-cast aluminum body provides durability in the harsh working environments. It can store up to 13 readings, including the maximum, minimum, and last test result values for ease of data recall.

“The Shimpo is a very reliable, well-built tachometer. It is accurate as well as rugged. We use these throughout our manufacturing facility.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

5. Monarch Instrument Tachometer ($148.00)

Monarch Instrument Tachometer
Image Credits: Amazon

This portable non-contact tachometer measures from 5 to 99,999 rpm with an accuracy of +/-0.01%. It works by taking non-contact measurements through a red LED light beam that works on a distance of up to 36 inches for user safety. The LED not only presents the values with units of measurement but can also indicate a low battery.  It stores maximum, minimum, and last test result values for ease of data recall and comes with a reflective tape.

Available here.

4. Pyle ($27.51)

Image Credits: Amazon

This non-contact laser tachometer comes with LCD. The unit works by sending a laser beam on the rotating surface. It has a range of 2.5 – 99,999 RPM and a sampling time of one second. The package comes with a case, reflective tape, and a manual. It can work from a distance of 3.5 feet and can store the last, maximum, and minimum value in its memory. It works on quartz crystal and has automatic range selection one-chip LSI circuit. To take a measurement, apply the reflective marks provided to the surface being measured, then aim the laser, push the side button and the RPM reading is immediately displayed. The 5-digit LCD makes reading measurements simple and easy.

“Used on my Chinese 2.2kw Spindle. I was a little worried that it may not work based on reviews. Worked Great! The VFD stated the spindle was turning at 24,000rpm and the PYLE meter displayed 23,940. Close enough for me.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

3. Mengshen® Digital Tachometers ($29.99)

Mengshen® Digital Tachometers
Image Credits: Amazon

The two in one non-contact tachometer has four different connecting heads for contact measuring. You can measure test rotational speed(RPM), counter-rotating (REV), frequency(Hz), surface speed and length. The high-resolution LED displays a five-digit value. You can store ten values of maximum, minimum and instantaneous measuring data each. Sampling time is 0.5 seconds, and this unit can be extensively used in motors, electrical fans, paper making, plastic industry, chemical fibers, washing machines and car making.

“I bought this to check my cars alternator and also measure the speed of the generator, the transmission input, and wheel speeds. It worked perfectly for all of these applications. The controls are not as straight forward as I would like but works. The Protection Cover that comes with this unit also protected it great.Overall, an excellent unit.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

2. Lasrz Digital Tachometers ($19.97)

Lasrz Digital Tachometers
Image Credits: Amazon

This non-contact, digital tachometer works best by applying a reflective strip on the rotating body. The unit has a mini handheld gun design, and you can record as well as recall data. The LCD has a white backlight and comes with a belt loop holster and battery.

Technical Specifications By The Manufacturer:

  1. Measuring range: 2.5-99999RPM
  2. Resolution: 0.1 RPM at 2.5 – 99999 RPM or 1 RPM at 1000 – 99999 RPM
  3. Accuracy: (+/-) 0.02% + 1 digital
  4. Measuring Distance: 50 – 500 mm
  5. Sampling Time: 0.5s (above 120 RPM)
  6. Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50°C (32 ~ 122F)
  7. Operating humidity: 10 ~ 90 % R.H.
  8. Storage temperature: -10 ~ 60°C (-4 ~ 140F)
  9. Power supply: 9 V Battery

“This is the second digital tachometer I own. The first one is much larger and a bit more complicated to use. I like the small, lightweight, portable design of this Lasrz LT900 Digital Tachometer. It even comes with a velcro closure holster with belt loop. It has a nice size LCD that’s easy to read. There is also a backlight button on the unit for seeing the display in low light conditions.

This tachometer is used to measure the RPMs of motors from a range of 2.5 to 99999. Simply install the included 9-volt battery and ready to go. It has a power button right in the middle of the handle. It’s also automatic shut off in 10 seconds if not used. To get the most accurate reading, it’s recommended you apply a reflective strip to the motor. Point the laser at the strip and press the trigger. I can select automatic or manual measurement mode by pressing the AUTO button. And when in AUTO mode if I press the REC button it will record data up to 60 entries. I can also recall this data by holding the measure button and turning the unit on. There is a MAX button to choose max, min or Avg reading.

It’s a very simple unit to use. Setup is minimal. It does come with a user manual describing the features. I’ve used it on everything from a car engine to kitchen mixer and it’s super easy to use. It doesn’t require a large piece of reflective tape to get an accurate measurement of RPMs. It’s a neat little unit to have in my toolbox.
” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

1. Neiko Digital Tachometers ($21.98)

Neiko Digital Tachometers
Image Credits: Amazon

This non-contact digital tachometers has an RPM in a range of 2.5 – 99.999 RPM. It allows accurate measurement without touching the object and displays the values on an LCD screen. It can store last, minimum, and maximum readings and allow laser detection up to 6 feet. It features quality construction and provides highly accurate measurements with digital laser photo technology and a 6 MHz crystal oscillator. The unit comes with a plastic case, cushioned storage case, 3 AA batteries, instructions and a 24-inch reflective tape.

“I bought this to determine how far off my motorcycle’s tach was. It has a remarkable pickup of nearly any bright, reflective surface such a chrome or semi-bright aluminium cast so be careful to provide decent background surface isolation. Don’t work about running out of reflective tape. I was able to get great results using Testor’s silver model paint painted directly on to my engine’s flywheel. You can accomplish the same results by painting a spot on a piece of masking tape and sticking the tape to whatever you are reading from.

The downside of the device is that it is pretty much contoured for hand-held use. I had to rig some velcro to it so that I could strap it to a tripod (leaving me with less to juggle why adjusting carburettors). The strapping does make it a little difficult to manipulate the buttons while still being able to see the readout. Don’t get me wrong, using this as hand-held works quite well but does require a steady hand if you are shooting through a narrow space. Overall, I’m quite satisfied with it for the little $$$ it cost.” – Amazon’s Customer Review.

Available here.

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